I thought the girls played very hard.
Quinnipiac is the gold standard in the MAAC. They have tremendous depth. They have
very good players. We played as hard as we could to the matches. Went to match
tie breaks, so give them credit and hopefully we’ll see them again in the
MAAC tournament. The girls play hard. They fight, they are not intimidated. We won the doubles point. Played hard in singles, but it’s all about individual matchups,
and Quinnipiac was just a little bit better, and we had a very tough week at a
tough loss at Fairfield. Tough loss today, but the good thing is we have another match on Tuesday, Senior Day. We will be ready for Ryder and then we’ll take it
from there. I’d like to say thank you to the fan support and hope to see
everybody out for Senior Day, as we celebrate Sophie and Chloe after their
four wonderful years on the Marist Red Fox women’s tennis team.

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Dennis Veasley

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