Hi guys, in this video we’re going to
talk about why it’s really important to learn to hit the ball flat now like most
of you I came from a tennis background and I came onto a padel court without
lessons so I started hitting slice and I saw the ball going into the corner with
the glass and the ball was dying and I thought wow this is definitely the way I
should be playing it’s not until I went to Spain and I was learning with some of
the best coaches that they explained the reasons for hitting that ball flat and
why it’s good to get that into your game early on. In this video we’re going to
explain why that is. There are three main reasons why it’s good to hit that ball
flat, the first is consistency you can have a higher net clearance and
therefore you’re less likely to make a mistake if you can hit the ball flat, if
you hit the ball with slice your opponents are in the net and you have to
hit the ball with low margin for error over that net if you want to hit that ball
down to the feet, whereas here you can hit the ball flat and because of the arc
of the ball it will naturally dip down to their feet but also it’s easier to
get the lobs, it’s easier to hit most of those balls if you’re using flat
technique partly also because the flat technique is easier you just need to go
back with the racket and a contact flat it’s very simple nice compact shot where
as the slice you need to come down on the ball, you need to time that ball well
and brush the ball in order to get an accurate shot on the other side of the
court now this low risk is really a huge thing
in padel because the better you get the more you need to move your opponents
around the court, force them into positions without making a mistake and
that’s really the key. The second reason is you can be more effective with your
shots, now if we take the Chiquita that’s a shot where you hit from the back down
to the feet of your opponents who are at net and therefore take advantage of that
point, you can do that with a flat shot because of the arc of the ball you have
a little bit more net clearance and the ball is dropping when it comes to their
feet whereas if you were to try and do that with a slice it’s a very risky shot
and if you’re playing a long point and you hit four or five of these you’re
much more likely to make a mistake if you’re going to hit with a slice than
if you’re going to hit with the flat, with the flat also you can hit all the
angles on the you can hit that cross court angle, you
can hit down the line, down the middle, wherever you want and the change in
technique is much easy you just have the contact of the ball to try and get that
direction whereas with the slice you really need to be very accurate when
you’re coming down the back of the ball in this point you can see that all the
shots are flat, the return is flat down to the feet, the next is a lob that’s
flat technique and then even after the bandeja I move forward and block that ball flat again, the whole point is hit through flat shots, again a shot down the
line that’s flat, the only time that you hit top spin in this rally is when he
hits this topspin smash to go the three meters. It’s the same with the lob you
have a bigger target area to go for if you’re going to hit a flat lob because
you can get more height on that ball you get more height on the ball you can
really aim anywhere in this corner if you want to clear your opponent’s head
and it’s a difficult shot, yes sometimes you have to be careful that it’s going
to bounce off that back glass but most of the time you’ll definitely clear your
opponent’s with a nice flat lob in this area whereas with the slice because of
the trajectory it’s a lot lower, a lot more shallow, that means you need to hit
that slice deeper in order to clear your opponent’s because your opponent’s could
move back and potentially you reach that shot, now if you want to hit the high
slice that’s quite risky because you have to have fast racket head speed, cut
under the ball contact it perfectly to get it up at that angle now this leads
on to the third main reason that it’s good to use flat and that is disguise, if
you’re bringing the right back here you can go from here into a Chiquita and you
can hit the ball fast and flat towards the body or even you can change at the
last minute to come under the ball and lob your opponents and when you get to
a better level that is really a time when the disguise is important, if you
hit the slice yes you can come down the ball down to the feet it’s difficult to
be accurate with the slice going flat past the body and it’s
difficult also to be accurate with that lot you can do it, but as we’ve said
before it’s a much higher risk. This point shows some good disguise so
the return is down to the feet and the server then blocks that ball back
we as the defenders know our plan is either to lob our opponents or hit down
to the feet so we can get ourselves moving forward. Here a good bandeja is hit and you can see nice net clearance with this Chiquita there’s then a flat
lob that sends the ball nice and high, which is difficult to smash and you can
see the bandeja it bounces off the glass and the player here can disguise
that ball to hit the angle winner. You might say to me that you don’t need to disguise the ball just yet, you’re learning the game you’re at the
beginning of your padel journey but I would say that it’s really important to
learn to hit flat, yes you don’t need to disguise the ball necessarily but if
you can learn to hit the ball flat on both sides and control that ball hitting
a flat shot it’s gonna be a lot easier to add to your game at a later date, now
the Chiquita video is a good example of why hitting that flat is a good shot and
how it will affect your opponent!

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