Music playing as we see some of the tennis players preparing for a match. Music continues as players are warming up and looking out the window on a road trip. Music playing as the team is traveling down the road and getting out of the WIU van. Music plays as the video transitions into A New Beginning-of Leatherneck Tennis Music plays as players are seen warming up for a match. Music in the background as the new tennis coach, a former ATP Pro, is seen giving advice on serving to players. Music continues as Coach Washington speaks with a player and then is seen starting to serve the ball. Music picks up the beat as Coach Washington is seen playing tennis himself. Music continues as the Men’s Tennis team video speeds up to show the team in a huddle prior to the start of a match. Players are heard chanting “Who are we?” Leathernecks…before starting warm-up exercises. The team continues to warm up and gather their thoughts as music plays in the background. Players begin to play a match as music continues. Players continue to help each other up and transition into match preparation. Various players serve and return the volley as music plays. Players continue to hit the ball back and forth. A player grabs a drink while music plays. Several players grab a quick drink to cool off on a hot day as music plays. Players hit the court to begin more play as music continues in the background. WIU Men’s Tennis players continue to practice hitting the ball back and forth to each other as music plays. Players continue to practice their hits and returns as music plays. Players continue to play and react to their performance as music is heard. Music continues as players practice. Players exchange a high five and spin a racket as music plays. Ball is thrown into the air and hit as another player prepares to serve. Music playing. Player bounces ball and prepares to serve. Looking through the fence, another player is preparing to serve. Music continues. Players continue to hit the ball as music plays. Music continues as players hit back and forth. Camera then focuses on the press box showing Home of the Fighting Leathernecks while music plays. Players are seen running around the track as music plays. Players continue to run track as music plays. Then, a player is seen preparing on the court. Players continue to prepare for practice as music plays. Players hit the ball back and forth in practice as the music continues to play. Player is seen reflecting as 2013-2014 Leathernecks Men’s Tennis comes onto the screen with music in the background. Music ends as picture of 2013-2014 Leathernecks Men’s Tennis fades away.

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Dennis Veasley

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