“Scotie” unique dog poop scooper + tennis ball thrower in one We all love our pets, but there are also some responsibilities associated with them … like these for example: it doesn’t have to be this way despite the use of a plastic bag, this way is not very pleasant … but there is a solution to the problem especially recommended for sensitive people “Scotie” absolute novelty there has never been such a device before! the uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that: * after putting of the plastic bag, you DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH IT it with your hands anymore
* it is also a tennis BALL THROWER
* you can use ANY plastic bag the bag is fastened in 3 places another bag we release the bag by moving the ring to the end that’s how it works release the bag! Notice! – without bending over! Elegantly ! … right ? …and, by the way, something useful The item is protected by patent law..

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Dennis Veasley

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