It was very hard fought. Matches
were close. The girls showed a lot of heart. It was a great team effort in
doubles and in singles. At the end the day they showed the composure that you
need in this type of situation. They didn’t let the two great seniors down
Claire and Lizzie, who deserve all the accolades today. We couldn’t be happier. It was Senior Day and we walked in to all these gift baskets and banners.
Our teammates made the day so great. My four years at Marist, I’m so
thankful for the experiences I’ve had and having Claire by my side too. It’s
been the two of us from the start always there for each other. It’s been so
special to end out our senior year as co-captains and doubles partners. The doubles point huge because then it takes a bit of the pressure off the singles.
You play three doubles for one point and that one point makes a big
difference. The wind was the hardest part. I think my opponent struggle a lot
more with it. She couldn’t really get her serve going. The only thing I was trying
to do was hit one more shot in than she was, just trying to
hit the ball in and be as confident as I could. We’re looking to keep our
positivity and energy going forward and make a name for ourselves in the
conference tournament.

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Dennis Veasley

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