This is my passion. I feel motivated when I play football, and it helps me get out many things, have different thoughts, and gets out of my routine at home. I am 22 years old. My family, we live here in La Casona. My family is made up of nine siblings total, and my parents. The community, truth be told… Life can be somewhat complicated for the people who live here. In this community, young pregnancy is a major issue. They start at 12, but some girls are abused at home, other girls are out looking for boyfriends at a young age, and this is a major issue. Football is important because it helps us get out of the thought that women are here only to have children. My family are quite happy that I can make this trip, They are glad and they want me to take advantage of this opportunity that was never given to me before and well, now I have it — opportunity.

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Dennis Veasley

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