What’s up guys, today I’m here to show
you about all the cool features in our WODFitters Duffle Bag. First of all
you’ve got the two straps to carry on top for a carrying handle and then also
you have the padded shoulder strap right for carrying your heavier loads and then
we’ve got a lot of compartments in our bag here so we’ve got the front
compartment just big enough for some space force and mobility tools like your
lacrosse balls alright we’ve got the inner pouch where you can store things
like your mobility bands your jump ropes resistance bands you’ve got plenty of
room inside and the cool thing about this bag is it also has two side
compartments that are big enough for a pair of shoes in each side so I’ve got
one pair on this side and then I’ve also got enough space on the other side for
after I leave the gym my everyday shoes so it’s got plenty of space tons of
compartments. Check it out now at WODFitters.com

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Dennis Veasley

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