– I have– – Balls to lower your home energy bill. (bell dings) (delicate music) – Hands down, one of
the most popular hacks I’ve ever featured, hi, Casey. – Hi, Matt. – I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey,
even though you already said hi to me, they probably
know who I am. (laughs) – They should know who you are because you’re an amazing part of this channel. You guys are amazing for watching. I find the lowest deals, lowest deals? Best deals? Best deals at the lowest
prices in the country, – There you go.
– All located right under this video screen. And what else, Casey? – You do awesome giveaways? – At the end of this video. And if you’re hearing a bit
more of an echo than usual, I apologize. We’re actually in my condo in
front of my washer and dryer. This is not a professional studio and the echo is horrendous
but don’t worry. Our next video will
hopefully be echo-free. – It’s worth it to have these
in the background, anyway. – It’s just a beautiful shot. And if you want to
decrease your drying time, if you wanna create
hot pockets, naturally, between your clothing and get rid of dryer sheets and chemicals
and even add a little bit of scented oil, or juggle. – Casey–
– Or juggle them. – And if you’ve ever used
tennis balls in the dryer, they’re great, they do create that effect where you are spending less time drying but they’re full of chemicals. They’re not great for the
interior of your dryer. These are soft. These are wool balls. What are they called, Casey? Woolzies. – Pardon? – Woolzies. – Wood-sies? – Woolzies! – Woolzies! – Casey has never used
this product before, so– – I haven’t, I’ve stuck to tennis balls in the past, actually. – Let me send you along now, just very quickly, to one
of our favorite mom testers, and a local student who
used this the last time I featured it, they’re
gonna explain why Casey can benefit from this product. – Can you catch this? – No. – You did it. – You are a hero mom of how many? – Three boys, four including my husband. – That makes you the real deal. And speaking of deals,
since I last featured this a year ago and you bought
it and it sold out, what’s the verdict? – Absolutely adore them. They cut my dry time down by half and my energy bill is down by 30%. – That’s a lot. So you are saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. – [Woman] Yes, and I wish
I would have had these when my kids were babies. – [Matt] There are many knock-offs, but these are the 100% original Woolzie balls, and they
really do make a difference. The balls in particular that we found come with an essential oil, which means you’re not only
expediting your laundry time but the hot pockets they create
in between your clothing, similar to the tennis ball effect, decrease drying time substantially. You can cut your energy cost up to 30%. And the essential oils
mean you do not need to spend any money on fabric
softener or other chemicals. This is a great way to go. – Hey, Matt. I started using Woolzie
balls last year in college. My RA told me about these to
save time and money on my wash ’cause no one has less money
than a college student. I’ve told my friends
and parents about them. I will never use anything
but these Woolzie balls. – Now, I found these at
the lowest reported prices. You will find similar deals on Amazon, but a lot of these items are knock-offs so I would suggest that if you
do want to grab these items, which are at a great price.
– Grab ’em! You wanna grab ’em like Matt just did. – You can grab them and they
come with the scented oils and if you don’t want the scented oils, you might actually be better off with one of the Amazon deals. But a lot of people love the oil. This is lavender. Do you wanna smell it? Go ahead, Casey.
– Ooh. – Tell them how it smells.
– Lavender is nice. – Now, Casey, tell us about
your laundry situation because I actually think that you’re, you perked up a little bit when
I discussed these benefits. – Oh wow. That’s good, I love lavender. Yeah, I did perk up. If I had these Woolzies,
got the name right, at school, I probably
would bring my laundry home way less and my mom would
be much happier with me. – And there’s a serious money saving for– – Yep.
– And again, I work with a lot of students. You don’t have a dryer in your unit, as many of our viewers or
subscribers might not have. And you have to use quarters. This will significantly
cut down on your quarters. If you’re in an apartment
building, the savings, just right off the bat, is awesome. Now one of the other
questions that a lot of people had pertains to sound. Is this audible, when these are just going ’round and ’round in your dryer? Good news–
– I know my tennis balls were so loud when I put
them in the dryer. (laughs) – Watch this, Casey. Anther thing I want to point out. I’ve had these now probably
about seven months. They are not falling apart. You can see these are definitely used and for the audio test, as I
just throw these in the dryer, this is gonna be a very
honest product test because there’s no clothing in the dryer so all you’re gonna hear,
the Woolzie balls and that’ll give you an idea of how
loud they really are not. All right. Let’s close this, hit. (dryer beeps) (dryer whirring) So quiet, way less
pounding than tennis balls. More effective, big fan. And now for my favorite part of the video, we are giving away two packs of these to two subscribers. – Woo, how many come in a pack? – Four plus the scents. – Wow. – Using TubeBuddy’s
random Pick A Winner tool to find two subscribers who’ve commented in the last six months, our
first congratulations goes to… Come on, where’s the name? Aaron D., you are awesome. Just email support[email protected] to claim your freebie. And our second winner for today is… Karlen, I’m so happy you like
the products I’ve shown you. Congratulations, you’ve won! – Woo! I’m just gonna juggle
two ’cause we all know that I can’t do three anymore, woo! – It’s a congratulatory
juggle with a dance. – Yeah!
– That’s actually really impressive the fact
that you’re able to go up and down and do that.
– It is quite. – You guys are great! Thank you so much for watching. If you wanna make sure you never miss any future juggling or any
other deals, very easy process. – If you wanna become subscribe
to this awesome channel that’ll save you so much
money, click on Matt’s head right here. (laughs) Why are you throwing balls at your head? – (laughs) I don’t
know, just looked funny. (laughter) And if you wanna make sure you never miss another deal and you are subscribed with your, no,
you already said that part. If you have your notifications turned on and you need help leaving a comment, just click up here. And if you wanna see
our last awesome deal, just click over here.

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