Hello, everyone. Today we bring you ZEPP Tennis sensor. After connected with your smart phone via Bluetooth, it captures and analyzes your movement track when you play tennis. You can instantly get the feedback of mistakes made in the court to track your match or training or to find out your style. Through the fixed rubber ring, connect ZEPP the tennis sensor to the bottom of the racket grip. Set the horizontal line. Put the racket on the ground. Tap the logo of ZEPP. Now we can start to track our exercises. The app displays the information that ZEPP captures. So we can check our daily exercises in detail. You will know the change of your strength from the collected data, like whether your strength grows or weakens. This is a very good method to record our workout data. With ZEPP, we clearly see the track of our strokes. Playback enables us to see the precise location of each point on the track. We can also track our strokes from different perspectives. to get comprehensive understanding of our workout. All right. This is today’s review. Hope you like it. See you next time.

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Dennis Veasley

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