Morning has come at the five siblings’ Jeju house. (It’s quiet.) (Where are Donggook and Sian?) (Powerful) Sian is energetic from the early morning. Donggook’s too tall for his bed – that his feet are sticking out. / – It’s morning. – Is it? / – Yes. Get up. – Get up already. / – Okay. (They look exactly the same.) He’s grown a lot. – He brushes his teeth on his own. / – He’s a big boy. (He washes his face) (lightly with just water.) (He applies lotion.) You did that too softly. Let me do it for you. (Tapping) (Donggook is always so playful.) Do you want to do it on my face? (Slapping) (Sian’s gotten more powerful.) You’re powerful now. I brought four T-shirts. (They change into matching T-shirts.) He’s getting undressed like he did last week. (I’m muscular like Dad.) I can put it on by myself. (Sian is all grown up.) – He can wear it on his own. / – He certainly can. He’s truly a big boy now. (Let’s start our day.) Aren’t you hungry, Sian? I am hungry. – Do you know what this is? / – Yes. I’ve always wanted to do this. While pressing it down, turn it. – Like this. / – Okay. Make orange juice using that, okay? I’ll go get some food. – Okay. / – I’ll be quick. Okay. (Pressing) (His face shows that he’s doing his best.) Goodness. (Let me taste it.) (Satisfied) It’s tasty. (Proud) (Rattling) What was that? – Isn’t that a dol hareubang? / – Is he… (Welcome, Sian.) Did dol hareubang always have such scary eyes? Why is that there? Why did it move? (The hareubang is the gatekeeper of the Jeju house.) (You will give birth to a son if you touch its nose.) (I’m going to touch the nose.) (What did you say?) (I want a little brother.) (Having another kid will be too hard.) When they got home yesterday, – it was by the entrance. / – Right, it was. The statue couldn’t have moved on its own. What happened? Why is this here? It was over there yesterday. Perhaps Dad moved it. – No, it’s very heavy. / – It can’t move it on its own. (He reaches out.) (This is my chance!) He touched the nose. – He touched it. / – Will he get a little brother? I want two kids. (He wants twin brothers.) (Oh, right. I’m supposed to make orange juice.) Is he home? (Moving) Oh, gosh. What was that? Seriously! (What?) (Why does it feel like it keeps moving?) Okay, it worked. (We knew it.) (It’s Donggook in a dol hareubang suit.) – It was Donggook. / – Donggook. He can’t do anything without the costume. (I am Dol Hareubang Man.) Goodness. (He has a tough task ahead.) I’ve been an alien, a bear, and now a dol hareubang. Donggook has worn all sorts of costumes – just to surprise Sian. / – Right. He never pulls a single prank half-heartedly. He’s the ultimate master of pranks. I’m scared. I’m scared. (He runs away.) – Look at him covered in sweat. / – It’s hot inside. He’s sweating. (Donggook moves secretly.) (Knocking) Is someone inside? Dol hareubang. (Knocking) Dol hareubang. (He makes sure Sian can’t hear him breathe.) (It doesn’t move.) (What?) What’s that? It’s a baby dol hareubang. It gave me a little brother. So touching the nose makes the dol hareubang give birth to a baby. – It made two babies. / – Two? This one is green. (This is the moment.) (Look at that.) You little… Hey! Don’t run away. – Ta-da! / – Ta-da! Hey, help. His sisters are here, but he’s engrossed in the statue. (Sian, we are here.) (Guys, take Sian away.) Let’s go inside. – Come here. / – Okay. Okay. Go inside. (Jaea is quick-witted.) Jaea, this is so hard. What is this? Why must you go this far? Give me a moment. Wait, wait. Gosh, look at what that legend of K-league is doing. (He’s drenched in sweat.) Fooling Sian is so hard. Why must you do this, Dad? I wonder why too. He seems to have bought it. He did, right? (Nodding) – Mr. Dol Hareubang gave them to me. / – It’s so cute. – How did he give these to you? / – He ran – and did this. / – I don’t think he noticed. – It suddenly came out. / – He hasn’t. Sian has made orange juice. He’s drenched in sweat. (Sian looks doubtful.) The dol hareubang ran and moved. Did it? It’s so heavy, though. Hey, you’re lying. I’m not. (Actually, Sian…) (This is suspicious.) (He pretended not to notice and looked away.) (Donggook is unaware that Sian was watching.) Oh, Sian saw him. He pretended he didn’t notice it. (Donggook had fallen into his own trap.) He noticed it. Of course. Sian is a big boy now. He’s been through this so many times. How did they appear? Did you find those yourself – or did someone give them to you? / – No! – Did it really give them to you? / – Yes. Wow, your dream came true. (Let’s say the master of pranks pulled it off.) The second day of the Jeju Island trip. Where will they go this time? The five siblings are here. They have come to a tennis court. Dad, let’s play. A revenge match. So this was it. This is where you wanted to go with me. (A revenge tennis match between Donggook and Jaea) After I lost to you last time, I’ve always wanted to take revenge. You want revenge? Fine. Let’s see how much you’ve improved. Jaea wants to have a revenge match against Donggook. Four years ago, when she was nine years old, she had a tennis match with Donggook. Right, I remember that time. She cried so much after losing to Donggook. – She bawled her eyes out. / – Why are you crying? She’s very competitive as well. She was so upset. Why are you crying? Come here. If I don’t get back at you here, I won’t be able to get over it. I’ll see. – I’m on Dad’s side. / – What? – I’m on Jaea’s side. / – I’m on Dad’s side. I’ll take both sides. Let’s warm up for about – 15 minutes then start. / – I’m on Dad’s side. Let’s warm up. Sian, who do you think will win? Both of them. I think they’ll draw. – He thinks they will draw. / – They will draw. How many points should we go for? – Ten points. / – Ten? Okay. – Hello. / – Hello. – You can’t eat if you lose. / – It’s tense. – Does it start now? / – Yes. “The world of competition is cold.” Dad, Lee Donggook. “I’ve been waiting for this moment.” Daughter, Lee Jaea. Their revenge match after four years begins now. (Donggook serves.) It starts now. (Let’s start now.) (That’s lame.) It was a practice. Hear that? It was a practice. I haven’t practiced my serves. – She’s letting him off. / – Did she just let him off? Here comes the serve. (Forget the nine-year-old Jaea.) (Her swing has become so much more powerful.) (Did Jaea make a mistake?) Come on. (He’s so happy as if he’s scored the final point.) He looks so happy. Shouldn’t he let that slide too? (Why is Jaea smiling?) Why is he so exhilarated after scoring one point? (Dad, the real deal begins now.) Look at her eyes. (The ball shoots through like a bullet.) – No! / – Right, he can’t receive that. (There is no mercy anymore.) He can’t receive it. He can’t. (It’s too hard to receive.) The ball has gotten really heavy. Sian, what’s the score? It’s five to two. You’re two. That was too loud. (Jaea’s fierce attacks begin again.) (She has improved significantly over the four years.) – Is this the same Jaea? / – I’m no match for her. – Isn’t it nearly over? / – Match point. (It’s nine to three, match point.) (The last rally is neck-and-neck as it’s match point.) It went over. (Who is the winner of this match?) – Finish it off. / – Finish it. Gosh, I’m frustrated. – Game over. / – Gosh. (It’s Jaea’s perfect victory.) Dad, Jaea won. (Good job, Dad.) Jaea, you’ve improved a lot. Are you happy you defeated me? – Dad. / – What? Cry all you want now. It’s much better to cry now than to cry later. I think I’ve heard that before. – It’s better to cry now. / – That’s what he said. (It’s the inspiring comment Donggook made for Jaea.) It’ll be nothing compared to crying later. So cry all you want now. There will be some days I’ll have to cry. Imagine what your future will be like. Let’s say you won the final match at Wimbledon. Then you’ll have an interview. You won first place in the Wimbledon Championship. How do you feel? (Flustered) – Look. Cut. / – This is hard. You never imagined it, did you? I don’t know what to say. A sportsperson must always be dignified and talk confidently in front of the camera. Wouldn’t you be happy if you won? Everyone came to cheer you on. So we acquired an interview Donggook did in his youth. You scored your first goal today. How do you feel? (He’s answering with his face.) I just kicked it in at that moment. It went in, so I’m happy. I’ll have to work harder now. Jaea, when you got up then, you ended it by saying, “I can do it”, right? This is like deja vu. Come here. – I can do it! / – Again. I did it! (You can make anything come true if you don’t give up.) I can do it! (We can all do it.) The Return of Superman episode 298. “When I’m With You, I Can Do It.” (Sian’s handwriting) I don’t think you’ll be able to ride it. Ride what? What Seola and Sua rode on. – The one that goes high up? / – Yes. The one that goes up into the sky. Two years ago, when Seola and Sua were five years old, they successfully tried parasailing. I can do it! Sian, you can try it in a year, okay? (Sian will ride it when he’s older.) – I can do it. / – Good job. Look. They’re all cheering for you. (Good luck, Sian.) I can do it! Okay. I’m brave! Let’s go! You can ride it, right? Parasailing is a ride that uses wind, so you could fall into the water. Gosh. (Don’t be startled even if you fall in the water.) – They can fall? / – Okay. It’s okay even if we fall since you’re a good swimmer. I won’t be able to rescue you. I’m a good swimmer. (The boat is speeding.) Gosh, that boat… (The boat is speeding.) The ride looks rough. (Relaxed) (Sian is anxious.) It’s going too fast. We can do it here. Why did they drive out so far? I’m scared. I don’t want to ride it. That must feel scary. They went out too far out. You’ll ride with me. It’s okay. Sian, ever since you were a baby, you’d say “I can do it” over and over again. It’s that mindset that allowed you to do everything. (“I can do it.”) That’s right. Sian said it often like a habit. – That’s right. / – I can do it. It’s what we think of when we think about Sian. (Every moment he screamed “I can do it…”) – Saying that gave him strength. / – That’s right. His dad was always there for him. (Although Sian faced frustration and grief at times,) (Donggook trusted him and cheered him on.) Goal! (He can do anything when he’s with his dad.) You should say, “I can do anything”. I can do anything! That’s right. (The parachute is being spread out.) – Look. / – That’s scarier than you’d think. You two can go up together. – Do we go up now? / – Yes. Let’s go, Sian. Okay, Sian. Let’s go. (Sian will challenge himself to something meaningful.) – I want to do it with you. / – Yes, I’m here. We’ll do it together. – Here. / – Come here. (He’s a little scared since it’s his first try.) He’s still willing to try. (I won’t give up.) It’s a swing. It’s a swing. – Please go easy on us. / – You’re going up now. Keep your legs straight. Are you ready? (Will Sian be able to do it?) Okay. Sian, you can do it. I bet he’s so scared inside. – It’s going up, it’s going up! / – Okay, lean on me. – Sian, lean on me. / – Gosh. Sian, look ahead. – Look. / – It’s a success. Amazing, Sian. You did it. Now that I’m doing it, it’s not scary at all. That’s why you need not be scared before trying it. – Okay. / – Good. How does it feel to fly? It’s nice. How do you feel? It feels like I can hear the ocean. – Doesn’t it sound nice? / – It does. There’s nothing you can’t do, Sian. (There’s nothing you can’t do.) I’ll always be behind you no matter what you do so I can protect you. I’m right behind you. Give me a kiss. (Kissing) Thank you, Dad! I love you! (I love you.)

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