So over the last few years, I have had a remarkable transformation myself from being a huge advocate of a paleo diet during my medical residency back in 2012 to now going the complete opposite direction and being a passionate whole food plant-based advocate since 2014. And the background behind this is that, unfortunately, in seven years of training, four years of medical school and three years of residency, hopefully this will change one day, but I did not receive a lot of education or classwork on nutrition. In fact, during four years of medical school, I would put it at zero. Zero hours. And so you’re just essentially left to learn whatever you do from the media or outside. And around 2012 my older brother Jonathan, he had adopted a paleo diet, and had been losing some weight with it, and I very much became spellbound by the idea that carbs are bad and that you have to cut all carbs out of your diet in order to lose weight and get healthy. And so my dad, my brother, myself, an average breakfast was eggs, sausage, ham, avocado, basically high fat, low carb. And I’m embarrassed to say I even recommended this to some of my patients. In fact, I had a diabetic patient who was on insulin, and I remember staying late after clinic trying to be a good doctor and sitting down with him for about 45 minutes to an hour counseling him on getting rid of all the carbs out of his diet and eating a high-animal-protein, high-fat diet in order to cut back on his insulin requirement. That was basically the the extreme to which it went. Fortunately, in 2014, in the summer of 2014–this was after I had finished residency–I was watching television, and I switched on to PBS. And on my screen came Dr. Joel Fuhrman. And Dr. Fuhrman was making these absolutely outrageous claims about the power of something called a whole food plant-based diet– I had never heard those four words before–about the power of a whole food plant-based diet to not just prevent but actually reverse chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, And at the time it seemed totally ludicrous to me because I just was not used to hearing about the ability to reverse these. My way of thinking is that our goal is to manage them as best we can. But it warranted further investigation. And so as I do in all things in life, I basically just dove head first. And I still remember that night I watched Forks over Knives. And after that, I was so impressed by it that I poked around Netflix, and then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which is the Joe Cross film of his Incredible transformation. And by about 4 a.m. that day, I was a convert. I had never seen or heard anything like it. Shortly thereafter, about a month thereafter, I went to the International Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in San Diego and had the opportunity to hear from the likes of Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Barnard and Dr. McDougall, all these sort of titans and pioneers in the movement, and essentially, with each day that has passed since 2014, my conviction in a whole food plant-based diet as the key to health for our nation, our world has only grown stronger and stronger. And I know that I’m realizing I’m never going to look back. This is it. This is the truth. And my mission in life is to spread this simple truth as far and wide as possible to all the corners of the globe. And I think that’s– or I believe that’s what I’ll be spending the rest of my life doing. The biggest surprise for me in observing my patients who have adopted a whole food plant-based diet is that they have actually been able to not just control or manage, but reverse their chronic illness while coming off their medications. And that’s just radical and revolutionary because when I was in med school in residency, the predominant mantra was management of chronic illness no matter how many medications it took. If I had a new patient come in with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, if I could get good blood glucose control, good cholesterol control, and good blood pressure with the aid of medications such as Metformin, Glipizide, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorothiazide, and Lipitor for their cholesterol, I was considered a good doctor. And now what I’m seeing is that these same patients who come in on all these medications are able to get rid of all of them just by changing what they put at the end of their fork with better control than when they were on the medications in the first place. That’s, to me, just radical, revolutionary, and shocking. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on how much better they feel in terms of their whatever symptoms they came in struggling with, whether it was bowel issues, headaches, fatigue, low energy, bad breath, you name it. Everything seems to go in the right direction. I just gave a talk at PCRM on breaking through the weight loss plateau, and one of the patients that I shared during the presentation is Robert, who in 2014 weighed 298 pounds, had blood pressure in the 140s over 90s, and was taking multiple medications, including an antidepressant, an inhaler for his asthma, a powerful blood pressure medication called Norvasc, and a cholesterol-lowering medication. And he was very sedentary, not moving around very much. Well, he went to a wedding, and saw the pictures that came back from the wedding, and said, “You know what? I’ve had it.” And at this point he had tried many diets. He had tried Medifast. He had tried Atkins. He tried the juice diet. He would always get these short-term results, and ultimately, a few months later, put back on the weight. But when he saw the pictures from this wedding he decided, “You know what? I’ve had it. I can’t do this anymore.” And he learned about a whole food plant-based diet, and he went all in. He did not hold back. He didn’t sort of dip his toes in the water. He jumped in head first. And I had the privilege of seeing him in 2016 at True North, and I took a picture of him that I showed in my presentation of him weighing 173 pounds now, down from 298 pounds. He looks like a completely different person. His blood pressure is in the 110s over 70s. But most notable of all, he’s off every single one of his medications. He’s off his blood pressure lowering medications, his cholesterol medication. He’s off his antidepressant. And he’s off of his asthma inhaler. And when I took the picture of him, he was just about to go for his 5 mile run that he does every day. He’s just one example of the kind of patient transformations that I see and have the privilege of witnessing on a daily basis. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they’re trying to eat a healthy plant-based diet is that they still get into certain plant-based foods that are high in caloric density such as nuts and seeds and sugar, table sugar, maple syrup, and breads and crackers and cereals. And it’s not that these foods are bad in and of themselves– I eat all of those foods–but a lot of people will eat them to sort of a unhealthy extent and eat less of the fruits, the vegetables, the legumes: beans, peas, lentils, and the whole grains. And really I want them to focus more on that end of the caloric density scale and be eating less from some of the higher calorie dense foods Dried fruit is another example. If we take dried fruit, the average caloric density of dried fruit is around 1400-1500 calories per pound. Compare that with real fruit which is less than 300 calories per pound. Even though it’s made from the same thing, it’s a huge difference in terms of caloric density. And that can prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals or achieving their healthy weight. Well, unfortunately I think that one of the biggest misconceptions in the mainstream news media now is this whole low-carb, ketogenic, high-fat movement. And, you know, my mentor and one of my heroes, Dr. McDougall, puts it best. “People love to hear good news about their bad habits.” I love that quotation because it really does capture it. I mean, when someone’s saying eat as much butter, steak, fried chicken as you want because it’s filled with fat and low in carbs, then that’s news that people want to hear. And unfortunately, the media is going crazy with it. So I think that is doing a huge injustice to the health of not just our nation but our world. And we have our work cut out for us in the whole food plant-based movement. It’s one of the reasons that I truly believe in my heart of hearts that– I’m 40 right now– but, you know, God willing, 40 years from now when I’m 80 I’m still going to be doing this. That’s how big of an issue this is. That’s how much work there is to be done, and that’s how sick we are as a world. So hopefully, 40 years from now, the low-carb, high-fat movement will be a thing of the past.

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Dennis Veasley


  1. plants don't live to be eaten…..they have self defence mechanisms …humans dont have ruminant stomachs …say no more ………

  2. "shocking" is the doctor does not acknowledge that those drugs he prescribes create iatrogenic damage, and that the diagnoses themselves are being challenged (eg "high" cholesterol and LDL)

  3. Can someone please tell me about B12 on a plant based diet? Can you cover your needs without meat? Do you have to supplement?

  4. I must admit that I find the title bizarre. Does it accurately represent Dr. Lim's views? Most paleo and paleo-like diets, ketogenic or otherwise, tend toward plant-based: Dena Harris, Will Cole, Sarah Ballantyne, Catherine Shanahan, Terry Wahls, Dale Bredesen, Mark Hyman, etc.

    I never ate so many plant foods as when I was on a paleo diet — more veggies on paleo than when I was vegetarian. In fact, I ate more veggies than both of my vegetarian brothers combined. I ate that way precisely because so many paleo advocates recommended tons of low-carb veggies and occasional fruits such as berries.

    The only plant foods removed from a paleo diet are grains, legumes, and other highly starchy and sugary foods. But that leaves a wide selection of plant foods: nuts, seeds, leafy greens, broccoli, green beans, more fibrous root vegetables, onions, garlic, spices, etc.

  5. I remember talking with a coworker a few months ago, who was telling me about keto. She said she’d been a long time yo yo dieter but, I don’t think she was ever satisfied with her weight loss. The idea of having a lot of meat and supplementing it with butter sounded like the dumbest thing in the world to me. It just, instinctively, didn’t sound right to me. I’ve also seen this coworker fast often and, although part of it is for religious purposes, I guess I couldn’t see myself fasting against the pressures of the workplace, which already turn me into a enraged b*tch. I need to lose about 1/2 my weight and I’m not a huge fan of veggies. But I’ll soon be 55, have Type II Diabetes and started blood pressure meds last year.

    So, I had to ask myself, “How’s that working for ya’?” The answer is that it isn’t.

    I also think that, when we think about food and eating, particularly in the American diet, we’ve been groomed to look at it all wrong. That, in the interest of time and the average daily schedule, we are to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and ensure that they are satiating enough to make us feel full so that we don’t have more than, perhaps, a snack in the afternoon, which is probably to simply keep us awake and productive. But, many of us feel that eating and satiation means that we are stuffed, barely able to sit up straight and need to nap, like a lion after a big meal. This mindset is likely tied to also feeling rich, the way we do when we’ve had what’s considered an expensive meal, that has steak involved. So, I think we’ve reprogrammed our minds and bodies to ignore, what is it grelan, from letting us know that we’re satiated and we just keep on stuffing. But, I’m coming to feel that probably the opposite is true. That a meal is simply made to help you stay out of a hunger state. That, when you eat, you should probably be able to ONLY feel “not hungry”. That you’re not looking for fullness. Just not to be hungry. But, we know that, for many work schedules, it’s not seen that way. Eating becomes a part of clock punching and you’re often not in charge of that. In some work environments, I would imagine that, if you’re caught eating outside of a designated time or in addition to a designated time, because you’ve decided to have many smaller meals, it’s looked upon with disdain, even though it might be helping you to keep your blood sugar lower. Fortunately for me, I work for a pharmaceutical company with very relaxed standards and I can bring food, heat it at my desk in a small crockpot , I have an electric cooler in my office and I can go to the cafeteria where, even when they’re closed, there are some healthy snacks available and I can ring myself out. Still, I’ll. About to venture into meal prep as, the usual cooked fair is often not what I want and not healthy and the salad bar is often not that interesting to me. I’d much rather some of the vegetarian and vegan creations I see on YT.

    So, I’m preparing my kitchen to at least be flexitarian for now. But, as I love animals, I hope to graduate to vegetarian and vegan, at some point. Wish me luck!

  6. It appears in your thumbnail the dr is giving a “white power” hand sign. I mean that’s what the liberal left tells me anyway.

  7. No disrespect to the speaker…but it sounds like he was emotionally charged with the tv show and changed his bias , mental & emotional connection ….his change was driven by passion not science and facts. People…do the research and dig deep in it….you will find that the man behind the curtain has pulled and is pulling the chains controlling the Great Oz.

    The studies which support the current nutritional recommendations are very seriously flawed. For example, the 7 country study was originally 22 countries….the ones that did not show the predetermined conclusion were dropped from the study. The list goes on….don't take the words of passion for truth. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.

  8. Keto isn't high meat, it's low carb. What you were doing was "dirty" keto which is not sustainable. You can be vegan keto, you are just substituting carbs with fat (with animal fat and/OR health vegetables fats) for fuel.

  9. Dr's are watching the same documentaries and reading the same articles like we are to get nutrition training. Smh. I'm disturbed to hear this.

  10. There’s as many channels pushing keto/paleo diets with as many anecdotal success stories backed by science papers etc. Who the fuck is right? Most channels have an agenda.. be careful who you believe…do your own research (not YouTube) before you decide what is best for you….

  11. Another high carb doctor who thinks increasing carbs is the best way to beat diabetes. The only reason the whole food plant based works is because of the extreme low calorie diet which forces the body to burn more of its own fat which is actually saturated animal (human) fat. Few people can manage to maintain this diet. Those that do are usually motivated by a life threatening disease. Unless you're supplementing with high carb fruits and starches, there is no way to maintain the diet on leafy greens. The food at True North at their buffets is filled with fruits and starches. If you were to check the glucose levels after their meals you would find huge spikes among the diabetics. The only time the staff at True North will use a glucose meter is before the fast and during the fast but never after a person starts refeeding, especially 1 hour after a high carb True North meal.

  12. He does not mention the biochemical harmful effects of high protein intake, even plant based. Consuming more protein than our bodies need causes more calcium to be excreted in the urine. Renal failure and renal stones are a direct consequence of long term over consumption of proteins, even plant sourced. I completed my nutrition and food science degree in 1984, appalled by the influence of the food industry even then.

  13. At least he admits he knew nothing, and grew to knew a little bit about the subject. This is still a pointless interview though. There's no point in interviewing someone who is effectively a layman just because they have MD after their name.

    That's called an intentionally dishonest argument from authority. Not like this channel has ever done that before though (:

  14. It's not a one size fits all thing with this.. and why does it have to be a movement, sound like theirs political agenda at work here. And why so harsh on other diets that might actually be working for other's.

  15. That’s funny… I was vegan 9+ years (raw on and off, all organic) and I lost my period and had hormonal issues. Eating meat & going Keto helped me with ADHD, problems falling asleep & a long list of symptoms I slowly developed as a vegan. At first I felt great, but over time the issues started stacking up. Crazy

  16. Those that refute the truth of what a plant-based diet has to offer for you mind, body, and soul are up to their necks in chemicals that guide their dietary habits through the release of dopamine. Hence the doubling of obesity in America. Those who have no care for their health, or no true knowledge on how food can nourish the body, are the first to speak out against something that is completely natural and truly nourishing in every aspect, while also leaving the smallest carbon foot print… It's absolutely common sense……. Stay strong, the facts are set in stone. Over and over again.

  17. I like a plant based Paleo diet, where meat is more a “condiment” as opposed to the star. I don’t think Paleo was meant to be a super high fat, no carb diet. Everything I read seems to point to a higher fat (not saturated), low carb. Yes to fruit and starchy veg. No to bacon and red meat every day. Mostly veg, nuts and seeds, some fruit and a bit of meat and seafood. I have never felt better. Historically I have been hungry all the time when trying to lose weight and/or just be healthy. I am NEVER hungry with this plan and have had no headaches on this plan. (Usually plagued by them)

  18. Anything that the Globalists push i.e.: plant based food only is a no, no. Doctors are paid to validate certain things. Remember they used to say that Coke and cigarettes were healthy and good for you and they can't cure a cold.

  19. 8 years of college
    300k in tuition fees
    Got all the info he needed one night on PBS,, for free!
    Thats why I'm practicing to be a YouTube Doctor 😉
    I will go with common sense and eat some what as Paleo man had eaten. There wasn't any lettuce or citrus in the dead of winter with two feet of snow on the ground. But there were Birds, grub worms, rabbit, maybe buried some nuts and seeds for the winter. I will skip on the grubs.

  20. The cow eat a low fat diet and its body is full of fat!! And some idiots dont get a high carb diet is almost a high fat diet at the end but without the fat soluble vitamins usually present in the fat of healthy animals… Like a grass fed cow.

  21. I really don’t think the original paleo ate sausages and ham!! Advising people to eat such foods on low carb….tut tut , and you’re a ‘ good doctor.!?’

  22. This video makes no sense. He argues a plant based diet against paleo/keto but talks very little about what low carb means. No mention of no carb (<25g) vs low carb (<100g). No reference to research or the real issue which is sugar and processed food. Keto does not mean carnivore. There is also balanced versions that are mainly plant based with fish. This seemed like nothing but a political message with no science behind it.

  23. Can this diet reverse heart svt or heart atrial fibrillation or fast heart rate? I was diagnosed with lipoprotein little a precursor to heart disease. My doctor thinks this may contribute to my heart afib. Can this diet take me off mateporal? The nurse praticitioner is willing to help. Can the diet reverse heart disease? What video or book can I buy?

  24. So the guy didn't switched bc he felt bad, but bc he as seen sth on the tv. Vegans leave veganism bc their health turns so bad that their theeth start to rotten.

  25. So, clearly doctors are trained drug dealers.

    Contrary to what he says about ketogenic diet, I personally reversed my diabetes and also lost weight using ketogenic diet plus intermittent fasting.

  26. As a vegan for the last 37 years and extremely healthy, the idea that somehow our diet is lacking and a problem is a constant scare story. So long as a vegan you don't have a junk diet – which is not unheard of in the UK and USA in the omnivore – most of us are just fine.

    I eat extremely well….
    As to protein, this never ending concern from the omnivore about vegans is unnecessary, as we tend to eat grains, seeds, pulses and vegetables: the most protein in veg include broccoli, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

    Last but not least the never ending worry we vegans don't get all our 8 essential amino acids. All 8 are in meat but in a vegan diet this will come in combining food. For example beans on toast and you have all 8 amino acids.

    Of course people get sick ………I believe the 'average' Brit and American still eats an appalling diet, few eat the requisite '5 a day' of veggies, let alone the 10 that is now being recommended. So please stop worrying about us vegans and worry more about the Pizza, KFC and McDonald and take away diet that is so prevalent in the UK and USA.
    And the SIZE of so many omnivores in the UK and USA boy oh boy! There is an epidemic of cancer and diabetes due to the average diet most eat.

  27. I was kind of hoping for citations, evidence, some sort of medical or scientific show that his diet was better than Keto or paleo . None given. Just a series of anecdotal case histories is what he offers here. Why? He is a Doctor. He is well suited to analysis of diets with his study of physiology .Not much analysis in this video.

    Forks over knives , Dr; Ornish etc, are correct in that plant based whole foods are healthier than our average American diet. But that is not saying much at all.

  28. Stanford and Harvard trained physician sites (largely) debunked Netflix documentary as source of primary information. Ight…

  29. New World Order Diet for Fools. This is not a healthy diet. Where's the Retinol? Where's the EPA/DHA? Where's the B12? Where's the K2? If you're following this diet, you've been played! Don't be a fool.

    High Sugar
    Plant Pesticides
    Indigestible Fiber

  30. No informed person would ever recommend eating "fried chicken" while on a ketogenic diet or while following a low carbohydrate lifestyle. On the contrary. Informed people know the difference between healthy and harmful fats and oils. This Doctor doesn't impress. He admits to getting medical information from popular TV personalities which isn't very confidence inspiring.

  31. This is truly a masteclass – in propaganda. This guy is works for the McDougall centre. That should be all you need to know. if you analyse his language he talks about conversion, faith and his mission to spread the word. This is an evangelist not a doctor or scientist. he offers no information on how the current diet or the previous one benefitted him or not. This guy guy is part of the anti-fat religion – steer clear, it's dangerous garbage.

  32. I feel great on keto, not plant based at all. Dr. Ken Berry, also an MD on YT, suggests one's ancestral background has a lot to do with health. The fact is, humans have been eating meat for thousands of years and we didn't die off. We also lived for many years longer without cancers, etc.

  33. He never did explain the "reasons" why he quit the paleo/keto diet" and changed to plant based… I would like to hear about his diabetic patient… did it work or not? He never says anything negative about the paleo/keto diet either? What's going on?

  34. So you saw some dudes on TV saying things that you had never heard of before, you readily admit that you didn't learn anything in med school about nutrition, and you made some unsubstantiated claims about the effects of plant based diets on chronic illness. But you didn't exactly explain why you believe plant based diets are superior from a micro/macro point of view. Are we really healthier if we stop eating fish, calf liver, poultry, or beef? What's the scientific basis for these claims? The myths about saturated fats and cholesterol causing CDV have been debunked for years and in fact there's now evidence that sat. fats have protective properties. The myth about red meat causing cancer has just recently been debunked. We know that animal foods are the most dense source of many micro and macronutrients, and also the easiest for our bodies to digest and extract readily available nutrients from (e.g. many people cannot convert plant based vitamin A to usable retinol, and many vegetables/grains contain anti-nutrients that are nullified by the presence of meat/fat). We know that humans can thrive off of a pure carnivore diet, but not a pure plant-based diet (you still need to supplement b-12 etc.). You sound more like a salesman than a man of science in this video.

  35. It's always the same….heart, cholesterol and diabetes….Please, there are other diseases to talk about. What results have you had with RA, arthritis, CA? Thanks for the video

  36. I think the bottom line is to avoid sugar. He overstates a bit keto ppl w fat consumption, like they're swallowing lard or something. Just adopt fasting routines, short and long and control ur sugar consumption to none to special occasion. Ur good.

  37. Keto Is not a NO carb diet it's a low carb diet. It's so sad Dr,s Aren't trained about any kind of nutrition without the Exception of a diet PILL.

  38. what is the point of this video if he doesn't explain why keto is bad and WFPB is good? how can he discredit the mountain of evidence and success stories for keto?

  39. How can a dr. claiming to be an expert think that keto is eating bacon, sausage, animal fats. Nonsense. Keto is about lots of veggies, berries, a little bit of protein and plant based fats. Get your facts right before publishing this nonsense.

  40. people should eat not whole plant food but whole natural food by seasons. i was vegan for 5 years. No junk food only fruits and vegetables 50 percent raw ,legumes,beens and nuts but i feel not very well. all the time hungry eat all day along and fell like crap.have huge problems with teethes my gums was bleeding. so i jump on paleo diet and feel very great. veganism is scam

  41. before you chose to live like a caveman now you live like a rabbit. personnally, i live like a (mediterranean) man . and guess what, that's enjoyable and science based.

  42. Why is it that when I watch and listen to vegan and other plant based advocates, and study their faces, that the word 'malnutrion' generally comes to mind?

  43. "Radical and revolutionary" is overlooking a simple truth. What keto, vegan and other diets have in common is not what people are eating, but what they are no longer eating, namely no more sugars, no more degraded processed foods, no more non whole foods, no more antinutrient rich foods. When these are removed, many people can (will) start to recover from their (chronic) diseases! So please stop bashing other diet forms and start sharing the real truth about how nutrition affects health and disease.

  44. Bullshit! Keto diet does not endorse fried foods!
    I did the keto for 5 weeks and lost 22.5 pounds and triglycerides went down 63%!
    I eat lots of romaine lettuce and veggies too!
    No bread no fucking carbs except veggies!
    I had steak tonight and a huge salad with romaine lettuce and red bell pepper and olive oil and balsamic vinegar . I eat wholesome foods and yes…bacon. and eggs…we are meat eaters and not made to eat bread and grains and rice and pasta! this is what is killing us…..Not Fat!

  45. His nutrient dense animal based Paleolithic ketogenic diet is the reason he graduated Med school and finished residency. His brain was being fueled appropriately. Sad he watched forks over knifes on Netflix, and threw everything out the window. Faith in Netflix is replacing science sadly.

  46. Nonsense. I did the keto due to not being able to lose those last stubborn 7 lbs. I lost the weight for sure only to see my cholesterol go up at 48, which I never had any health issues. Moving forward I tried all natural, veggies, salads, no protein etc only to gain more weight than I had before. People your body will crave other things if it doesn't have a little of it all. We need a little protein, carb, maybe something sweet etc. Now am back to eating whatever I like with all in moderation.
    Just my experience. Whenever I try to eat healthy I gain more. Why? My thoughts are I cut back on protein so you don't feel full and eat more calories. Ugh it's a losing battle trying to find the truth. And by the way it's sad but don't look up to doctors to tell you the truth. Crooks most of them haha😂

  47. The way Vegans describe the Paleo diet is so exaggerated. You would think they are describing a all meat diet which it is not.

  48. Because you knew you was wrong as fuck, just like everyone else, and regular Joe's like me we making you look like shit, so you decided to get out ahead of it

  49. As long as you feel better for what you eat thats fine. I felt better when I cut off sugary junk foods and unhealthy high preservative foods. I eat meat, I minimized my rice servings, I eat a lot of green leafy veggies, No more sodas and synthetic fruit juices, I do 18/6 I.F sometimes OMAD. Water only on fasting window. No more 6 meals no more snacks in between.
    I realized the main key is to cut sugar and go to whole foods. Of course do some exercise. Your body will tell that youre doing right.

  50. People have a wrong understanding of what diabetes mellitus type 2 is. It is diagnosed by rising blood sugar levels on various occasions and NOT by insulin resistance. With a low carb diet you get lower insulin and blood sugar amounts therefore controlling the illnesses that come with diabetes in the short and longer terms. Does it reverse insulin resistance? Some people claim it does partially, others believe it makes it worst. I’ve been following keto dieters for a while now and it has definitely changed 99% of diabetics for the better, avoiding any type of meds.

  51. If it works for you, great. But plants make me sick, and carnivore foods make me feel good so I'm going to eat them. Plus, I am not oriental.

  52. It blows my mind how few people have still not put the link together around whole foods in general, be they plant based or full on carnivore. Both camps claim the exact same results and healing but few people talk about the common denominator being renouching processed shit sugar laden deep fried meats with fake meat plant based meat substitutes and soy this n that, all of those filled with unnatural chemicals additives not found in while foods, meat or plants. I personally don't think the food manufacturing industry in general gets enough heat period. These people literally create and market their creations to be addictive physically and physiologically and marketed in a way to point blame away from themselves, ie low fat, low carb, vegan, organic etc etc what ever works to get you to buy your food from a plastic bag or container sold in a printed cardboard box.. Why dont people see the real issue??

  53. Let me save you 11 minutes,… A seemingly intelligent young Doctor watches a couple of Vegan video's & becomes indoctrinated into the cult & is now determined to force his religion on the entire world 🙁

  54. It’s crazy. ‘People love to hear bad news about their good habits?’ Is that why keto/carnivore folks are ready to give up all carbs, including breads, pastas, cakes, and even a little honey in tea etc. Bullshit.

  55. plant based and vegan are not the same thing. All vegans are plant based but just because someone eats a plant based diet doesn't make them a vegan. Just because someone is on keto doesnt mean they eat meat. Btw, Vegan's ARE nut jobs. They wont admit that it isnt about health. They just have an overly obsessed worry about harming animals. If you cant eat an egg or a shrimp or even drinking milk then where's the line? Are you opposed to swatting a fly, killing bacteria? You have any idea how many creatures are killed by grain harvesting? and if the world went vegan how many animals would die from their habitats being displaced for growing crops? Keto is the best diet not only nutiritionally but for animals. High fat diet means less need for live stock because fat is very filling. Most people on healthy keto eat one meal a day and its mostly vegitables, a few eggs and butter, not beef, pork or chicken. The little meat we do eat is humainly raised animals and organic.

  56. God i love 2 hyped diets in one. It only proves so many people are seeking a way to justify why they eat meat. If want to eat, just eat meat do not make it a diet. Secondly paleo diet … as if there was a convenient store every 25 meters. Most likely the real paleo diet is just hunger and maybe once a week a few ounces of meat.

  57. Warning everybody, Dr Lim is with the pro Vegan Mcdougall Health Centtre, and Dr Mcdougall has now withdrawn from public life with dementia(check at age 75. Dr Lim's nutrician education is 4 days of TV. He's merely gone from one extreme, paleo, to another, Vegan. For a smart guy, it's surprising how narrow minded he seems, and not continuing his education of huge contemporary nutritional research. It's simple, Got did not make our bodies for 3 meals a day dominated by high carbs possible only by industrial scale farming. We are set up to binge on carbs, a rare in nature, to fatten up for longer lean times which our bodies are very suited to. More alert, self rebuilding to clean up damage from carb binge and recycle nutrients (a Nobel Prize was awarded on this autphagy process). I've just lost 20lb in 4 weeks on low carb (which is normal carb, not no carb) whole food eating and skipping breakfast. Too easy to lose weight now. There's heaps of info on all of this now. Veganism is fine…..if you are a rich westerner with time to test for and take all the supplements you'll need.

  58. This is why no one trusts any of this … one day it’s diet X, next year it’s Y… in a year he’ll be eating onto something else…

  59. How I see this is: society has been feeding doctors' egos for ages, and that's why most of the treet medical school as this path to a higher status therefore should not be questioned. In the meantime, the true educated person has the ability to critical thinking. So I blame Dr. Lim and the system equally.

  60. LOVE this guy.  So glad to have a medical doctor who wants to spread the truth and help his patients to have good health through nutrition.

  61. I am entering my third year low carb / keto. But it was within weeks of starting this that I got off all the Type 2 Diabetes drugs and high blood pressure drugs prescribed by my doctor. I had been on high blood pressure medicine for more than 5 years. My method of eating i whole food: meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and Aged cheese. All of my health issues are reversed, healed, totally controlled, whatever you want to call it. Meat has been wrongly vilified for half a century. It is not the issue. The issue is sugar, processed carbs, factory foods, junk food, manufactured seed oils. I eat none of those.

  62. I don't believe that you can't see what the carb addiction has done to this country. Americans, and the world is catching up, are addicted to carbs. Whether its oatmeal in the morning, whole wheat toast, bread at every meal, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, fruit juices, they are all loaded with carbs. I could agree with a plant based diet but if that means lots of grains, rice, potatoes then I will say you are dead wrong. I've watched my mother struggle with diabetes for two decades. I know what two slices of toast will do to her blood sugar because I test her frequently. Whether whole grain or not, it doesn't matter. The epidemic in obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and cardio vascular disease is a direct result of forty years of doctors, nutritionists, and the government preaching low fat, high carb diets. I'm sorry that you don't see the elephant in the room. But now, you are merely confusing the public by downplaying the revolution of law carb eating…confucing the public, which is exactly what the medical, pharmaceutical and food industry have been doing for fifty years…

  63. Several doctors on Youtube have reversed those diseases and even better, including CANCER with IF-carnivore and/or Ketogenic diets.
    For examlpe: Go look at the theses, publications and university presentations of the MANY successes of Dr. Anette Bosworth, who regularly reverses cancer, both types of diabetes, permeable bowel disease, all sorts of autoimmune disease etc. etc. all clearly and scientifically recorded, measured and presented.

  64. you are just a weird fucker obsessed about your own shit. Moreover, you want to spread your stupidity as far and wide as you can. Try getting some therapy.

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