NARRATOR: It’s time for mom’s manicure MOM: Thanks for coming with me today. NARRATOR: And when her son wants in on the action, SON: I want a manicure too! NARRATOR: She happily agrees MOM: Sure. SON: Awesome NARRATOR: It might seem like innocent fun, But when Jenna Lyons – president of J.Crew – appeared in this ad with her son and his pink painted toes Some people went from seeing pink to seeing red. REPORTER: Should it matter if that child happens to be a boy? Psychiatrist and Fox News contributor Keith Ablow called it a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity. NARRATOR: We wanted to find out how people would react to a little boy who wants a Manny. We’ve hired actors to play the parts MOM: What color did you pick?
SON: Pink! NARRATOR: Even a loudmouth bystander BYSTANDER: Do you want your son to look like a girl? NARRATOR: But the patrons here at LeReve spa in Edison, New Jersey are real Will they be for or against this? SON: Oh, I’m so excited this is going to be fun (Tracy laughs) that’s what I think (To the mom) I don’t think you should let your son wear pink She may be shocked by Tracy’s audacity, but look what she does next But I like this, Bachelorette -Bash Would you let your little boy do this?
(Narrator) As she tries to find him a more masculine color, Tracy gets more vocal.
(Tracy)I just feel like you’re gonna confuse him. He’s learning. (mother) Really?
you should treat him like a boy. Don’t treat him like a girl Just innocent fun
(Tracy)Innocent fun can lead to who knows what if he wants to wear a dress, you gonna let him wear a dress? What next? Put makeup on ’em? do you think it’s okay? Next, this woman comes in for a change in nail color No more pink for her? What about for him? I mean you do understand that pink is a girl’s color, right? I Think is his favorite color. You can put clear polish. But what fun is that? Can I be a guy and still have nail polish I just think it’s a responsible parenting You agree Why not Or her nail polish is just the tip of the problem in your penis is just wrong Yeah, it’s this wrong you you could confuse a child like that. It’s just this wrong my illusion up against Think is very wrong. You think that causes homosexuality? No, not really But it depends he deals more with his mother, you know Not more what is dead and there’s more like activities Like what is that then you know that would confuse him, you know gays will tell you that they’re born that way It’s not something that’s creative maybe because they don’t more but the mothers and their grandmothers or something like that This woman has her own opinion to share I just can’t believe you’re letting him do this she waits I’ve seen kids actually get polio over things like this and wait F Tracy go until Tracy steps away I think you could easily hide. Do you think it’s wrong to wear polish, you know I do agree with Us This is a new type of fragrance on TV, it’s great Personally, I wish my kids will be like a big. Thank you Now Tracy’s back. I think it’s really in a responsible It’s her son. It’s his lightweight ticket Spoleto It’s like before showing it’s like Avery with his mom letting him Eagle race, but he doesn’t know who he is They’re not kids at any old when I was it’s a different world now I’m John quinones Tell him whatever himself be an individual stand out no matter what color your nails are no matter what color your nails on But now what have we cast a new character we wonder no son of mine is gonna get a manicure What if dad’s the one who doesn’t approve? Painted my dad I can’t Party she may be laughing But dad is not amused. I don’t want my son wearing pink nail polish. I don’t think there’s anything wrong you’re kidding me David tell her you want it off, but I don’t turns out she sighs with dad you dance ladies ride because he Wanna see Assad who is playing fun? Well, genius think I should take it off Maybe you should put in just neutral color I think that it’s not for a boy to put color on you think it should not happen of course, of course not what’s wrong with a little color, you know, there is Stuff for my ladies there is a stuff for the men Will the next spectator to our scene see it this simply? The guys it go from what am I right? Well, I see why mom comes here all the time All right, you’re gonna take that off though before you come home. All right, why? You’re laughing. So this is a joke, right? Hey, why did it matter What’s wrong with it, you’re not going to baseball practice with that on your nails? Your friends are gonna make fun of you because you know what? This is what a man’s hands look like you see they’re rough Do you have a son? I have three boys. I would bring them to have a manicure, pedicure If they wanted it. Pink, pink nail polish? And if he wants makeup on his face, you know what you can’t change anything if that’s Honestly. And what if he turns gray Are you gonna love him any less? He’s your son, but right but my I’m asking Would you I would love my kids no matter what I Give up. You know what you’re gonna deal with this as he gives up her emotions give in It touches you I see it all the time kids You do the best that you can when you raise them They become who they are Gay, straight, Lesbian, whatever Love them no matter what the little boy just wanted pink nail polish (crying) if that’s all he wanted. if that made his day Hi guys John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?

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100 thoughts on “Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD”

  1. Im a girl i like blue you would say i want to be a boy but boys and girls can like whatever coulor they whant im saying this im only 11

  2. That brown girl is entitled to her opinion but imagine if someone discriminated against her & her choice bcos she is brown or a woman….. Maybe someone will stop her from becoming a manager or playing football or drink late at a bar bcos it's a man thing. Sexism in this video is so hurtful.

  3. Holy moly … nailpolish does not make you gay in any way. It so sad to see how religion can sometimes blind people

  4. I'm a boy and i never put on nail polish but 1 time i did because off a campain to fight cancer.NO REGRETS 😊

  5. We should accept people for who they are, but it is true, far leftist people are now forcing their neo liberal ideas on to children, weak minded children who's minds are still developing. It's actually a form of child abuse

  6. My older brother used to wear Nail polish, he wanted to try it out when I used to do it, and then we ended up twinning. It was a few years ago but still, he liked it and continued to wear it for some months. He stopped when I stopped, who knows if he still likes it.

  7. I can’t believe how many small minded people are seriously going crazy about nail polish!! Idiots!!! Nail polish can’t “turn” someone gay!!! That’s just a stupid assumption that morons have!!!! I would let my son wear anything he wants cause it’s his life not mine.

  8. Fuck all those ladies who said it's wrong for a young kid to paint his nails pink ! Just fuck y'all !! Y'all are the worst, I literally feel like punching y'all in the face, idk how John handle it damn ! And a huge thank you for those who supported this, especially the lady who asked "are you gonna love your kid less if he's gay" 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  9. People should not care about colors. Sterio types just make the world worst. Theres no boy colors. And no girl colors. Let someone live there life like its not like your ever gonna see them again. Some people are crazy and judge people.

  10. Let me just say somthing, where on the bottle does it say it's only for Girls? The kid wanted his nails do. He wanted Pink. So what, I don't get what the big deal is.

  11. .. Tbh this is a great way to come out. Tbh I think i wanna do this
    ~im pan~

    I'll put " I m pan" on one and the other " l o v e U" …. Yes

  12. People say "Let boys be boys". Arent i correct? If one boy wants to play football and be tought Thats fine. If another little innocent boy wants to have pink nails, THATS FINE! Gotta love him for being himself

  13. So what he wants his nails painted my little brother lets me paint his nails sometimes but he consents first this is wrong you don't call out a child's mother when her child wants his nails painted

  14. Jeez, is the color pink perceived that much as a feminine color? It's a color, not a fucking pass to bully

  15. My son likes to paint his nails from time to time. He also likes to wear bright orange blush. He gets very excited when we go to Sephora because the sales ladies and gents fuss over the pretty blonde boy who wants blush! 🤣 Then we go home and he annihilates everything in Minecraft and Fortnite and chases his little sister around the house pretending to be a dragon. He wants to work at home Depot when he grows up. My daughter wants to be a cat.

  16. I honestly hate masculine and feminine stereotypes, it’s honestly annoying. Not every boy wants to play sports. Not every girl wants to play with dolls. 💁🏾‍♂️

  17. if my mom was in this…
    she’d be really disgusted and then think to herself that gays are gross THEN SHE’D TELL MY GAY ASS THINKING IM STRAIGHT

  18. I wish more parents were like the last lady…Also, the whole idea of colors being assigned to a particular gender is ridiculous…The mom didn’t force the kid to get a manicure, he brought up wanting one! Don’t blame him either, they are SUPER relaxing!!

  19. Woah, I didn't know you are not allowed to like a color just because you're a boy lol But then I was SHOCKED when I discovered that pink nail polish has an special magic to turn you into 'gay' wtf lol Maybe if I wear green nail polish it will turn me into rich



    Ok I'm sorry just I don't think it is right but you are you and I can't change that so think what you want

  21. If I was there with my parent I’d be like:
    “Mum. I’m getting bright pink nails like that boy, I don’t care what you say.”

    “His hair looks fluffy so let me-“

    (Basically saying Idrc if he’s getting nail polish, but his hair is on fleaK)

  22. I used to paint my nails and wear make up. It was fashionable back then. I turned out fine. As an adult all my friends are women though, so who knows? 😂

  23. It just disgusts me how people can be so unhappy with the way someone chooses to be. If it genuinely isn't hurting you then what should it matter what someone wears or how they act. If a boy wants to paint his nails, wear a dress, and do makeup well let him do it. In what way would it affect you? I was told today by my own mother that i looked like a boy(I think I'm a girl) because of the fact i wear all black and don't give off a so called 'feminine attitude.' it's really saddening that parents can't even accept their own children, but on top of that adults that aren't even the parent of a child decide to have a say on it. In 2019 we should have gotten better, not worse. 😕

  24. My mom used to get so annoyed when I'd paint my little brother's nails, now she offers to do it for him 😆 everytime she'd say something like "he's a boy" or "are you trying to turn him into a girl? " I'd just laugh and continue quietly or say something like "I know but he likes it and it's not hurting him" or "no I'm turning him into a happy boy with colored nails" and eventually she realized that him enjoying having his nails painted (in almost every color, he but his favorites were pink, blue, and green) did not take away from him enjoying doing traditionally masculine things. Everyone deserves a little color in their lives 😋

  25. Do people know that there is actually a gay gene that causes homosexuality so it’s kinda racist to not like gay people

  26. These hoes make me excited to have a child so I can let them have freedom to do what they want if they wanna do something that's "for the opposite gender" go ahead hunny ya mother is pansexual and doesn't believe that only girls can do one thing and only boys can do one thing hunny they're is more then 2 genders do what you want baby ❤

  27. If he was my son I’d beat his little fruitcake ass in front of everyone and threaten to cut off his penis then put him in the dark basement all night.

  28. Society brainwashed people into thinking gender=sex and gender roles are what’s considered “normal” and “right” 🤦🏻‍♀️ sex is biology and gender is just a made up concept used to control people.

  29. Being with a male or female growing up doesn’t make you gay or straight, I grew up prominently with my dad and gay as hell, it wouldn’t change anything if I were raised with my mom

    Let people be who they are and have fun with it, gee

  30. That’s like saying if a girl were to wear blue nail polish, but that’s fine because it’s a “fEmInInE aCtIvItY” and color doesn’t matter for girls, but it dose for guys?.. like that just doesn’t make sense to me.

  31. the amount of ignorance in this video bothers me.
    “homosexuality is against my religion, so I have to be against it” you can support lgbt and still believe in your religion.

  32. This episode makes me so sad

    Almost Everyone agreed with traci,

    Does no one know that men as a sign of masculinity men would wear dresses,makeup,heels, and white wigs and be looked up to the most.

    Times have changed and some people cant seem to understand clothes and makeup and shoes do not HAVE A GENDER

  33. Okay then girls shouldn’t wear pants anymore. Or work. Or wear blue. Or cut their hair short. Or play sports. Or shave. Since those are all “MaScuLinE” things. Fuck these sexist asshats omg they’re so casual about it too??? Wtf

  34. I wouldn't wait for the women to leave to say something. It's none of their damn business for 1, for 2 nail polish does not turn boys gay (being gay does DUH!), 3 it's irresponsible of parents not to accept their child for who they are, 4 if a boy wants to wear dresses wigs and makeup that's their right. Who are these heifers to tell that boy or his "mother" how they should act. She's not hurting him and they aren't hurting those women so those wenches should shut-tf-up and mind their own damn business!!!!!

  35. Omg this made me cry I am so disappointed in America right now like fr accept them and let them do what they want to do you don't have to judge everything that everyone does you don't even have to like it you just have to accept it or just ignore it and don't say anything and keep your mouth shut this is so sad…. because I have blue nails does that make me gay no do what you want to do don't sit back and not do something because people tell you not to also I have plenty of friends who paint their nails that are males that aren't gay you're allowed to paint your nails for different reasons some reasons have to do with suicides reasons have to do with so many things in the fact this is what America is I mean I'm 13 years old and I know that this is wrong this is sad that should not be happening

  36. The last lady hit the nail on the head , you love your children unconditionally and we as parents need to support our children and show them that we love them , embrace them as well as support them in any transition through life that they may going through . We as parents only have one shot at raising our children to be the best they can be and support them no matter what .

  37. Its not worth the crap they will get at school and on the streets. Peraonally if my kid came back with pink nails id cry.

  38. So TECHNICALLY what these people are saying is that..
    BOYS CaN’T WeAR PiNk Only BLUE
    BUT GIrls CAN WEAr EvERY cOlour
    Well isn’t that just SAD

  39. my dad actually was the one who took me to get my first mani-petty and while i got a dark purple he chose a hot pink and loved it

  40. This is 2019, why are people still expecting immense masculinity. A lack of masculinity doesn’t make a man gay, nor does a girl with immense masculinity make them a lesbian. We need to brake off the chains of gender identity.

  41. 3:40 In Hawaiian Culture there was a role in Ancient Hawaiian society called a Mahu. These were biological males that took on roles of both men and women and dated either men or women and boys who were picked by mahus lives under them and were taught solely by Mahus. So, saying that “maybe because boys spent more time with the mom” isn’t a valid explanation

  42. With all the things about gender identity and stuff like that, everything is sexualised. They are children and if they "turn out gay or lesbian" or whatever and you are not happy about it, it may be partly from the current hypersexualised society (aka out fault !!).
    Let them be children and stop showing them stuff not of their age.
    Who knows for them, it may be just a game/doing like mum. Tomorrow it will be doing like dad because children learn and copy from their parents/family from a young age.
    We guys see a boy turning out gay or whatever because it is in our minds already…

  43. I agree with the 3rd lady let them do as they choose but strengthen their spirit and let them know what they may go through

  44. Everyone can be open and have a right to an opinion, but if your opinion is hateful it’s doesn’t matter sorry to tell you discrimination ain’t cute

  45. *screaming on the inside * In my opinion Nothing has a label on it for boys or girls If a girl wasn't to play football let her if a boy wants nail polish let him , It's who they are and that cant be changed, God made us this way lesbian, Gay, Trans , Straight, Ect . We like what we like because that's who we are. :3

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