Hello Five! BIAY! *with jumpscare* Is it time? NO! (Music Stutters, then earrape) *Disney Logo Subjected to
Effects and Poopisms* *20th Century FOX is YTPed this time* NeVeR gIvE uP Never Give GEGIP- NEVER GIVE UP Love Ni**a Van! *Stutters again* *Volume grows louder, effects
added* (Buzzing leads to Car Idling)
Holy shit! Gimme my pencil back, buddy! GiMmE mY pEnCiL bAcK bAcK (x4) Ahha Ahha! (x2) AHHA! (x3) uaaggghh… (Sneezing gets faster) (and louder the final time) Glenn Fricker: the FUCK? FUCK? *sounds muffled* fuck? *Static* Amanda: Doh! Stupid Don! I said “Beast and the Harlot”, not “City of Evil!” M. Shadows: A city of evil- AAAAAAAAAAAAA Whoa, Hello!
(Mikey are chopping wood blocks) is a Human Human Memory? Meme Girl is a Timid To- You’re copying me! ME (Repeats “me”) then robot effect Amanda *Slow then fast, finally earrape* Sparta! (x4) Me: Now it’s your turn! *HAHAHAHAHA*

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “(YTP Tennis Round 4 vs. Matt0417) Bitchsen and A7X gets Edited Hard and Crazy!”

  1. Definitely the best editing of your Tennis matches so far. I could recommend next time adding some bits of new sources make each round something interesting to work with. But still nice stuff.

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