(coughing) – So I ran a poll on the
YouTube community tab asking, “Glasses or no glasses?” I kind of don’t care, but people seem very vocal about it, and the vast majority said,
“Yes, Phil, more glasses, “you’re better with the glasses.” Which is why I’m not
wearing these glasses. At least today, even
though they make my eyes feel generally better throughout the day ’cause I’m not your dancin’ monkey. Unless a very large number
of you hit that like button, in which case I will dance. You should probably not
include any of that, that’s, I feel like that’s
kinda just, it’s stupid. ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you havin’ a fantastic Thursday, welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is the youth, TikTok, and activism. And this story actually starts with teachers in Clark County, Nevada. They are probably planning to walk out on September 10th to protest
against the school district for failing to honor a promise it made regarding their salaries. Educators said they had
been previously told that they would earn raises so
long as they further their education by completing
professional development courses. But the district later
refused to follow through on that agreement saying that
it lacked the funds to do so. And reportedly, the
consequences of a strike here could have a devastating
impact for the school district which is the fifth largest in the county. Now in response to this
news, the district filed an emergency court motion
to block the strike and have a judge issue
an order against it. And there, if the order was imposed, the union could have faced
fines of up to $50,000 a day. But still, Clark County teachers felt that they had no choice
but to take a stand here. And while all of this was happening, you had some very, very
frustrated students. With many local students who were outraged about this situation
including 16 year old Gillian Sullivan taking their
frustration out on TikTok. Sullivan whose mom has
worked for the district for more than 20 years
uploaded video on the app where she explained the situation
saying that the district would not pay the teachers with quote, “Spent the past three years
earning enough credits “out of their own pockets,
spending extra hours “outside of school to earn credits to get a raise,” and adding– – Personally, I don’t think this is fair, and I’m kinda like sick
of our district thinking it’s okay to walk all
over teachers and students all of the time! So if you’re sick of this, too, and you want respect for
yourself as a student but also for your teachers,
please strike September 5th ’cause I’m done, and you should be, too. Like, teachers deserve
more respect than that, and it’s disgusting. – And within days,
Sullivan’s video went viral. There’s a lot of support. Many also commenting about similar issues that their own school
districts are facing. Also, in another post,
Sullivan responded to users who said that their
districts were just as bad, if not worse, arguing that
the entire school system in the United States is
flawed and encouraged all students to skip
school on September 5th. Her posts also made their way onto Twitter where they picked up more steam,
more support, more praise. Also inspiring other students
to upload similar TikToks including another student in her district, 17 year old Leonardo Bueno. – We should also be speaking up about teachers being underpaid and
not getting their salary. Teachers put their life and you know, dedication in teaching us because they are teaching the future of this country. – And, while many seemed
prepared to actually participate in this student and teacher strike, those plans have since been called off. And that’s because late Wednesday, the Clark County School District and the Clark County Education Association said that they had reached
a tentative agreement to resolve the issue. That agreement reportedly
including a salary increase for the educators who completed their professional development program as well as a 3% raise and more
funding for health insurance. Now keep in mind that according to the AP, the deal still needs to be ratified by union executives and district trustees. However, right now it does
appear that both sides expect no issues on approving this move. And as far as my reaction to this story, I know that there’s gonna be a debate as far as how effective
these students speaking up on TikTok and then that going to Twitter. How effective that was. But personally there, I will argue, very. It took an otherwise just local story, and they turned it into a national issue. And while yes, 78% of the
content on TikTok right now are various people hitting the woe. I wanted to say that in the
most boomer way possible. I would personally love, and
I expect to see more of this, since TikTok is just the
medium of a certain generation. So it just makes sense that
this group is also going to share information that way. Hell, I’ve actually seen
people kind of talking about the news, granted
they meme it, but it still conveys that information well. And also, I guess just kind of final note. Good on all these students for actually supporting their teachers. I feel like teachers, in addition to being kind of underappreciated, get shit on a lot, so it’s kind of awesome to see that support. But, of course like with
everything we talk about, I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Then, in news that I
think is actually awesome for online entertainment,
YouTube has announced that as of September 24th, any of
their new YouTube Originals, their YouTube Specials,
they will now be available for free, with ads. And notably there right after the 24th, you have the new season of Liza On Demand, of course starring Liza
Koshy, released on the 25th, as well as reportedly the
drama Impulse on October 16th, along with free windows
to catch up with each series’ first season. Also, as of today, the
fantastically well-reviewed, and I personally like,
season one of Cobra Kai is now out there for everyone to receive, but it also appears that
there’s a little bit of a catch, but maybe, kinda, not really. It does appear to be a little
bit of a windowing angle. As Deadline explains, “For
instance Premium members will “continue to be able to
binge the full new seasons “of Impulse and Liza on
Demand, while one new episode “will be rolled out weekly for
ad supported or AVOD viewers. “Additionally, YouTube
Premium subscribers will “have exclusive access to director’s cuts “and bonus content for YouTube
Originals when available.” And personally, I’m very fascinated to see how this plays out. Right, because I feel like
YouTube’s done a good job of bringing big advertisers,
big brands to the table. And then you know, YouTube
was kind of hiding some of the, I’m not going to say best content, but the content that they
threw the most money at behind a paywall, and when
you were looking at episodes that were not behind the paywall, like the first episode of
season one of Cobra Kai. Those numbers were wild that
it makes you kinda wonder, “Well, how many people actually paid then “for the subscription to
watch the rest of the season “versus maybe just falling
off or pirating it instead.” Which I will say regarding pirating, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this new move for YouTube. Right because the people that
don’t have YouTube Premium, right, they get the episodes once a week. Each one of those videos
also serves as kind of an ad to say, “Hey, if you want
more, you could just pay “for a subscription. “By the way, when you sign up, it’s free.” Right, so how many people are gonna go, “Ah, I could wait for this,” versus, “Oh man I have to
subscribe to YouTube Premium now,” versus, “Oh man I gotta pirate this now.” It’s gonna be very interesting to see because it is somewhat of
a unique release schedule. But with all the said,
and I’m very fascinated by your response to this, what do you think about this move, and what do you think that we will see, will it boost subscriptions,
pirating, both, neither? I know my kind of viewing habits, but I’d love to know your thoughts here. But from that, I wanna share
some stuff I love today, and today in awesome brought
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you want to check this out, be sure to head over to
fullsail.edu/phil, and check it out. And the first bit of
awesome today is we put out an extra news video today. It took a look at, tried
to condense, and explain the U.S. and China trade war. Tariffs, manipulation, theft,
and after today’s show, I highly recommend you check it out. It’ll be one of the top links down below. Then we have HBO putting
out a very interesting trailer for “What
Happened on September 11.” Based on the trailer, it
looks like a look back on that event of people
kind of sharing the story for kids who weren’t old
enough to really remember it. Which I think is a very interesting and important angle on it. Wired gave us a scientist explaining how a fire tornado forms. Marvel Entertainment gave us Journey Through the
History of Marvel Comics. First We Feast gave us Marques Brownlee and Casey Neistat playing Truth or Dab. Binging with Babish gave us pan pizza. Vogue gave us some famous people getting ready for the VMAs videos. And then the Phil.chrono.gg
Partner Game of the Day today is, actually really
special, we got a game at launch. It is Heave Ho. It is a weird, quirky, fantastic game where the goal is just not to fall. You can play it with up to four players, and best of all, if you
grab it using my link and my store before 9 a.m. tomorrow and/or while supplies last, you can get it for 15% off, just $8.50. If you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the
day, really anything at all links as always are in the
description down below. And then, let’s talk about
the news around James Comey. And if you’ve seen this
story pop up today, you’ve probably seen it described with kind of one of two headlines. Right, Buzzfeed news put out
“James Comey won’t face charges “for sharing memos about his
interactions with Trump.” And you have places like
Fox News with the headline, “Read DOJ watchdog’s list of all the times “ex-FBI boss Comey broke the rules.” Or like this headline
from The Guardian saying, “Comey violated FBI policies
by leaking Trump memos “Justice Department rules.” Right, and the thing is, all those things are actually accurate. It’s just kind of interesting
to see who leads with what. So yes, today the Inspector General of the Justice Department
released a report. And among other things, it says quote, “The responsibility to protect sensitive “law enforcement information
falls in large part “to the employees of the
FBI who have access to it “through their daily duties. “Former Director Comey failed “to live up to this
responsibility by not safeguarding “sensitive information
obtained during the course “of his FBI employment,
and by using it to create “public pressure for official action, “Comey set a dangerous
example for the over 35,000 “current FBI employees,
and the many thousands more “former FBI employees
who similarly have access “to or knowledge of
non-public information.” The memo going on to say, “Comey had several other lawful options “available to him to
advocate for the appointment “of a Special Counsel, which
he told us was his goal “in making the disclosure.” And the memo then adding, “What was not permitted
was the unauthorized “disclosure of sensitive
investigative information “obtained during the
course of FBI employment, “in order to achieve a
personally desired outcome.” And ultimately, with all of this, the DOJ ended up
declining to charge Comey. This because quote, “They didn’t believe there was
evidence to show Comey knew “and intended to violate laws “on handling classified information.” It’s been interesting watching
the reaction from this because I’ve seen people
kind of on both sides of this issue taking a victory lap. For example, you had Comey tweeting out that the “DOJ IG found no evidence,” adding, “I don’t need a
public apology from those “who defamed me, but a quick message “with a sorry we lied
about you would be nice.” Then adding, “And to all
those who’ve spent two years “talking about me quote
going to jail or being “a quote liar and a leaker, ask yourselves “why you still trust people
who gave you bad info “for so long, including the president.” So on the other side, you have people like Representative Jim Jordan tweeting, “Now we know why Comey didn’t want “to prosecute Clinton,
he didn’t see a problem “mishandling sensitive information. “After clearing her, he did it too. “Comey, like Clinton,
thinks he’s above the law.” We also saw a tweet from
President Trump’s account reading, “Perhaps never in
the history of our country “has someone been more
thoroughly disgraced “and excoriated than James Comey “in the just released
Inspector General’s Report. “He should be ashamed of himself.” But yeah, that’s the
story as it is right now. And of course, I’d love to
know your thoughts on this. And then, let’s talk about Brexit. It’s been a minute since
we talked about this. And specifically today, we’re
going to be talking about Boris Johnson suspending British
Parliament ahead of Brexit, and why this move has
outraged a ton of people. And a quick oversimplified recap here to get things started. United Kingdom voted to
leave the European Union back in June of 2016. Right after that vote, you had then Prime Minister David Cameron resigning, Theresa May then stepping
up to take the position. She originally planned to
take the UK out of the EU by March 2019, but of
course, we’re still talking about that, so you know
that did not happen. Government tried to withdraw in January. Notably, that easily failed. Two more votes then failed in March. This largely because of
a dispute over the border between the Independent
Republic of Ireland and the UK-controlled Northern Ireland. May then asked for an extension to the withdrawal agreement
between the UK and the EU to which the EU said, “You
have until the end of October.” Long story short, there May
ends up resigning in June. And then a series of votes later, Boris Johnson took over
as Prime Minister in July once his party elected him
as the conservative leader. Johnson said he’d negotiate
for a better withdrawal deal with the EU but the EU has said
it will not change the deal. Johnson has also said that
they’ll move through Brexit with or without a deal which has been a massively contentious topic. This because many experts warn that in addition to other
things, a no-deal could lead to shortages of
food, gas, and medicine. Economists also fearing
that a no-deal Brexit could tank the economy. And all of that simplified
condensed mush brings us to yesterday when Johnson
asked Queen Elizabeth to suspend Parliament. Now as a figurehead, the queen must remain politically neutral, but it’s formality for
the Prime Minister to ask the queen before suspending Parliament. And of note there, it would have been seen as a very unusual move for
her to deny his request. Which is likely why she granted it. Now, Parliament was already scheduled for a three and a half week break starting September 16th,
but now, Johnson has tacked on an extra week to that recess, and all of that is
important because it means that Parliament has less
time to actually reach a deal to leave the EU. Also because historically
Parliament usually convenes in times of national crisis. In fact, some have even
speculated that Parliament might have tried to
cancel the initial recess, right the three and a half
weeks, to allow for more time to talk about Brexit, but instead, we saw
this move from Johnson. Which actually regarding that,
even some in Johnson’s own conservative party said that
the move could be challenged in court, which regarding
this move by Johnson, you may be asking why he would do this. And according to Johnson,
it’s to give his government time to lay out a quote, “new, bold, and ambitious
domestic agenda after Brexit.” But limiting Parliament
also means that lawmakers have less time to block a no-deal Brexit. However, Parliament is
expected to try to block a no-deal Brexit in their limited time within the next two weeks. And the fact today, Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn said that he would try to block the suspension with legislation. Corbyn has also said that
he plans to hold a vote of no-confidence against Johnson, to which actually President
Trump jumped into the mix tweeting, “Would be very
hard for Jeremy Corbyn, “the leader of Britain’s Labor Party, “to seek a no-confidence vote
against new Prime Minister “Boris Johnson, especially
in light of the fact that “Boris is exactly what the
UK has been looking for “and will prove to be a great one. “Love UK.” So there was that. Also, so far, there’s
already been an attempt in the Scottish Courts to
reverse this suspension. Also, we’ve seen a big
reaction from the people. As of recording this
video, an online petition requesting that Parliament not shut down has garnered around
1.5 million signatures. People have also taken to
the streets protesting, reportedly chanting things like, “No one voted for Boris,”
and “Stop the Coup.” Which actually, on social media, “Stop the Coup,” was trending. And there you had several
pointing to a past statement by Johnson saying that he
wouldn’t suspend Parliament. In fact, in that statement,
he actually called such an action arcane. So you had people saying things like, “You can’t trust a word this liar says.” “This isn’t about left, right,
center, leave, or remain, “this is about ensuring
that democracy can never be “put on pause when an unelected politician “finds it inconvenient.” Which I will say on that
note, Johnson was elected, but that election was
only decided by about 139,000 votes from
conservative party members. Also along with your everyday folk, you had some celebrities like Hugh Grant jumping into the mix
blasting Johnson by saying, “You will not fuck with
my children’s future. “You will not destroy the
freedoms my grandfather “fought two world wars to defend. “Fuck off, you over-promoted
rubber bath toy. “Britain is revolted by
you and your little gang “of masturbatory prefects.” We’ve also notably seen
some lawmakers resign today. That including Scotland’s Conservative Party Leader Ruth Davidson. Although, of note there, in
her letter of resignation, she points to the birth of her son as one of the main reasons for resigning, though she did mention feeling conflicted over Brexit, so news outlets
in the UK have linked the timing of her resignation
to Parliament suspension. You also George Young resigning from Parliament’s upper house. And in a letter, he
said that Johnson quote, “risks undermining the
fundamental role of Parliament “at a critical time in our history “and reinforces the
view that the government “may not have the confidence of the House “for its Brexit policy.” You also had David Lidington
saying this was quote, “not a good way to do
democracy and sets a very bad “precedent for future governments.” Also reportedly telling the BBC, “that if the opposition Labor
Party had done something “similar, some of my Tory
colleagues who are cheering “at the moment, would be
turning purple with rage.” We also had some supporters of Johnson essentially saying that this outrage is kind of faux outrage. People like Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg adding, “I don’t think there is
any attempt to railroad.” And specifically calling the big reaction to this news, “the candyfloss of outrage.” But ultimately, at the
moment of filming this video, that is where we are. It’s gonna be a very
interesting couple of months. Of course, I always love
to know everyone’s thoughts on this, but if you live in
the EU, if you live in the UK, I’d really, really love
to know your thoughts on what’s going to happen. That’s where we’re going
to end today’s show. And hey, if you like this video, be sure to hit that like button. Also, if you’re new here, you want more, be sure to hit that subscribe button, and definitely click that
bell to turn on notifications. Also, if you now 100% filled
in, we have that brand new news deep dive or maybe
you wanna check out the brand new podcast, you
can click or tap right there to watch either of those right now. But with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been filled in. I love yo faces, and
I’ll see you next time. As I’m recording…
(bell dings) ♪ All around me are familiar faces ♪

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  35. I'm from the UK and I am genuinely scared about the future of our country and I honestly have no idea why the Tories are surprised about BoJo wanting a no deal brexit. We all know he wants that and this isn't going to benefit us at all.

  36. Who actually has a subscription? It just does not pup up as a to have in many demograpic i know or interact with.

  37. I live in CCSD, and this has been a problem for years. I remember there was a strike back in 2015-2016 when I was a senior at my high school, it's just ridiculous. I hope it's fully settled, because the teachers that I had were so full of energy and they cared so much about me throughout the years. I remember having my first breakdown in my choir teacher's office, and she just talked through it with me. I'd never felt so loved and respected by somebody outside of my immediate family before, and I know a lot of other teachers I had would've done the same had I been in their classrooms. So grateful to all of my high school teachers, and every teacher I had previously in CCSD.

  38. I was born into he former Soviet Union. I was 5 years old when it crumbled all around me and my, now independent, birth country crashed into the deepest financial crisis it has ever seen. Fast-forward 30 years, a month ago I moved from my birth country to UK which is going to crash out of EU in two months. And my overall thoughts on this is… meh, Brexit, Shemxit, been there, done that.

  39. ok as a Scotsman I'm over the moon about brexit my opinion is very different from most people my age but it's usually because I actually look at politics compared to the outrageous bombastic nonsense that the media is usually spouting off about. the reason Boris Johnson is suspending parliament is to be able to actually get to the brexit date line without the left trying to prevent the date of brexit happening. The European Union has been failing for decades now and Britain has been getting a lot less from it than it deserves. My opinion is bring on brexit and let's get the hell out of here.

  40. Better idea, fuck the unions so teachers can keep more of their checks and not have to pay union fees ON TOP of taxes. Never again will I join a union.

  41. The 4 day delay is because of a Queens speech, every new government has to have one BUT recently one has not been done, which means. This session of parliament is the longest since the civil war (1600's) so a delay of parliament is needed (and its only 4 days) also you forgot to mention after he delayed parliament his approval rate and party rates in the polls skyrocketed (opinion was 1st at 45% and party was at 35% look at Britelects for proof in the pudding) and also the polling suggested that more brits approved the 4 day shutdown. And at the same time Jeremy Corbyn's opinions polls dropped to third or forth (depending on polling company) during this time. Meaning that even though there was protests in major cities it hasn't affected Johnsons polling at all. And no matter how you put it, no confidence, legislative stuff to try and make him get an extension. It won't work. If he fails no confidence he can set the date of the election to beyond the Brexit deadline. If he has to go extend he can ignore it as its only advisory OR he can waste time by calling a summit then downvote the extension as all parties have to agree in the EU. And even if IF we have a general election Corbyn is doing so bad in the polls and Johnson is very popular outside London he will absolutely stomp him in a general election with a Brexit party/con pact which will happen. So the opposition hands are tied. There is nothing that can be done. No matter how much you can twist it.

  42. I'm from the UK and had no idea before this event that suspension of parliament was even constitutionally possibly. Like many other people have said I don't care where you sit on the political spectrum because this clearly and shockingly undermines the democracy of the United Kingdom. it sets a bad precedent for the future as future leaders may see this as something that is acceptable to do in order to push for reforms that otherwise wouldn't get through parliament. It's irionc that many concider a second referendum, which in my opinion is much the same as a confirm button, anti democratic yet would say people are over reacting to a clear attempt to subvert our parliamentary democracy by someone who was even elected by the whole electorate.

  43. My mom has been a CSSD teacher since before I was born, over 20 years. I went to K-12 in CCSD schools and I don’t remember a single year my mom and the union was not complaining about wages, it’s awful. They are completely mistreated.

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