I love the sport because it shows me that
the only way I can win is by my own ability and my own strength and I love that about
tennis. I love tennis because it’s a sport that I’ve
played over the years and I think that it’s something that I’ve become really good and
I think I have a talent for it so that makes it a lot more easier to come out here and
work hard every day and I think it’s a challenging sport so I always have to be on the ball of
my feet thinking. I started playing tennis when I was about
seven or eight years old. I was originally a swimmer but kinda lost my love for it and
so I started playing tennis and just fell in love with the competing and the training
and I’ve been playing ever since. I first started playing tennis when I was
six years old and and I really fell in love with just the competitive spirit. It was a
game that me and my whole family could play together so we just would go out on the courts
and practice and I just fell in love because we could all compete as a family.

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Dennis Veasley

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