We always talk about gently worn, used,
and new shoes, but what does it mean? And why does it matter? In this video, we’re
going to break down the do’s and don’ts of creating a quality shoe collection. Hi, I’m Kristy with Funds2Orgs and I’m Eric, hello. Now it’s very important to
remember that quality shoes that are gathered during a shoe drive fundraiser, it’s
extremely important donors must remember that the shoes they’re gathering aren’t just
to raise money for their cause, but they’re also being used to help our
micro-enterprise partners overseas help lift their families out of poverty. The
way they do this is by selling the shoes you collect in their market stalls,
villages, and even on their front stoops. So, quality is very important. (Quality is
key) So, here’s what we mean by gently worn, used, and new shoes and also what you
should not allow to be collected. So, obviously new shoes are easy, new shoes
are new. They just came out of the box, they haven’t been worn, they’re something that somebody
purchased specifically to donate to your cause, but what does “gently used” mean? So, taking a look at these gently worn sneakers, you can tell the tread is still
intact. There’s light wear on the soles and if you look at the tips of the shoes
there’s no holes in the toes and the top of the foot is still intact.
These are really good gently worn shoes. No holes places, laces still in tact,
everything’s good. Now these second pair of shoes are also really good for being
gently worn. You can tell there’s like very little peeling on the toe, the
heels and the bottoms look nice. They’re a little bit worn but they can
be cleaned very easily. There’s very little wear on the top of the shoe, it’s
not peeling on the heel or the toe and there’s a little bit of wear in the back
but it’s only a little. And if you can tell, looking inside, this shoe there’s
very light wear there: no deep holes or anything. This can be easily cleaned.
So it’s pretty easy, worn shoes are just that: they’re lightly worn, not a lot of
big holes, nothing is coming apart but what do bad shoes look like? These shoes as you can tell, the heel
is almost completely wearing away. You can tell this guy wore these shoes.
There’s holes in the side, the plastic and the seams are coming off. These are
not something you would look at a store and say, “I want these to wear to work.”
Bottom is peeling, the glue is not good. These are not good shoes, these are
heavily worn. Here is an example of what bad shoes look like. These
shoes are totally coming apart, the sole is not attached, our
micro-entrepreneurs would not be able to resell this in their village to their
local community. These have absolutely no wear in them. We hope these videos give you a little bit of insight into what “good” and “bad” shoes look like, the “do’s” and “don’ts,” and
to further help you besides this video, we do have an awesome
downloadable document on our website called “Creating a Quality Shoe
Collection.” We’ll put a link down below as well
but this packet is great, you can definitely hand it out to your
volunteers and other people participating in your shoe drive. It has
do’s and dont’s and a little bit more information and guess what? It’s FREE. (We love free stuff) So that is available
on our website for free download. Now, if you do enjoy this video, make sure you
give us a like, share, and subscribe. Follow us here on YouTube as well as
over on Facebook. And until next time, I’m Kristy and I’m
Eric. We’ll see you again soon, bye!

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