Hey, you! Can I get that soda? Sorry, kid. That was the last one. What!? Are you kidding me? Please give me that soda right now! Well sorry, kid. This is the last soda, so… why don’t you go to another vending machine or something? If you don’t give me the soda, I am going to beat you up. Listen! I don’t want to cause any trouble. But please, go to another vending machine and buy your own soda or you’ll be in big trouble. That’s it. I’m gonna beat you up. Owwwwwwwww. Somebody help meeeeeee! Wrecking Ball, I can’t believe that you beat up TB. Now we have to pay his hospital bill thanks to you. That’s it. You’re grounded for two three four five weeks. Go to your room, now.

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Dennis Veasley

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