– Hi, I’m Natalie Martinez here with head women’s tennis
coach, Mark Beyers, who’s headed to Nashville this weekend to face No. 7 Stanford. Coach, with the season well underway, last weekend, you faced
reigning champions, No. 1 Vanderbilt and also No. 13 Miami. How did you feel about that, and how’s that kind of getting
you ready for Stanford? – Yeah, that was a kind
of a preseason tournament, and so we wanted to make sure that we had that kind of level of
competition under our belt to get ready for Stanford who’s
just as good as those teams. And hopefully, that’s
something where the girls won’t be intimidated
by a team like Stanford and be ready to go. – Talking about intimidation,
probably not being a factor as far as last weekend
facing Arkansas Pine Bluff. Did you kind of feel that same
vibe this week on the court? – Yeah, I think that they
kind of maybe looked ahead a little bit already at
the match with Stanford. We wanted to get a couple of matches in, just so they’ve kept score, but really it was one of those things where we kind of took care
of business pretty quickly, and we’re able to focus
our attention on Stanford. – Okay, so how about the two seniors focusing their attention
on this upcoming match, Arianne Hartono and also Mai El Kamash? Is there no match that’s too big for them? – No, they’ve played in this league, especially Mai, being a senior. She’s played in this league now. This is the fourth go-around for her. And so she’s played plenty
of the top 5, top 10 teams. Same with Ariana. She had a great freshman year, last year. Those guys have seen it all. They’ve been there. You’re more worried about some
of the freshman coming in, for them not having had as much exposure against top 10 teams,
but that’s why, again, those matches against Vanderbilt, Miami, and some of the teams
that we play in the fall. They’re able to see that
same kind of competition and what they’re going to face this weekend against Stanford. – Well, I wish you the
best of luck this week, and Coach, thank you. – Thank you very much.

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