Hello and welcome to the Work Zone Watch
Franklin insider. I’m Melissa Reierson and we are here at Jim Warren Park where
there’s a lot of racket going on behind me, that’s because we’re on the new
tennis courts or soon-to-be new tennis courts and here to tell us all about it
is Lisa Clayton with our Parks Department. So what’s happening here? I
know a lot of people have been wanting to play tennis but obviously they can’t
right? Well you can’t right now but we are very excited because behind you is
eight new tennis courts going in, we’ve got concrete being laid today and you
see the base stone that’s here what we’ll listen these new courts feature
that the old courts didn’t have? Well, one of the first things to kind of tell
people and I don’t know that mainly the general public knows is the fact that
the courts that were here were over 30 years old and so I think they had their
lifespan very much so but what you’ll have here is you’ll have eight tennis
courts we’ve redone the the fencing that’s a little different that kind of
helps to make sure it’s more regulation and so that’s very important when you
have league play as well as recreation play. There won’t be any pickleball on
the courts but it does allow for us to begin to look at even hiring a tennis
pro because that’s one of the things that the citizens of Franklin do enjoy
is not just the exercise out here but actually having league play with the
tennis pro. So we’re hoping to do a grand opening by the end of September to the 1st
of October so to be fall and that allows for the courts to actually there is a
cure time with tennis courts and but it will be this calendar year that they
will be open. Very exciting and that’s really quick thank you so much and we’ll
keep you updated on this project and many more with the Franklin Insider Work
Zone Watch. We’ll see you next time!

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