What is up guys? Pwg here back at it again with Christophe Liicht from Copenhagen Panner house today is a fun day because we’re gonna teach each other and you guys two tricks in lessons three minutes My trick is pretty easy but pretty cool Dude, I’m so excited to show my trick off dude. Let me let me go first, okay This is Gonna be dope let’s do it two tricks three minutes Start the clock okay Philip this one in copenhagen. I’m going to teach you to copenhagen akka, okay. Looks a little bit like this It’s a pop-up and up the heel akka watch watch watch pop up. Heel akka, okay? Let’s just try and I will help you with this, try one time Yes, okay, so you see this is something that’s very very common and and quite wrong Okay You pop the ball up like going straight on it and popping up here Then the ball lift up behind you that’s not so good. So you want to make sure you start with the side of your foot? You’re going to turn into it Please click pop up the side of you here, so you can easily hit the heel and out and hit it Yes, bring it up from the side turn your foot pop, heel, out. Yes like that So I pop the heel out More power, let’s go power you gotta hit that with a heel, very important. As soon as it pops, out, heel Know you got this do it. Yes, that was close, that was close, let’s go, let’s go, you got this pop, heel, yes, oh Phillip boss let’s go that was so close when you had any welcome to copenhagen, you got this Pop out oohh. Just believe in it, you gotta believe in it as well. You got to put all your faith in it. Out with the side.. Yeah, [that’s] [three] You gotta hit it with your heel. You’re not lifting your heel out Yes, ah there you go My friend welcome to copenhagen. Thank you very amazing wow, you see how fast you went there? In no time. What was the time? (1:45) crazy man, respect, respect All right Liicht. That was an awesome akka Thanks for teaching me that but now it’s time for me to teach you one of my freestyle tricks So let’s start a clock. Joltter, are you ready with a clock? there we go, okay. I’m so excited man, okay? This trick I don’t know. I don’t know if it has a name or anything it is a block trick. Where you go around the ball Okay, so basically you have to learn the movement without the ball first, okay? So are you standing with the ball between your feet like this and you hop and then your right leg? Revolves an outside revolution around the goal And you catch it again between ranks very easy exactly like that exactly that that movement right there Okay, you got this How do I go around? This is this is really really easy because you can do this trick without Being able to juggle you can just put the ball on the ground go straight into it How do I how do I go around this stuff like keep putting it down? Exactly you need to be quicker with the revolution around the ball because you’re hopping and revolving at the same time So as soon as I jump? Go around the ball, whoa Oh, That was high one! That was a really high one, but he landed it, and what was the clock at this moment? One minute so as soon as soon as soon as you said that I have to revolve the second I jump yes, if that made is like so easy. Because I tried to like yeah that doesn’t work because yeah, cool. Yeah, let me, wow, exactly and if you if you do it lower, you do it, that’s more smooth, it’s going to look It’s going to look the more clean. It’s going to look and you can put it in whoa, you see. ha ha, and the easier you can put it into a flow and it’s going to look awesome when you block it into like Okay, that’s it guys. We both landed the tricks. 2 tricks in less than three minutes now what I want You guys to do is go out in the garden. Go out on the street? Go out to the indoor hall. Train these tricks and let us know in the comments section if you landed one or both Now you might say that we are professional Street football players and freestylers But we do believe that if you put your mind into it and listen to our advice you will learn this trick in less than three minutes Now if you enjoyed the video leave a thumbs up and also go follow copenhagen panna house the link is somewhere here on the screen Share the video with your homeboys and your homegirls, and we will see you guys [next] time okay I’m Gonna show the trick do it murder, [ahh]? We suck man

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “You Will Learn These 2 Football Skills in 3 MINUTES!”

  1. Dude that is so easy I just did it that is not that hard like hit ur shots kid it’s cit simple who ever is reading this will not be successful

  2. 1st one is harddddddd😨😨😨😨 even PWG had trouble doing it though he is a world class freestyler !!

    The second one is fairly easy … can't take more than 10 minutes for an average person like myself.

    Good job on the video though👍👍👍👍

  3. I wanted to do this and when i went outside it was raining, then the rain stopped and I remembered I don't have a football!! FML

  4. this is fake. They trained before those skills. It is impossible to learn such trick in 3 minutes. You have to train hard, dedicate 30 minutes a day for the trick and after one- six months (depends how taleneted You are, how stretched body You have, what experience with other tricks) You will learn at all. By learn I mean for example 3 succesfull attempts per 10 repetition.:) The title is in order to encourage the viewer to watch it.

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