We’re told that rest is the great panacea, but our bodies were made to move and how we move determines how we heal. Helping the body heal itself isn’t some hippy dippy folk cure– it’s the foundation of modern medicine. When I stitch up a wound, I’m really just connecting the skin together. It’s the body that does the actual healing. I haven’t just treated every imaginable tennis injury, I’ve lived them. So I know how frustrating it is to be sidelined. Back in the nineties, I was seeing a 150 to 200 patients a week, and the wait period for surgery was two years, which, when you’re hurting is just heartbreaking to hear. So while they were waiting, I prescribed my patients simple exercises to prep for the surgery: isometric contractions, stretches, that kind of thing. And then the most amazing thing happened– these patients I was absolutely sure needed surgery, started getting better. Here’s the thing: You don’t need to be a doctor to help your players. For the past 25 years, I’ve developed a series of straightforward, easy-to-implement techniques to help the body repair itself. Any coach can use them. I want to teach you these techniques so that you can help your players get off the sidelines and back into the game. My name is Dr. Erin Boynton and this is Sports Medicine for Tennis Coaches.

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Dennis Veasley

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