[Music] you see the video back to reality from Sylvania Nikko is where he should be near his hard drive and near his headphones and near his beloved computer and then how he is he should be near the efficient box and near the cactus and playing Pop Jean and I am where I belong in a chair bothering the humans in front of me thinking about stupid things that probably help someone on the way yeah oh yes and babymoon and Noah are upstairs I always say lassie way Nia because in Spanish lassie way Nia means something nothing you win anyway I grabbed the camera to conclude something from vacation and I didn’t conclude anything but life is a constant flow of time that we arbitrarily decide to name vacation or non vacation when in reality it can all be loved enjoyed and lived the same way but we miss Dania one of the things that I want to say that I think he’s not about between Sarah and myself about Sarah but about the commune and like then the naked thing that I want to say it’s like still I don’t know why I don’t feel you that you believe in naked humans in deeply you know what I mean you think I have time nobody to do stuff this is the only time he hasn’t been on me all day everything is content even not having time and feeling yourself and speaking about I’m not doing nothing guys you never asked how is naked human going how much follow words regarding how much views how was the content what do you think about these or Luke or that we’re doing that there’s ways to show that you’re interested I think that you’re you guys will speak in a polarized way because you will defend your age again if you try to do the opposite you both have valid point in yeah you’re a mom it’s not easy no yeah I think you’re not that interested in humans it’s only something that deep there is not don’t fight don’t go to the experimental empathize and really feel what the other one is trying to say out of love and not of real commitment to my growth I rather say yes to whatever you tell me then defend half of the idea until we polarize and I’m defending yes I’ve seen myself in stupid arguments that you see yourself after now are you like what if what the fuck am i defending yes I’m stupid okay you win you know I’d rather say yes so you don’t get it she has though but at night and her life changed completely eight weeks ago and at the same time I think you need to start doing more things and trying to see how your adapt your life faster so you so you don’t have to use you’re not using it as an excuse having a baby that would be like the middle ground of what you guys are trying to communicate so I you need to choose a few people that you really trust if it’s not me it’s not me but you have to choose people that you trust deeply so they can tell you things also about being a mom maybe maybe someone that really loves you that’s it no no honey that’s just you being obsessive let it go so you can start getting out of that world you know because your world becomes your baby so much and yeah of course there’s no eyes or ears humans or other things I think it’s best if we leave you that you live for a while alone even if we live here we’re still naked humans we’re still a commune you’re still my family you get that space or we get that huge house but we haven’t it’s very ok so I’m on a call with the editor then Diego shows up like this and says I want to go for a coffee now like this I wait wait wait there’s no sleeping we’re gonna get a decoder see they’re ducks and what about this okay so Diego offered to go for a coffee like this but he doesn’t have the balls so Rodrigo you can already put this in the in the edit he’s not gonna do it he’s the police can get me the police game you see I just got out of the pool and it needed to grab something really fast oh okay blog it’s happening only thing you change shoes because these are better you have to say hello to people and stuff but keep serious face hey like everything is normal I’m gonna freeze my ass oh my god it’s cold hey it’s close is it well there’s another coffee place on the right alright not let’s go this way look at me here I don’t know why no clothes let’s go back know what I like being serious makes people be serious so yeah they : city a blimp OG one of the guys that is one of the best players here he’s been playing like two years this game and I’ll be playing this like six months maximum so we joke a lot because he’s very competitive like me and we joke that guy was always like his student and he was a master and then we realized in this season just in this season I have more like I’m more effective killing guys than him so I show that I’m better than him just this season Cavani tarma this is where we lose him yep alright preparing an order from an Italian grocery store and Diggle went to sleep and for today that’s it good night guys so babymoon found out that she can have his babies now we’re gonna show you how and why so we found it’s been expensive but Noah has been there for an hour probably he does not give a shit about the world he’s happy to show you he has an electric Oh Maisie and then that one and then he has his living room right here and then he has another one right there in case he wants to be under the stairs and then for the traveling and then the car it’s amazing I want to be not an equal Oh today cook for us bono which is tuna salmon tuna sesame tuna and a salad beautiful just beautiful I was telling him that he really has this sensibility for cooking amazing and it’s weird because he he takes terrible pictures horrible videos and he should be a check anyway today we went walking for what two miles very angry I was very angry because I want to create better content but at the same time I’m not a person that creates content because I have to I’m stuck so we arrived to a few conclusions right because anger is good Nikko in a moment told me like are you gonna be happy yes of course I’m always happy but you have to let the anger be and just listen to your emotions and they say things you know but it’s fine to feel anger today I felt anger and it moved me you know it was like okay what am I gonna change and we change a few things right just because of that that has been exactly my problem people don’t get me they think I’m stupid then I say something a little bit deep eloquent and then I go out and burp and they think but he’s such an apple and then I say Apple which has to be beeped now and that’s what I’m not willing to give away that’s me you know I’m not perfect I’m not how chubby he’s getting look at this of course maybe he doesn’t stop eating hola could you turn of course he likes a little fun doesn’t save two girls fast all these Wookiees our love is so fast and baby looks at himself in the mirror Lydia starts laughing so this is a great basement in humans we have a tiny little slight bit of energy so where we are is at the gym what okay tomorrow you will do a so tomorrow we’re gonna do a little piece of this video where I show you what kind of exercises I do do you agree see we want she lets us she’s awesome hey your alpha she follows our blog too he’s super sweet okay they go let’s go you have to cook okay you have to push the camera go something like that transition into a transition to my boss hello humans good morning we finished coffee so I’m just drinking water this morning [Music] anyway I wanted to tell you that my grandpa passed two nights ago and I have to go to Italy again of course for the funeral and yeah I’m pretty sad about it but such as life what can you do you know I’ll leave tomorrow afternoon and I came back home and we’ll come back on Friday afternoon in the meantime I was watching the episode 10 and they didn’t film anything before coming to Italy and I’m like no so I need to push them somehow to film however you should how are you today bro very good yeah very good very good going training yeah just go for a very little time yes then do is gonna go to Spain we’re gonna stay here because viennese having a Monday morning but I will have Sunday and Monday off so we should plan something mm-hmm that is not that complicated with the baby but we can plan something oh you look like a girl he keeps rolling his ear over when he sleeps and it’s making because my placenta one with his ears was like bent he was born with a bent yeah so now we’re trying to fix it you have a bent ear I love the dress it’s amazing it sleeps it it looks like an angel or a star or a stingray dad talk Tina’s killer me see no no military no no no my gosh I’m a connoisseur sonrisa you have to suppose not always how I want to sleep so breakfast done shower done dressed up clean now I have to work on the computer a little bit we have a call right now with our marketing director we’re not I think that the office in Mexico has to eventually dissolve so we can create something without an office like everybody home office and if Tania has a small office of people that he really needs then he has that but we don’t have the office we don’t care about that I want people living their lives and being so happy that they live their lives like they almost feel they cheated this company you know like why am I being paid well because your productivity is not your ass on a chair you know so that’s a team and then in products my vision something someone’s knocking so goodbye someone knocked at the door EMU’s me tell them that thank you Sarah you have no idea how much judgment will go through this yeah yes you can help the planet and guess what I’m feeding my child and tap water is actually not that great for you in London so I recycle these bottles they are called plant bottle they’re made from recycled plastic I’m doing the best I can guys okay look that’s great that’s good okay oh good so like a wrapper it will be great at the football game this is very easy like the mother very picky with stuff like the mother right [Laughter] okay dig or listen what if we go we go Randy look look look look at Oh what if we go running under the rain what would you think I’m your girlfriend there wind by hand no no we instead of going to the gym no why don’t we do some cardio I’m going to I don’t need you burn more fat doing weights than running Thank You Forces and I’m saying I’m telling you it but I’m similar as you but how many times yes if you carry heavy do it at a certain speed and you eat well you lose weight fat is even better than me he doesn’t gain that much like me even visually you cannot does like you’re the middle between him and me and then the handsome then I got all the brains so as promised today we will show you step by step they work out that deal actually no I’m gonna break the camera so you cannot do that oh don’t break my phone break whatever you want but not my stuff hey that was smooth [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so what I’m gonna show you right now is not well done because I broke my foot right here and I have a metal plate and screws and I can go all the way down so I don’t have the best weight but you can do it better than me okay goodbye [Music] very very good you guys this is the best moment one of the best moments in life I think when your son sleeps on top of you and then you want to sleep also and both of them go into a beautiful siesta together Noah goes to sleep because he listens to his heart and have he goes to sleep because he has his boy on top and everything is perfect when you have your kid on top of you so life is perfect and I will go to my room alone and eat chocolate until I die hello humans just gave a coaching to someone in Mexico very interesting coaching and I’ve been doing questions and answers in my Instagram just because I thought it was interesting to see what people wanted to ask and one of the questions was really interesting and I want to talk to you about it it’s how do you know when you’re awake not like this not your eyes awake in your soul and you’re okay in the world and you know who you are how do you know it you know because you could say oh I’m awake I’m one of those humans oh look at them they’re so asleep over there look at them I believe it took me a few years to say I’m awake I really feel that my soul woke up and I know what I’m doing here in a way it took me a few years to say it because there was a lot of responsibility and I thought it was crazy to say I thought it was like arrogant to say I’m awake but no I think it’s a every time I say it I feel humble cuz I could go to sleep any time my consciousness could just fall asleep because my ego is there all of the time and I believe I know I’m awake because the almost all of my day I can observe what I’m feeling and thinking observe I can experiment the drama of life but I don’t associate that drama with Who I am the moment I can be here and now and I can feel love and I can feel complete there’s no separation between me and that building over there and those humans over there it’s it’s all one you know me and you it disappears the separation disappears when I’m awake and just talking about it out loud it makes me emotional because it’s it’s I feel grateful and I hope that in a way I can help others that are watching this vlog to feel the same you know we wanted to entertain people with this vlog because otherwise you wouldn’t watch it but I think in order to wake up you have to make peace without all that you feel and everything that happened to you and all that you are so the minute I made peace with everything the minute I was okay with what is with war with hunger with poverty with violence it’s in me you know it’s in you if you deny it their separation in you and I bet you’re not living in an amazing life in here the minute you accepted I don’t want to kill anybody I don’t want to go into a war I don’t want to do those things because I’m conscience about it and I know what it brings to my soul but I know I could do it you know it’s I know I’m a human like everybody else I stopped judging I stopped separating myself from everybody and here’s the thing I don’t see people that are asleep and go oh look at those no I see me I think that’s when you know you’re awake when you see a human whoever you can see a killer and you see yourself in them you don’t want him near you probably there’s a consequence in the world but you can see yourself in them there’s no judgment there’s no separation there’s no hate there’s no good or bad they’re just just is there’s love or the absence of love so being awake is being in love and I hope that helps goodbye human enjoy good [Music] okay humans here we are it’ll eat again with unfortunately we look rats and my sister but so happy to see my mom know you we’re here having a glass of wine for grandpa mr. MC grandpa it’s been a fundamental pillar for my growth and the person who I am today so if totally deserves this I love you I just finished my grandpa’s funeral I course didn’t film anything there it was in a church in front of the river in my town that my grandfather loved so much and it was beautiful and was very loving the space was all about love and the energy was very loving and positive and it was very amazing I cried a little bit and I hadn’t cried in a long time so it was quite impactful now we are at my grandpa’s house having a banquette with some wines and great food it’s Italian culture to do that [Music] so humans it’s a beautiful day in London we’re gonna talk in there and it’s close come on you go open it yes you know who’s that taking a Sun tanning session right now to your left oh just not to your left you idiot oh okay I only see the legs it’s John but it’s not nice to film famous people just like that but it’s weird because we find them and then we go like oh because we want to say hi but we never say hi to him because because it’s uncomfortable to say hi to someone that although he knows he’s famous he’s there alone doing his shit why going hello okay so we’re gonna give a coaching right now right here in this place beautiful place that’s the guy I’m gonna coach right now is coaching I hate that word it’s a philosophical talk we need to brand this correctly I hate this coaching thing because I’m not a coach I hate that but I can help people with their lives so I don’t know we need to change the name got me stressed because he wants to go out party Sarah wants to bar what I mean writing you use a social gathering oh oh you know what I want right now that I have it even in the wild no no fire energy of course I ordered ten books I will go to your my plan entirely yes but but I have two things to say first I really want to stay here and to get a peanut butter and jelly waffle that you bring me because you love me number two the timing right now it’s 5:16 I will not move I want to eat and eat my sugar that you’re gonna bring me until like at 7:00 the energy of the sugar comes out of my pores and we go to the gym then we take a shower by 9:00 9:30 we go out to your social gathering and then in the social gathering it ends at 10:00 so your plan doesn’t work with me to the social gathering or you just push yourself right now to follow me to the gym and you will love it the moment you touch the iron you guys try to give me my own medicine okay I’m gonna give my camera to Sarah and see what happens hello humans I’m just sitting here with this beautiful creature and he’s just doing a poo appearance thank you darling thank you so much good it’s better out there Dean right so just going to say hi they are waiting for javi to get home he just played this afternoon and he’s cool yes okay I will continue this later because right now this guy needs my attention no men’s coming back from winning the game that we draw 1-1 wasn’t a first start of the season in school and also that positive sensations result I feel very good I’m a little tired of course I’m hungry but yeah I’m very happy I think very good things are happening I’m very excited about everything inside and outside the beach I’m very fulfilled I’ve always said it probably a lot of people take it in a very like joking way but I love you convinced I love you you know is your superpower love is just is just giving I will keep posting most of our things now we have two days off we’re gonna stay here because next week you’re gonna have things to do so anyway we love you so much so so much I’m gonna see if they catch it done no because my first goal was dedicated to him first of many hopefully I love you humans be naked remember vulnerability that’s strength is not the opposite see ya he was having a dilemma right now he wants to go out with a girl but they’re going to the most expensive so she’s not the mother oh it’s just welded the second is whatever is some expensive sushi in London he’s angry because he’s nervous and he’s nervous because he doesn’t know if he can pay for them the salesperson you won’t impress him in the with the place yes okay Nico I have a solution you don’t even know what I’m saying but you already have a solution of course tell me you’re right look I really like you and I don’t have money but I am very organized in it I just want you to know we have a budget of 200 pounds which is a lot it’s weirdest document yeah it’s weird you know what’s weirder to go out with every go you means and have to pay and every girl I meet Tom Amy have you ever seen he goes out and says we love you so much yes so I am going out I am going to meet her I’m not gonna say a stupid job after 10 years I haven’t opted where the first thing I say hey it’s weird not gonna pay our be $200 and I did find a solution right now do you believe in human ability is getting that like a trending topic do it yes but with the energy I’m gonna tell you you have the opportunity to don’t lose time if you see that woman is worth it or not marvelous imperfect don’t take me wrong so I think you’re doing something that is gonna help other people to understand it in a very nice way you can say it you can say we are going to this place I’d love to see you we are it’s happening or when you have her in front of you I just want to say this before we start I have this amount of money I wish I could pay more today but I’m very organized in my month because you’re making I’m doing spin spin option JB say you get there and it’s just not fun you just take it as a loss it’s just the money’s gone awfully clicks that’s fine but if you get there and it’s really good and you’re talking you say I just like you know I don’t I don’t go to these places all the time and coming here I was excited to go on a date with you but it doesn’t say that the expectation is that every time they see each other they’re not gonna go eat the place it cost 400 pounds and it’s not matchy stuff Nick okay Sarah very clean explain to us why you were angry and what you did that because that’s a reason why you did I was meant to come with soft-serve vanilla a they come and say we soft serve in an ice cream it didn’t come camera speak to her number not to me to the camera look here so I called up and they said it’s not their problem into the delivery company trouble speak to the camera here yeah we’ll put a hashtag more than the waffle let’s do this be trending topic come on where’s Nico paying the check so this is how you eat a waffle close it you finish it good morning humans it’s Sunday and today we are going to eat we’re like barbecue stuff craving good morning do you like he’s ever got it I love it it’s amazing ready yep let’s go how are you hungry yes are you angry no hello are you grumpy no he’s very grumpy and I think you inherited that from him from due to negative you being pregnant I’m very tough now didn’t care if I eat I don’t eat Julie I’m only 18 to make the milk Spanish lessons say say hola como estas it’s the saying the last one that you see re la portion the idea say la portion the idea s Guinea and the sink when I think so I’m in Spain humans I came to see that Victoria is cold and I came to see Lucas she’s gonna play today and with this girl and some friends Gordon you know him so we’re here it’s a very nice City pais vasco the capital right and i don’t understand they don’t speak spanish humans they speak possible but it’s a nice place nice city small compared to LA we’re gonna look at this beautiful city so today I’ll show you Lucas is playing against new team and I came to okay so you got to know that javi is passionate about American culture and sports that sports or naturalistic week Rockets last two nights we’ve watched an American sport baby what would I go lights want me to meet southern French [Music] so the haters are gonna keep saying oh he’s not a toy yes it’s my toy talk to me – so what should have you think yeah he’s got even more we love them right even the haters we love them they need more love than everybody right Oh your armies tasty in the hot chicken sandwiches [Music] onions did you all read the battle oh I knew did you do you have an experience so last one he was the full of you last year I was in know before engines and I had a had a Caesar salad with croutons very strong garlic over the croutons what happened the answer really will you stop weeping or whatever before the man but let’s happen I just went in there only did it up I just knew that I would get sick if I left it in I knew straight away as soon as I you tasted it and you said yeah tried to vomit in the right away it’s worse than I have fresh garlic but you don’t choke the logic to sleep now starting to sleep five four three two so there’s a challenge he’s crazy guys one meet now bring my God my God can do it you can order a burger with sixteen patties if you eat it in five the less in less than five minutes you win and you have it for free did you see the burger heavy look you gotta look at this way in less than five minutes you could do it right done oh how was it done doable then tonight we’re gonna eat in the movies and then tomorrow I’m gonna fast the 24 hours ok ok vlog so we came back from the restaurant and he’s here with no I know what you belonged retaining him because we want his mother to sleep a nap she’s taking Ella and Diego is in Spain and yeah we’re gonna go see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood very soon I’m extremely excited actually the movie is based in 1969 in Hollywood and I have the perfect piece of clothing to put on for the movie check this out this leather jacket is no joke from there it is here 710 69 so I’m gonna go watch a movie with this everybody walking to see him play here we are arriving to the stadium very nice here because you walk everywhere and it’s very good quality of life [Music] they won that’s all I know it’s over let’s go eat again okay Chloe stammers maybe no I really really want to go home but didn’t so this kid right here he follows Lucas through every city in every game every place kid that’s a fan every city do their Wow okay drive safely they’re going to mother Eve in this piece of crap now I’m not a piece of crap is nice okay drive carefully okay too much action that’s very good nice more artistic more slow then we all expect and I love it I think like he said like hey guys like all the wall that you have your expectation expectations but I don’t care about them I’m gonna give you what I want to give you I let me be that but that’s what I think think about it okay humans I think that’s a sign off from London it’s Sunday so this episode is ending now here in the next one [Music]

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    Viva mexico cabrones

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    Sorry about your grandpa Nico, besos y abrazos y mi más sentido pésame. xoxo desde la CDMX

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