what is up everybody welcome to another
video with Jake and Josh it is Wednesday so we are going to be breaking a world
record so stay tuned and I actually I have to go what this is awkward
I gotta go out of town this weekend Jake Jake shoes dies yeah have to go Oh Jake
is off to shoot a wedding this weekend he does a lot of videos for weddings I
am on the way to the gym to break a Guinness World Record alright so we made
it to the church gym and going to be attempting a Guinness World Record on
the Guinness World Records Facebook livestream which is exciting so be a
bunch of people watching there’s not an official adjudicator present Clare and
Bridget from Guinness World Records are here but neither of them are the
official adjudicator so they’re gonna help me and get the record approved by
video and paperwork and all of that but I won’t have an instant official
approval if I break the record the record is the longest duration to
balance a guitar on your forehead the guitar has to be a certain height
certain weight the guitar I have is very heavy which makes for good balance you
jugglers know that but the record is 5 minutes in 20 second sorry I do it for a
long time so hopefully I can keep up the stamina it hurts a lot and when I doing
it for a while I’ve got huge indents which will probably bruises at the end
of 5 minutes I’m also just gonna show off some juggling I think for the
livestream so it should be a good time here we go hey everybody we’re so excited to have
you here Josh Horton if you guys don’t already know is a multiple Guinness
World Records title holder has a bunch going for more right oh yeah and we’re
gonna go for one today so stay tuned but before we go for a new record we’re
gonna do a little do some tricks show us some of the stuff you got not exactly
what ever one would think is the three easy did you make that up you got it you
at home even just holding a basketball in one hand is tough right so you have
to be able to palm them down the idea that isn’t gonna loan us are
you catching this are we ready for the attempt it’s not juggling it is it is he
was going Josh Wharton is going to balance a
guitar on his forehead for as long as he possibly can right the record he is
trying to be it is 5 minutes and 20 seconds you guys can talk for now I did
not know you were gonna hold it on your head like that what do you think I
thought it was gonna be like flat five minutes 20 seconds Josh are you all doing as we are no Joshua’s
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 oh my goodness I don’t
need to get along for you sir it’s exciting eight exactly 703 oh my god Josh are you okay
sit down I was like not wanting to blink you definitely can’t they have to
officially adjudicate it but congratulations
thank you so much for 30 there was a I said there was a serious shift in the
it’s lit like a fraction of an inch but it felt like I’m very suited and I was
like pretty sure I was done and then amazing really keep it going seven
minutes three seconds people thank you bye-bye thank you so much for having me
on a livestream that was a lot of fun but you guys just told me about where
you’re headed next I asked Bridget and Claire where they
were headed next and they said they were on their way to Fort Worth which is not
too far from me to witness another Guinness world record attempt and it is
for the longest usable golf club and this is to break a record I’ve seen
videos of the past records and it looks really ridiculous as I’m excited to
watch a happen in person this is also super exciting because we
weren’t really sure what else to include in this vlog in this episode of world
record Wednesdays so this is definitely the content that we needed so things
this guy I’m excited to meet them excited to watch it
and should we get back with Bridget and Claire here at the golf course that guy
over there is Mike we’ll see him again a second and they just said we can take
our own golf cart so okay I’m just gonna hang onto the back of golf cart figure
out how to reverse works oh gosh I love Texas mid-november it’s sunny perfect
weather you guys are watching you have a
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click that subscribe button turn on notifications so you see all our videos this morning we did longest duration to
balance a guitar in your head that’s actually my own Guinness world record so you you have you have held this
record three times that is correct that is correct
the three times and you say this will be my 4/4 time thing next time record yes
all right label I’ve been labeled king of the long
swing good luck thank you very much thanks for
coming out no good so he’s going to be submitting his evidence today how big is
the new 130 feet the ball got airborne and travelled 25.5
yards in the air yeah we’d have my back it’s only my second swing so yeah I can
definitely go farther we’re just gonna have to tweak it a little bit I just
technically that is the new world record all you have to do is make it an
airborne so he’s already broken the record with the longest usable golf club
but he’s gonna try to just impress everybody I’m risking my life for the ultimate
slow-mo shot alright let me try this I can’t swing a
normal golf club I don’t I don’t play golf at all but hey might as well start
with the world record for the longest right there but hey I made contact with
I’m very happy with you thank you congratulations on getting back your own
record thank you yeah just Condor to raise the bar you know just like just
like same thing you would do yeah the same thing you would do you know why
wait for someone to beat the record when you can continue to raise the bar
yourself and we are out of here hope you guys enjoyed this video we’ve
got new videos coming every Monday Wednesday and Saturday with every
Wednesday being world record Wednesday so make sure you subscribe you haven’t
already leave a like and a comment this video and we’ll see you guys soon don’t
forget Josh Horton drilling balls are now available you can buy just the balls
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gentlemen warehouse.com shipping is free until Christmas so make sure you get it
now we’ll see you guys soon bye

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