Well, this was all about senior day. It
was a glorious day blue skies, sunny and the two seniors went out in style.
What a fitting ending that Sophie Moeller, the captain, comes back in a 10-point
match tiebreak from three down to win ten-eight and send everybody off happy
as the seniors had just a tremendous day. The girls did a great job giving
them a great send-off. Is tough to play four years and they both did. They should
be saluted for that. When we walked in today all of our teammates surprised us with a big banner, and balloons and they made like photo albums. They just
put in such a big effort and it really means a lot because me and
Soph have given so much to this team. It just really meant a lot to have
it all given back to us. The girls on the team made today so special for me and Chloe. They just put in so much effort to making sure that today was all about us.
Then also, to just come out here and pull out a win it’s a really great way
to end my college tennis career. At the end of the day they all played well. They ended a home season on a win. We ended up 4-2 in the conference, and we’ll see
who we play to go into the MAAC tournament, but a very nice way to end
the home season with a victory today against Rider.

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Dennis Veasley

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