Wow did you throw the 5/4 see you guys
in the morning Jake what are you looking at I’m so
bored I’m looking a board on Google Images that sounds like fun
no no it isn’t look it isn’t function bzees little good to be out there make
it fast that’s my Colin you know what box
understand the next box board I just don’t know what to do I’m out of idea I
need more idea you checked the idea jar all right let me check it all of our
amazing ideas come from the idea job that’s who we got
I did my god there’s nothing left we’re good where the mighty are you
check today’s comments six time touch it what’s so funny what are you laughing at
I made a joke Logan’s made a joke on you we’re not out of ideas I’m not looking
up for Logan I’m looking up big I am the box or yeah and speaking of
which today’s video Logan we’re going to be breaking a world record I wanted to
bring since I was a wee little boy we’re making the biggest box boat in the world
a big box for years were full that part of the world we fought for you need so
much more activity and on time instead of putting down the floor and getting
this thing ready we’ve got a little bit of time already got outside we’re gonna
be sleeping in here tonight so we his place is on the floor is coming
along it’s looking great for working on taping up the entire floor and then
we’re going to start working on the walls I think the hardest part out of
this whole thing is going to be the ceiling one utility lating guys it’s
2:00 a.m. in the morning Jake it’s officially past that oh my god had to so
much work as we literally covered the entire room and now I can officially say
I’m lying in the biggest box border in the world look it’s not quite done yet
this isn’t done have I ever been able to lie like this in a box work you would
literally make a box for it in this box first but guys like Logan just said
we’re not done yet but it’s super late it’s past 2:00 a.m. so I think what
we’re going to do is we’re going to call it for the night we’re going to get out
that rules out we’ve got a sheet here it’s pretty hot here so I think it’s all
good so we’re going to set up or sleeping area for the night sleep and
then tomorrow morning we’ll finish up the box board and a ton of time making the world’s
biggest box board it was actually crazy I did not think you would take this much
time in this much fabric we still have that little patch to do there but all
around the light all around the window we’re still going to patch up the window
a little bit it gets bad we’re going to recharge and then tomorrow we’re going
to finish the box board and then we’re going to start filling it with the fun
stuff Logan hit the Lights it’s bedtime and then socks for you know the amount
of boxford’s I’ve slept in I don’t think I ever thought I would sleep in this
muddy box course of my life honestly this is really comfy man it’s the most
spacious box it is you know what though I’m missing that like not like snug
feeling like it doesn’t have that like cozy feeling that our boxers normally
have I’m not complaining like it’s definitely nice I love the room I’m
excited for tomorrow it should be an awesome day I’m his best so see you guys
in the morning I just woke up as you guys we did it we slept in the world’s
biggest ball explored it was definitely routed to 840 Wow that she got so sick
look here the birds chirpin but we gotta get up guys because we got a mission to
do we got to finish this box for it if you have a full day of activities
planning here and now it’s time for breakfast and you guys know normally for
surviving the woods or surviving outside we got to eat something
pretty rationing but since we’re inside children the world’s biggest box fort we
got to agree Logan what we looking at today breakfast
and brunch all those functions guys a bit a little while and our ovaries has
finally come I actually got dressed I got ready for the day check it out look
what we got here we got some McDonald’s oohs you know we need to do we need a
box table damn dude this is the world face box board we’ve
got plenty of room so we get up a full box at our table so we eat breakfast at
the table in our box burgers we’re civilized all right buon appetito go I
have my coffee I’ve had of my breakfast bagel I’m looking a little bit tired it
definitely tell whenever we do one of these box 4 videos it’s rough to sleep
in a box wear as much fun as it is it’s definitely a hard or it’s time for some
activities we have this massive box port let’s burn off some of our breakfast and
have a little fun and this is the boss sport room it is
the world’s biggest box for slogan what’s the perspective you today oh and
you ever segue in a box for it matter yeah look at what here we have to do
segue to zoom all right do something cool whoa okay okay I got to get on this
is so awesome I don’t think they’re down before in fact I chose ever before
y’all can’t redo is one little problem no did you kind of flip a little bit on
the Box bosses are not traction friendly Pete what are you doing BL don’t scrub
yeah we have at a Roomba in a box where before but it did not work at all new
time you can actually do with the job beeps is sweeping a lot making sure
everything’s Licensing for us to the next activity is basketball that’s right
we got some black sport basketball because you guys when you’ve got a bunch
of room there’s nothing better than play a little bit of basketball so we’re
going to set each of these hoops up on different sides of the box for it and
we’re gonna have a little game of basketball
that’s your hoop so there’s a lot of room for me to get inside this is going
to be my hoop you can so score Logan you know it’s just going to more slam dunk
on this one but you should be okay designer chorus and a spur about well
we’re going to be using some of the leftover duct tape so I’m going to mold
it together and use a little bit extra duct tape to turn it into a proper duct
tape basketball all right guys there we go
is the duct tape basketball yo guys we’re to try to dunk a basketball all right guys 20 to try the duct a
basketball those your three-pointers oh wow Logan
you broke the slice or just a friendly game of basketball not the NBA it shall be the peaches shop three-point
line on business next on the game with the 3 pointer lies dear that concludes that Fox sport basketball
looks like I’m the winner guys you did have it smaller than that that’s true I
did up a smaller net but I didn’t figure hard dude I’m totally I would do
basketball no where you can do we have football legend I’m all right all right
you think you’re so good I am so good you think you’re so good I’m amazed in
the past I challenge you to near fort under for another for inside the world’s
biggest box for yeah bro you’re going down let’s go I loved it he said defy that was a nerf war inside
of a bar for guys dude that was insane I thought I don’t know who won that I
don’t know either guys jump to let us know in the comments down below who you
think won this therefore but guys guys I think this is where we’re going to wrap
up overnight in the world’s biggest box for this has been absolutely insane
wait enough room to have an entire nerd for here it was so awesome and got if
you like this be sure to smack that like button down below let’s try and go big
you’ve got the world’s biggest box for let’s go big with 100,000 lights I think
we can do it guys let’s go baby those like smash that like what a lot of life
not sure but it’s got Papa Jake fucking pussy don’t you guys next time for
another video you

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