Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 1st 2020 edition. Hope you all had a happy and safe new year
celebration. I had a three-hour hotpot dinner with my family – there was lots of food and conversation and
we talked about many things and touched on Chinese dramas. It’s good to have family and friends who share
the same favorite pastime as you do. In this edition, the Highest Rated Chinese
Youth and Republican-era Dramas, but first Douluo Continentis an upcoming
costume drama starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi and it recently released its first poster. Based on a novel of the same name, the drama
tells the story of Tang San, played by Xiao Zhan, and his sworn sibling, Xiao Wu, played
by Wu Xuanyi, and how they rally with different sects to defeat a rebellion. The drama actually began filming in December
of 2018. They held a booting ceremony but no cast were
present and they have kept a low profile for an entire year until now. Granted, Xiao Zhan was not as popular then
as he is now, but still it’s rare not to have any cast members at a booting ceremony. The producers must have a renewed sense of
expectation now as they look to premiere the drama. I will keep you guys updated when that happens. Maiden Holmesis an upcoming
costume drama starring Sebrina Yao and Zhang Linghe and they recently released some posters. The drama follows the Prince of Qi, played
by Zhang Linghe, as he investigates the reason behind his removal from power
and meets a young constable played by Sebrina Yao. The drama wrapped filming in August 2019 and
I will update you guys when they announce a premiere date. So in previous videos, I did the top 10 highest-rated
Chinese costume and modern dramas of 2019. Following that theme, I will do two more lists,
starting with youth dramas then republican-era ones. The list is based on ratings on Chinese review
site Douban, and I’m only including dramas with at least 10,000 ratings. The drama stars Lai Guanlin and Angel Zhao and tells the story of an ordinary girl who
falls for the most popular guy in school. It has a 6.4 rating on Douban. The drama stars Huang Zitao and Janice Wu
and follows three young people as they chase their dreams of making it big in the music
industry. It has a 6.7 rating on Douban. The drama stars Zhao Shunran and Zhuyan Manzi
and tells the story of two university students who hit it off instantly but things get complicated
when an ex enters the picture. It has a 6.7 rating on Douban. The drama stars Zhao Yiqin and Li Jiaqi
tells the coming-of-age story about a group of friends from high school to adulthood. It has a 7.1 rating on Douban. The drama stars Peng Yuchang and Ireine Song
and follows a tennis prodigy and his journey to win the national league. It has a 7.3 rating on Douban. The drama stars Juck Zhang and Li Tingting
and tells the story of a university student who’s caught cheating on an exam by a PHD
candidate, but they end up falling in love with each other. It has a 7.3 rating on Douban. The drama stars Wang Yibo and Wang Zixuan
and follows a romance between a talented e-sports gamer and a proud internet celebrity. It has a 7.4 rating on Douban. The drama stars Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu
and follows two highschool mates and how their different journeys in life and love bring
them back together. It has a 7.5 rating on Douban. The drama stars Xing Fei and Lin Yi
tells the story of a disciplined girl and a top physics student who end up moving in
with each other and hilarity ensues. It has a 7.9 rating on Douban. The drama stars Li Guangjie and Fei Qiming
and follows a middle-aged man time as he travels to the past and becomes a teacher to his 17-year-old
classmates. It has an 8.6 rating on Douban. I fully expected Gank Your Heart and Put Your
Head On My Shoulder to place high on this list
but admittedly, I didn’t expect Waiting For You In The Future to take the top spot and also
with such an impressive rating. Good for the drama though. Were there any other youth dramas that you
expected on this list? Let us know in the comment section below. The reason why there’s only seven and not
ten is simply because there just wasn’t that many highly-rated dramas with enough ratings. A couple of examples of dramas that I thought
might have made the list but didn’t – The Great Craftsman, starring Yang Mi and
Wallace Huo, had almost 20,000 ratings but only a 4.6 average rating. Blossom in Heart, starring Deng Lun and Li
Yitong, had a 6.5 rating but only around 6800 ratings. Anyway, on with the list. Again, it’s based on Douban, and I’m only
including dramas with at least 10,000 ratings. The drama stars He Bing and Wang Ou
and follows the relationship between a shop owner, his wife and a young woman who is determined
to cure her father’s illness. It has a 5.9 rating on Douban. The drama stars Zhang Ruoyun and Wang Ou
and follows a man who’s forced to become a Japanese spy to save his kidnapped younger
sister. It has a 6.3 rating on Douban. The drama stars Bai Yu and Una You
and tells the story of a new police academy graduate and a famous detective who becomes
her colleague and neighbour. It has a 6.5 rating on Douban. The drama stars Bai Lu and Xu Kai
and follows a girl who joins the army in her brother’s stead and earns the respect of her
peers and superiors. It has a 6.7 rating on Douban. The drama stars Pan Yueming and Vengo Gao
and follows a tombraider and his crew as they explore tombs of the Yuan dynasty. It has a 7.1 rating on Douban. The drama stars Huang Zitao and Sophie Zhang
follows a young man who overcomes many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai
bund. It has a 7.3 rating on Douban. The drama stars Chen Baoguo and Amanda Qin
and follows the owner of an old Shandong tavern as he strives to make a living in Dalian. It has a 7.4 rating on Douban. So there you have it guys. These two lists complete my top 10 highest-rated
dramas segments. Hope you guys enjoyed it and got some good
drama recommendations from it. Before I let you guys go, I want to wish you
health, happiness and love for the new year. And hopefully some exciting drama premieres
as well. As always, I will be here to update you all
on everything. And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to becoming a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. Thank you all for watching and hope to see
you in the next one. Cheers!

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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan in Douluo Continent, Highest-rated Youth and Republican-era Dramas 2019”

  1. honestly i screamed when i saw the poster of Doulou continent… he looks soooooo good in it.. and am really keeping my eyes on Maiden Holmes…. as for the list i knew put you head on my shoulder will score high … and i love Prince of tennis since i've watched the original Japanese one….
    Am surprised that Zhu Meng Qing Yuan didn't make the cut since both leads are extremely famous O.O
    also did you see the new Bai yu drama trailer " Fairyland lovers" ???

  2. I so can’t wait for Doulou Continent with Xiao Zhan!! But also worried as it has high focus of spirits/beasts/action which would be CGI heavy.. and probably didn’t have high budget before XZ blew up, hopefully now they can make up for it

  3. Happy New Year! Arsenal Military Academy is definitely my favourite drama from 2019, it's the only drama that I watched 2-3 times after finish watching it. Besides AMA, from this list, I love Wait My Youth and Put Your Head On My Shoulder.

    Haven't watch Detective L, looks interesting I will add it in to-watch-list

  4. Marcus, I watch every video you make and rarely comment, but I had to say something this time. I was looking at Zhang Bin Bin on My Drama List and see there is a new movie he is making called New Princess Huai Yu that will be out by the end of 2020. Not only him, but Dilraba, Leon Zhang, Vengo Gao and Sierra Li will be in it. I almost died from happiness when I saw this. Please put this in your rotation to keep us updated about! Love you and thank you for all the info you pass along!

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