they’re besties what does everyone hope you guys are
doing well that title is not a joke not a drill not clickbait we really are
giving away a Nintendo switch to one of you all you do is break one of these
four records well you are new here my name is Josh Horton this is Cassie every
single Wednesday on this channel we break or set some sort of world record
but on the first Wednesday of every month we try to set some achievable
world records for you guys to beep then we do a giveaway so in the past you guys
have had a lot of fun with this we’ve got a lot of entries but last month we
only got a few entries so thank you to the rayner’s and the Tucker’s for
sending in their videos but I think but part of the problem was was the prize
maybe wasn’t as cool last month so we’ve upped the prize a lot and we also want
to make sure that the records this month all have things that you can just find
in your house so the first of these four records is how many toothpicks can you
stick into a potato 98, 99 we don’t have a hundred toothpicks
we must have bought this in that exactly we used one I used one all right well
the record is now set at 99 so if you go buy a box of 100 and have a potato you
could break this record hold on now looks just like raisin yeah hold on
one second like it even has a nose and like space where the I would be okay guys look at the resemblance this is our
pet hedgehog raisin they’re besties oh they love each other so much or she’s
gonna eat them one or the other so that is record number one of four keep
watching for details on how to submit your record and how the whole contest
works record number two you’ve seen Josh balance things on his head but now it’s
my turn so I’ve got a pretty decent collection of books this is like a small
fraction of them but I’m going to try and balance them on my head I’ve got to
hold it for 10 seconds for it to count though 3 4 6 8 should we have to pay I’m
not gonna count this this book is only 91 pages let’s say the minimum is 100
pages I love that concentration face one Oh dragon got it
one two three four right on the computer time you did it Basti so the record
there is nine books on your head you have to hold them on your head for 10
seconds to qualify the balance and the books all have to be 10 pages or more 100 pages each and that’s it so those
are two of the four records we’re going to show you so far but real quick how to
enter the giveaway you’ll need to film yourself doing these records and then
post it to twitter or instagram with hashtag JJ off the record the JJ used to
Stanford Jake and Josh are IP right now it is juggling Josh or you can email us
at world-record Wednesdays at each submission whether that’s email or
posting it will give you one entry to the raffle for the Nintendo switch so if
you attempt all four records your chances of winning are much higher you
got a BS it’s true if you beat us and you post it or email us that is one
submission for the giveaway let’s get on to the third record record number three
is going to be kind of cups to all not kind of it is cup stacking but not like
the crazy cup stacker is I don’t know how to do any of that stuff
but it’s going to be the fastest time to stack fifteen plastic cups that can be
Solo cups the red cups whatever but 15 cups all the way up and then all the way
down like those cups actors do I guess it’s kind of like the cups back in
people time yourself and then stop this clock as soon as you get back to a stack
of 15 just like this Ready Set oh boy oh boy I’m not good at this
I’m not cups hacker but here we go well this is my legitimately first try
ever and stop twenty seven point nine nine are you laughing at me as if that’s
bad I’m sure that there’s a lot of like eight-year-olds out there that can beat
it but let’s see if you guys can break this record again this is not like a
world record this is just something that we are laying out as a record for the
community of the Josh Horton YouTube channel so send us a video and I will
leave one submission to the Nintendo switch giveaway okay apparently Cassie
thinks she could beat my twenty seven point nine nine so let’s see if cats can
beat it and then if she beats me and then you guys have to beat her for the
submission to count laughing at me giving me a hard time twenty seven point
nine nine all right here is Cassie’s uh attempt to beat me oh yeah you look a
little bit faster than me okay Oh having some trouble the spacing uh-oh
not so easy into Cassie I think those cups actors have stuff of
comes back and comes pretty sure is this satisfying it makes me want to be a cup
stacker Oh 25 point one seconds the fourth and final record is most 360s in
30 seconds with a water balloon your time will stop if you fall over or if
your water balloon pop back when I competed in the world championship of
juggling we would have 360 competitions so I don’t think it’s there if I set
this record so Cassie this one’s gonna be all you let’s see how many 360s you
can do with a water balloon in 30 seconds to 1 begin one record to beat is
one everybody good luck you one go one three two one go three two one go 1 go 1 2 3 4 4 s 4 that would be a
little bit higher than that maybe I should demonstrate but my record won’t
count all right so just like that right now
the record to beat is four set by Cassie so don’t do that
no I already got splashed with water and catch it what is that so anyway they’re
good beat is four and that’s your four records for today
so each of those attempts again if you submit a video on Instagram or Twitter
or email us each sub each time you beat one of those
records is one submission to win them to no switch we want to see your videos
guys this is a lot of fun we the goal for this video series is for you guys to
get outside to have fun to do stuff with your friends or your parents or whoever
so good luck and your video that is all we have you guys today thank
you so much I can’t wait to see your videos and I’m excited to give one of
you a Nintendo switch we’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday every
Saturday make sure you subscribe and to be a winner you have to be subscriber so
make sure you hit that subscribe button give this video a thumbs up you want to
see more videos like this we have instruments every single video here the
two for today follow Cassie and I Hear Of Horton and Jugglin Josh crew chants with
Instagram shoutout by juggling stuff at juggling warehouse comm and that’s all
for now let’s go to the beach

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