Maybe I’ll just wait over here What’s up guys, we are Pongfinity We are back with another episode of challenge Pongfinity Our special guest today is Keisha She’s not very good at tricks but she’s here just to show her pretty face This video is sponsored by Raycon whose wireless earbuds we’ll talk more about later on Okay so is it possible to play with a
needle Needle was quite on point there but not
enough Dropshot, smash You can really feel that something has struck the ball You wont expect this.. Had a bit of a rush there This is my way to do it Okay what’s happening? Lets try playing on Otto’s shoulders Let’s go! For once you don’t have to worry about
footwork Someone else is doing it for you! We are unbeatable! Where’s the footwork Otto! Maybe I should be the one below Yeah you should So for the next challenge we need a target The one who spins a different colour rubber, loses No! I knew it! I get to eat some bubble gum so I guess I’m the real winner here! Not bad! We have to do slight modifications to the net Just put it like this Bit of an operation There it is! Thats pretty good! I’m surprised that we got it so well Looks quite good! This is some creative video shooting Maybe I’ll just wait over here That was a roller! The table is suitable for around the nets I’m sure you didn’t expect that Found the technique now Apparently yeah Raycon is a wireless audio technology brand whose earbuds start at about half the price of other premium wireless earbud brands The audio quality is great! And are also perfect for practicing This is the latest model, E 25 with six hours playtime It also comes with a handy charging case It’s also suitable for around the nets! So go to to get 15% off your order Brought to you by Raycon Big thanks to sponsoring this video! Thank you Keisha you’ve been a great help today Don’t forget to hit subscribe and watch our previous videos. Until next time! Keisha you’re supposed to say until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Wide Ping Pong”

  1. "I guess I'm the real winner here!" 😂🤣
    P.S. If we hit 1M subs this week, who wants to see Stereotypes 3 next Monday? 🤗

  2. Challenge: Play table tennis with a 'darth maul' paddle configuration.

    This means attach some sort of pole with two paddles at each end.

  3. Due an intro were you speak backwards, but then when editing video reverse the clip so that it sounds like you’re talking normal

  4. You should make a lumpy paddle, so it will make the ball move randomly when hit. You could add the weird bouncy ball to the mix

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