Drills where we catch the ball with two hands
on smaller object. See some things things here in a gym or it’s raining or some things, you have to be able to have some time.
You get some buckets of tennis balls, have one empty & one full.
As the ball comes off the wall, he has to catch the ball, adjust to it off of it. You can throw the
ball where it has to be low-right, high-left, middle right, dead center, low-ball, high-ball, any way you want it off the wall here. You can get multiple
guys throwing rapid-fire, one after the other. Here we’re working
a tennis ball machine, just shooting the ball to them. Working different catches as we say
low, high, turn, right, left, back hip, back shoulder,
underneath, different ways, any way he can be in
position catching the ball, just getting the hand-eye coordination, getting your hands
around the ball right here, Being able to catch it at various spots. It’s good to get a bunch of catches in here in a short amount of time. We have 2
or 3 ball machines that we use. Tennis ball machines are a very inexpensive way to get a lot of catches
in a very short period of time. Kids enjoy doing it and we also
have our ball machine going at the same time, have a little rotation as we go through. Like I said, they enjoy doing it in between the
legs and just hand-eye coordination again following the ball. A little trickery there but kids enjoy
doing it, learning how to find different ways to get it.

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Dennis Veasley

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