I graduated high school in 2002, went
into the service in 2003, deployed to Iraq in October of 2005. I was hit with a
roadside bomb in northern Iraq in December of 2005. From there was
medevaced and went to Lahntal, Germany and spent approximately four days there.
Then was flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Facility in Washington D.C. where
I spent the remainder of 2006. December 2006 I medically retired from the
military and discovered disabled sports during my time there at Walter Reed
which was beyond, I mean beyond a blessing because I was so very
physically driven with sports and with different types of physical activity.
That’s where I met Bill Hamiter and Brent Rasmussen was a team captain at
the time. It was great simple. I mean I get choked up talking about it, but it was
great. There’s nothing you can really say, so. Go from fighting a war to freaking playing sports on the biggest stage
possible. It’s awesome, that’s all there is to it. It’s a fine balance. I have three boys, I
got a wife. I’m away playing volleyball and my wife calls me up gives me
hell because she’s like you’re out having fun, playing sports da da da but I’m like
no. I’m working, I’m busting my butt, I’m putting in the blood, sweat and tears. But
for me to balance that fine line is really difficult and for us to just keep
working to better ourselves as a relationship goes that’s why I’m moving
back to Oklahoma so I don’t have to travel as much to make practices, to make
training camps, I’m already living within a close proximity that I’ll be able to
go practice for the day and then come home in the evenings and still be with
my boys be with my wife and, be there because being there for my boys is the
most important.

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Your Court Inspiration / James Stuck | USA Volleyball”

  1. James things happen for a reason let Faith , family and the Blessings of each drive you. Faith first family then everything after. God Bless You and your Family.

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