[Both loudly grunting] Ever since Bianca Andreescu won the US Open my parents have been very into women’s tennis. It’s ruining my life. Honey can you bounce me a meatball? Sure. Fault! That was not a fault! It was out! That was in! Mayce was that in or out? I don’t care! I’m happy that Bianca won for Canada, but
sometimes I wish that Serena would have beaten her so that my life could go back to normal. Dale, would you like to serve dinner? I’d love to. It’s bad, but I guess it’s not as bad as after last
Winter Olympics when they got into curling. [Off camera] HURRY HARD. HURRY HARD! HARD HARD! I would just tell people they were having
sex. It was honestly less weird that way. [Off camera] HAARD! HURRY HARD! HURRY HARD! HARD HARD!

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “Women’s tennis has Canadians all riled up | 22 Minutes”

  1. Anyone that doubts if CBC is worth the $1.6 billion of our taxdollars just watch this and remove any doubt whatsoever. DEFUND CBC !!!

  2. Hey This Hour has 22 minutes. Why don't you do a spoof of Trudeau's latest press briefing in the airplane about his Blackface incident? Now that would be funny! It has comedy written all over it. But you guys are too afraid to do real political humour –the kind that is so honest and brutal, and hilarious, that it would cause the Liberals to lose the election. Can't wait for Max and the PPC to take over and truly lead our great nation –and defund the CBC who are nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the LIberals and the elites. Go Max go!

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