Hey all, Scott here! Happy Small Business Sunday! A while back, I started a non-profit charity organization, the Wii Play project, where I take in old abandoned Wii Play’s and give them a home. And I started to think, well, if I want to be a true non-profit charity organization, I gotta find a way to make a profit off of this! So welcome to the only business that specializes in selling Wii Play and very little else. (Scott’s phone rings) Guy over the phone: “You guys sell Wii Play?” Don’t even get me started! Wii Play, the game everybody has and if you don’t have it do you even exist? Really, honestly, literally, has anybody ever come over to a house and ask… “Why did you buy this?” Because, seriously? Why wouldn’t anybody buy Wii Play? Picture this; within the first couple months of the Wii’s release, people are falling in love with the pack-in game, Wii Sports. That title showed off how the motion control of the Wii remotes can make FAKE sports feel like REAL sports! And people who never picked up a video game prior wanted more of whatever the hell this was. They wanted more of the fun derived from this game, something simple, easy to understand, consistently replayable, enjoyable and preferably at no cost, they got this game for free with their system. What, they were expected to actually BUY more games? So they walk into Target and what do they see? A box called Wii Play, it came with a Wii Remote and some disc. Retailing for 50 bucks. That’s not bad. It was a standard price for Wii games, but when you see what Wii remotes by themselves retailed for… Yeah, why wouldn’t you buy this? You probably already wanted a second controller for your system, Why not pay 10 extra dollars and get a game too? It even looked similar to Wii Sports, that bowling thing grandpa likes. So, honestly buying this was a no-brainer for most people. This whole “bonus controller included” shtick is something Nintendo has done a few times since, usually with games priced 10 to 20 dollars more than a Wii Remote by itself. And I have no doubt it works wonders to boost a lot of these games sales. Wii Play is one of the best-selling games of all-time and weirdly enough, it’s not because of Pose Mii, it was because everybody who bought it did so by saying, “Ok.” Wii Play was never hailed as one of the Wii greats. It always got fairly mediocre reviews, and it’s understandable why. Now official Nintendo Magazine on the other hand, Jesus Christ. It’s a very simple minigame collection primarily here just to showcase what the Wii Remote can do much like what Wii Sports did. And that’s exactly what it was always intended to be. Shigeru Miyamoto led a team of developers creating various showcases for the Wii remote’s capabilities during the system’s development. These tech demos were then put into various different groups. The sports related games which became Wii Sports… And then the rest of them became Wii Play. There was a key difference between the two different types of tech demos. The Wii Sports games were very motion based, you’d swing the remote to swing the bat, swing the tennis racket, swing the golf club. The majority of the Wii Play games were based on the Wii Remote’s pointer. Shooting, table tennis rallies, games that literally just had you point and click at things. This wasn’t the full focus of Wii Play, rather, it was the primary one. There were a few games that slipped in there I’m sure they were like… “Well, I don’t know where else this would go.” A few games that were intended for Wii Play ended up being reworked for games like: Wii Music, Wii Fit, and later on, Nintendo land on the Wii U. At least one of these demos, the fishing game, was teased in the controller unveil trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2005, and then more of them were playable at E3 2006. Nintendo later announced these demos would be included in the game Wii Play, which was a launch title for the Wii in all territories, except here in North America where we got it in February 2007. Well, that’s one point America’s never gonna get back. It’s been a while since a human being’s played Wii Play, so I’m happy to check it out again. Wii Play. Do You? Is that a threat? Huh, at least they know why I bought this game. This title always perplexed me, literally any game released on the Wii could technically be titled Wii Play. They are all Wii games I can play. The title giving folks were really working overtime on this one. “Sh*t, just call it Wii Play.” They’re really taking a page out of the Eye Toy book. So this is the main screen of the game, we can physically harass our Mii, and check out each and every mini game Wii Play has to offer. You would originally have to unlock all the games by just playing the latest one made available to you, you’d play the first one and the next one would unlock, play that one, and the one after that unlocks, so on and so on. Now, this game deserves to be criticized as much as possible with a Metacritic score like this. So I’ll be rating each and every one of the mini games on my “Mini Game in Wii Play Four-Point scale.” Every other game I’ve scored with this thing has failed, so hopefully these mini games come out strong. Shooting Range was everybody’s first Wii Play experience and it’s a spiritual successor to Duck Hunt on the NES. But don’t get too excited, duck murder fans. You can murder ducks, but they just sporadically appear each round, and there is a clay pigeon section but… that’s as Duck Hunt as the new Duck Hunt gets. Shooting Range just goes through five phases with different targets to shoot at; balloons, actual targets, clay pigeons, cans and UFOs. The entire thing lasts about three minutes, so it’s all about just getting a high score. These Ducks are some serious points, but I will always love the can section. I always wondered what Wii tastes like. This is a short but sweet one, shooting is fun, but they could have put in more levels. Find Mii! I spent $250 on this system. This is a classic game of Where’s Waldo? but with various different Miis, sometimes they swim, other times they stand. And let me address this letter from the Find Mii fan community, sometimes the Miis are in space too, alright, there’s some variety. This was always a throwaway game in the package for me, It’s not bad, but it’s just not… Good. Table Tennis! Oh man, it’s gonna be just like Wii Sports tennis, but ping pong! No, it’s not! You don’t swing the remote. You don’t do anything except move the paddle left and right to keep a rally going. What’s the deal with the computer moving all around the place trying to mess up our
rally? We’re trying to keep a rally going. We have the same priorities, it gains nothing from that! Well, this is a super bare-bones game, It is somewhat addicting to try and have a high-score similar to Shooting Range, Even though, this alongside Find Mii are probably some of the least impressive things Nintendo’s ever developed. So far, Wii Play isn’t doing too much revolutionary with the pointing functionality of the Wii Remote outside of Mii abuse. Wii Sports. Yeah, game wouldn’t be as fun without the Wii Remote, the motion control makes that game. Wii Play, these games can be played with a computer mouse and they’d be virtually the exact same. That’s where Pose Mii comes in, a game that couldn’t be played with a computer mouse, because while it uses the pointer, it forces you to rotate it all around. You swap between different poses with the A and B buttons to fit them within the silhouette bubbles appearing all over the place. You gotta get as many poses as you can into them without having the bubbles reach to the bottom of the screen, and for God’s sake don’t look at the birds. They’re just a distraction. This was never a personal favorite of mine, it’s always something where I was worried somebody would notice me playing. Random Dude: IS THAT POSE MII?!?!?! Scott:SH*T! But it does get fairly difficult and intense as the game progresses, This one is just okay. Wii Play. Et vous? Est-ce une menace? Laser Hockey is what people in 1972 thought pong would look like in 2007. Oh, hey. It’s easy to compare this to Pong, but it’s basically just air hockey gone bad. I don’t like this one, I think I would have preferred controls like Table Tennis where you only move in two directions up and down. Yeah, that would have turned this big ripoff of Pong into a big fat one, but it would have been better. You can move all over the place on your side of the screen and… I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel impactful to hit this puck at all, like I rev back and smack it and I feel nothing. With all this freedom of movement I kind of expect the puck to react more dramatically. Everything just feels finicky and off about how this game controls. Limiting the movement or something might have made this one more playable. But as it stands, this was always the most frustrating one for me to play. I wouldn’t say this is my least favorite of the package though, Just like anything the human race has done, it has more value than Find Mii. And the concept is simple yet rock-solid, it’s definitely not great though. Now, Billiards is probably where a lot of people got their money’s worth out of this one. It’s a classic game of pool. You aim, pull back, shoot. Look at ’em go! I’ve always had a bit of trouble with the game reading me pulling the remote back and pushing forward to strike the ball, But other than that, it’s billiards. It’s basically the Wii Sports Golf of this collection, A nice and relaxing game you can play your own pace. Fishing is another relaxing game, I have a soft spot for this one, you lower a rod into a pond full of paper fish, and they totally want to eat a raw hook. These things always reminded me of the book, The Rainbow Fish, and that’s basically the main thing I will always remember about this game. It’s just a simple “go for the high-score” based thing, certain fish are labeled as bonuses for a brief period of time and if you grab those you get more points. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, and catching a Small Fry in Wii Play Fishing are the biggest f*ck yous Nintendo’s ever given me. Well, this is what the fishing game in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit should have been, it’s not crazy, but that’s a decent enough little minigame. Charge! The first game with an exclamation point. Nintendo, slow down. This is by far the most out of place game in the collection, you know, Billiards, Shooting Range, Ping Pong, riding a knitted cow down a path and running into scarecrows. This isn’t controlled with the pointer. No, no, no. This is controlled with the Wii Remote on its side, You tilt it forward and backward if you want to speed up or slow down, and jerk it up to jump. I feel like I’m truly riding a knitted cow… I liked this one back in the Wii Play days of my youth, but now this is easily the one I care the least about. I dunno, this one just doesn’t fall in line with the simple fun of the other games, It’s just, so out of place here. It’s not terrible or anything. It’s fine. It’s just not that fun for me to replay now, and it doesn’t fit in with all of this. Which is shocking considering it’s in a game so plainly titled Wii Play. I’d feel like anything would fit in this game, but… *deep breath* No. If they made a mini-game compilation called “Wii Knitted Cow Rider” and include this one, come back to me and maybe my opinion will change. Tanks! Aw, geez. They really went above and beyond with the exclamation points near the end here. This is what Wii Play was all about, Tanks is the most fleshed out and “game-y” game of the whole collection. You just have to traverse this map and destroy all the enemy tanks. It’s a full-blown copy of Combat on the Atari 2600. But who cares? It’s fun. You “can” use the Wii Remote alone instead of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, but I don’t associate with those people. This game, I always play with a Nunchuk. You move with the stick, aim with the pointer. It’s perfect. You can even drop mines. You can’t do that in Find Mii. Easily the best game in the collection. Wii Play. ¿Y tu? ¿Es eso una amenaza? We can play each game in multiplayer, which, hey, with all games requiring only one Wii Remote per player, this is one of those multiplayer games you can gracefully play all by yourself. You can also try to nab a high enough score to obtain a medal, And… That’s Wii Play! For a game consistently blasted back in the day, and almost never talked about now, I still think it’s decently fun. It does it’s job. It was made to show what you can do with the Wii Pointer, and they made one of the best decisions ever bundling it in with a Wii Remote, because who would buy this by itself? None of the games included truly captured the same magic of Wii Sports, A lot of them can be seen as too simple or just plain boring, but I will always defend this game. I think it’s a fun “arcade-y” collection of simple pick up and play games, the fact that it came with a Wii Remote and was really only $10 should always be considered when talking about this game. It’s not good enough to stand on its own, but as a bonus game you got with a controller, Hell yeah, it’s worth it! Tanks! and Billiards alone made it worthwhile, and with games like Shooting Range, Pose Mii, Fishing, even Charge!, there’s some fun to be had. Now the sequel Wii Play Motion. Yeah, that’s another story for another day. But the fact that Wii Play is decently fun to play means my Wii Play re-selling business will never die out! “Not to be sold separately?”… Sh*t, the jig is up! Subtitles By: TheBargainBinGamer and a friendly stranger

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100 thoughts on “Wii Play | Eh, Why Not? – Scott The Woz”

  1. “Wii Play, 당신은?”
    Scott: “이것이 위협입니까?”

    (If only the back of the box actually had Korean on it…)

  2. I actually bought this pre-owned at GameStop for 5 bucks just because I saw this video. Also to have another Wii game (the other one I have is LEGO Star Wars 3) I have a Wii U

  3. Took my niece to our local game store not GameStop lol she picked this game no regrets especially for $1.00 well worth it. But these Wii remote prices are disrespectful.

  4. i personally got it at my neighbours yard sale and they said i could have it for free because they really didn’t want it

  5. Hey dude i just played wii play earlier with my grandma and had a blast, also i played mario kart wii and mkwii is fucking balls hard

  6. The question I have is: does he really own all those copies of Wii Play? Or did he just reprint the cover multiple times and used empty cases?

  7. I think the main issue with this game is that it's too tech-demo-ey not to be included with the Wii. And it wasn't in NA.

  8. Hey man, don’t mock Wii Play. I love Wii Play. I mean sure, most of the games are only alright. But it was an amazing price, and the sheer amount fun hours that the fishing minigame has brought me.

    The tank minigame was good too, but THE FISHING MINIGAME is amazing! I don’t even think it’s nostalgia, I reply it every few weeks and do a few rounds against a friend, and it’s always amazing fun. Especially the victory music.

    I must say though that the snooker and pong mini games control awfully, the wiimotes just seem to lock up and it’s damn near impossible to play sometimes.

  9. The thing was I didnt buy it my cousin put the homebrew channel in it. I got wii play along with DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Mario Kart wii and donkey knog. Oh and a emulator for Mario 64.

  10. I UNSUBSCRIBED BECAUSE OF THIS DUMB FAKE HUMOR THING THAT MAKES CHANNELS EXPLODE FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN LIKE “Oh yeah, gingivitis, am I right?” OR “Oh yeah, my video ended suddenly and I got thousands of likes from it, yeah, I’m like the coolest person ever ghrhsrshgyiffehgdh” STOP USING IT OR ELSR I’M REPORTING YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE I’VE SEEN USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Final words – BAN, FAKE HUMOR, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wii play was always one of those games that I saw in the store and then just went "eh" and started looking at literally any Wii game that wasn't a party game, my family only ever had 2 Wii motes and I was usually the only one who would play it because I bought Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy and nobody else in my family gave a shit about them, when my family would play the Wii together it was always either Wii Bowling or Mario Kart, my parents bought the only Wii Games they would every play the day they bought the system.

  12. My grandma loved the cow game. She always get the highest score. She grew up in a farm on her youth that's why she loved it.

  13. ive never owned a copy of WiiPlay, and yes, i had a wii, and yes, my parents bought more controllers and completely disregarded wiiplay's existence. i dont blame them

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