– Hey guys, Scott and Nate
here from PlayYourCourt.com. Today we’re going to
show you how to win more matches with the rule of three. So guys, today a super simple video. We’re going to talk about something I like to call the rule of three, that just makes you play smarter tennis and win more matches. The rule of three is actually
really, really simple. The concept is put
three balls in the court and let your opponent
make a mistake before you try something super aggressive. – It can’t be that simple, can it? – It really is that simple. – It’s that simple. – I’ll tell you guys,
honestly, I am more of an aggressive player when I’m playing well, I’m hitting big serves,
I’m hitting bit forehands, but there’s definitely
certain types of players where I don’t need to hit
winners to win the point. If I can just be patient, if I can put a lot of balls in play, specifically three, they’re
going to beat themselves. I think you’ll find
really at all skill levels there’s definitely players where
if you put the ball in play enough times, your opponents
will do the damage for you and beat themselves. – Guys, I know this strategy
seems really simple, but it works. One of the biggest mistakes we make – – It works on Nate. I use it every week. – That’s not true. That’s just not true. Uh, occasionally it’s true. But, one of the issues is that in tennis we have a tendency to press and we’ve heard every major
athlete talk about it. Agassi talked about it in his book, about pressing was like the one thing that created losses in his tennis matches. What is pressing? A lot of times when we
go by rule of three we’re worrying just too much about what’s going to happen
on that fourth ball. Scott keeps three balls cross court and I’m just so anxious that he’s going to open up the court with this massive ball, I try to strike first. This thought pattern is
what creates these mistakes and I think we can agree
that it’s the unforced errors and forced errors that
create wins in matches, it’s certainly not winners. If Scott’s getting me to make more unforced errors by pressing, then he’s obviously
going to win the match. – Yeah guys, I can tell
you for players with a PlayYourCourt rating of 80 and below, nine times out of 10 the person who wins the match is actually just the person who didn’t beat themselves. So, this strategy does work. It really works well. Once you get up into that higher level where you’re playing at
like a PlayYourCourt 85, you know, up into 100
range or USTA 4.5 to 5.0, maybe you have to do a
little bit more damage. But, if you’re playing at the rec level use this rule. Put three balls in the court first, let your opponent have
three chances to miss before you try something crazy. – Alright guys, and make sure
to mix these patterns up. You don’t have to just go cross court. In fact, you can go right
down the middle of the court. One of my favorite patterns is something I call the battering ram. You’re going to knock
down the door, right? So, you’re hitting the ball nice and deep, you can afford to put
a little bit more pace and spin on it for the
low margin for error. And, what this does is creates a little bit of pressure on your opponent to create something, right? Remember what we said? We want them to press. And, we all know that there’s just not a whole lot of angle in
the middle of the court especially with a lot of depth. – For sure, and guys,
I know this might seem like rudimentary instruction, and it is. Just three balls in the court, a lot of times, especially
at the rec level, does enough damage. A lot of people will beat themselves if you just let them. So, if you can just put
three balls in the court. Next time you’re out
there playing some matches adopt this strategy, just try to get three ball in the court before
you try something aggressive. Ummmmmmmm, yes Nate? – What if I can’t get three
balls in the court, Scott? – Ah, that’s a great question. So, if you’re struggling with consistency, you can’t get three balls in the court, I don’t know, Nate, there’s something called the rule of, what is it? Four by four? – Four by four. We have the rule of three and now we have the rule of four by four. This is super easy. Everyone will remember this, okay? The four by four is aim
four feet above the net and four feet away from the lines. If we’re trying to build consistency, one of the main things we
want to do is make sure that we’re not playing too
close to the net or playing too close to the lines. – I love that. So, take out all of the risks, get the ball really high over the net, get the ball really
far away from the line. Eliminate all the risks
that cause you to miss, put three balls in the court, let your opponent stress out over trying to close the point out. In summary here, again,
simple instruction. The next time you’re playing put three balls in the court, let your opponent beat themselves. I think you’ll find a lot of them will. So, as you guys know,
here at PlayYourCourt Nate and I just want to see
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