– Hey everybody, so today
we’re doing something a little bit different. I have my Switch here, it is
connected to the TV currently and we’re gonna be
playing, well not playing, we’re going to be going
through Mario Tennis and talking about how queer
all of the characters are. Even if you’ve never played Mario Tennis, I promise this will have some value to it? Is it value? Hopefully it will be kind of entertaining. I don’t know, I just have been
playing Mario Tennis a lot and I feel like the
characters are really queer so I need to talk about it. Obviously these are head
canons, we’re just having fun, there’s no need to take
any of this seriously. It’s all just made up stuff. Obviously none of this stuff is canonical in Mario Tennis but I
thought it would be fun to talk about it. Alright so this is the
character selection screen. Obviously Mario is first and I’m just going to start out here by saying Mario is a straight trans boy. I just really got that vibe from him. He’s just living his best life, he’s like stealth most of the time because he’s on the cover
of all this Nintendo stuff. Nintendo finds it a little
bit more embarrassing but he is proud of it, it’s just his career hinders
on him not being able to talk about it that much. But he is a proud trans man, he is very thankful that
he was able to transition when he was much younger and so now he’s just doing his thing, playing sports with his
friends, dating Peach. Mario is just doing well and
I’m just so proud of him. Next we have Luigi and look at that sway. Mario’s got a little bit of sway but Luigi’s just moving. Luigi, I think, is a cis gay
boy and hear me out here. I think that’s why Luigi
is taller than Mario. Obviously, in general AFAB or AMAB people can be any height, but AMAB
people tend to be taller. And so even though Luigi
and Mario are brothers, Luigi grew taller first
and Mario grew shorter before transitioning and
so they kind of stopped at different heights. So that is my rational
behind this but also, I think Luigi is such a
supportive, kind brother. He was very there for
Mario during his transition and it really helped him
learn about all sorts of queerness and that’s
when he began to accept that he was gay because he
wasn’t out before Mario. And these two queer brothers
are just doing great. I feel like that’s a phrase
I’m going to be saying a lot through this because
all of these characters are flourishing and doing great. And I’m so proud of them. Next up we have Wario and
the vibe I get from Wario is that he is just queer, that’s the label he really likes because he’s not huge
on more specific labels so he just really likes the umbrella term. He kind of uses he and him
pronouns sometimes they or them. He’s got not Luigi level sway but he’s got a little sway and at the end of the day
he’s a very valued member of the community just like everyone else. Okay, obviously, you know we had to get to Waluigi. I’m excited to talk about him because just look at this bi icon, just pure, just peak bisexual
right here is Waluigi. I mean, look at his
entrance, his entrance where he comes in with the rose in his mouth and just his final smash, like it’s all so good. Also, in Mario Tennis I’m not sure they’re called final smashes, I
forget what they’re called, but I’m gonna call them final smashes. I think that terminology
is from Smash Bros. But anyways, Waluigi
just complete bi icon. Just inarguable. I’m also gonna say that he’s cisgender. But because of the
struggles he’s gone through, and like all the biphobia and stuff, he’s well aware of the
shit that trans people have to go through and so
he’s like super supportive. And he’s always there
with his brother Wario being like, “However you wanna
identify, it’s cool with me, like queer works but, you
know, whatever works for you, whatever kind of
transition you need to do” And Wario is like, “Thanks
Waluigi, I appreciate that”. Cause Waluigi is out here
just living his best bi life and being out and proud and also standing up for the other people in this community which
we really appreciate. Next up we got Peach who I’m saying is a straight trans woman. That’s right, I said it. Peach is trans. It’s actually a really cute story. So, Peach and Mario were
before they transitioned, they were both dating. It was like kind of high school time before they had really grown up and become adults and like found their whole franchise in
these video games and stuff. So, they were both
younger but they were like in the age where they
were dating and stuff and they both kind of like
latched onto each other and they didn’t really know why. They just kind of felt drawn to each other and then later, they both came out to each other as trans at the same time. They were both planning it. Peach ended up saying it first but then Mario was like “I’m trans too”, and luckily they were able to go through their transitions at a similar time and they just kept dating
throughout the whole thing and they’ve been super
supportive of each other. And now they’re just a trans power couple. Living their best life.
Playing some fucking tennis. Yes, Peach gets kidnapped by
Bowser every once in a while but Mario is always right
there fulfilling his duties. She’s got such a trans
woman look though, you know? And she’s got the crown
on, and the cute ponytail, and like all the pink. It’s
giving me very trans vibes. So, I’m gonna say Peach
straight trans woman also along with Mario
who’s a straight trans man. They’re just a power couple. Daisy, oh my god, okay so we’re gonna talk about Daisy’s gender and
sexual orientation in a second, but oh my god her eyes are huge in this. Why did they make her eyes so big? It’s so scary. None of
the other characters have eyes this enormously
big. It’s just scary. But anyways, I’m gonna say
that Daisy is a cis lesbian. I mean, she’s just
rocking the tomboy vibes. Like, Peach and Rosalina,
who you’ll see in a second, both are like rocking
dresses while they’re playing but Daisy is just out here in the shorts with like the shorter hair just not afraid to be
like a little butcher than everyone else. Nintendo doesn’t really let them go full butch you know but if she could, if she wasn’t being held back by Nintendo, you know Daisy would
have real butch vibes. But again, just like Waluigi
she’s like the best ally. She’s there for Peach.
She’s there for Rosalina. Daisy hates TERFs. She’s
constantly going on rants about how terrible TERFs are and she’s just always standing up for other people in the community and we stan. We stan Daisy hard. Next, we have Rosalina
who I think very clearly is a trans lesbian and not just because she’s the
character that I always play but also because she’s
just so regal and magical. I mean look at her. She’s floating. Her entrance is that she floats in. She has these little star pals
that float around with her. Nobody has that kind of
power except trans lesbians. That is a power reserved for very few and yet she is here being
this floating goddess. You just can’t deny that
she is a trans lesbian. She just, I don’t know,
everything about Rosalina screams trans lesbian to me. And in fact, this is kind of
on the DL so keep it between us but she had a thing with
Daisy for a little while and they’re just friends now. You know, it was brief
but it was very nice. They have a very nice relationship now and are very supportive of
eachother’s future relationships. Alright, Toad is here and I’m gonna say that Toad is both an enby
so they’re non-binary and they’re ace/aro. So they’re asexual and aromantic and my reasoning for this is look at Toad’s entrance. Look at the different colors of Toads. I don’t think in Toad society there is our conceptions of gender. I think Toads instead of having a gender, they just have a color. So there’s like a red
Toad, and a yellow Toad, and a blue Toad and stuff like that. And there are expectations that come along with your color but not
necessarily gender wise. So Toad is just kind
of like an average Toad from that society. A society in which gender
isn’t as big of a deal as it is in our human society. And so Toad comes out
here into our society and is like, “What are
you all talking about?” “What is all this gender stuff?” “Why is everyone attracted to people?” “What’s happening?” Toad is just here to have
a platonically good time and to not give a shit about gender. That is Toad’s motto. Alright, so I guess you’re
gonna need an explanation for Toadette. I’m gonna say she came from the same kind of Toad society where
there’s no gender or anything but she identifies as femme non-binary and as pansexual so she always felt a
little bit out of place in the Toad society because she’s pan and so she’s kind of like
attracted to people of any gender and that’s a thing that like not a whole lot of Toads experience so she’s found a lot of comfort in coming out into human society and realizing that there are
other pansexual people as well because there weren’t a whole
lot of Toads or Toadettes in that society that were pan. Like she loves her
ace/aro siblings to death but it’s just not something
that she’s ever identified with and especially with the
lack of gender thing, she’s always felt like
a very strong connection to femininity and that’s why she has like the little Toad pigtails and stuff cause she’s just super femme but she doesn’t actually
identify as a girl, she still identifies as non-binary like most of the Toads in their society but she just has like a
very strong connection to femininity and so the
label she likes is femme and she uses she/her,
or they/them pronouns in case you were wondering. Alright, next up is Bowser and he’s a bit of a doozy to talk about as the
villain of the Mario series. I’m gonna say that Bowser is a cis gay man but he’s had a lot of internalized hate for a lot of his life and he’s still kind of
working to undo that. Like, when he was younger
he expressed himself more femininely and was
kind of open about being gay and he was like punished harshly for it and so he’s grown up like very jaded and has always felt like he
had to perform masculinity to like its most extreme and so Bowser has kind of gotten a lot of those like,
hypermasculine kind of toxic masculinity traits in him but he’s working really
hard to unlearn them. But he’s still there,
he’s still in the process of working through it and thankfully all of his friends in the Mario universe are very supportive and they
don’t take shit from him and they do stand up to him when he says stuff that is
wrong, or mean, or hurtful. But they are helping
him to like get through all of this at his own pace and it’s actually, its
been very good for him , he’s been learning a lot about himself and just learning how to
accept not only others better but to accept himself better. So Bowser’s just on a journey right now and I think we should all root for him. Alright, Bowser Jr. Is I’m gonna say a biromantic asexual trans boy. I know that’s a lot of labels but look, I have explanations here. Basically, you see that
bib that he has around him that’s like the little chompy thing? That’s actually like to cover his binder because he’s a little uncomfortable about people seeing it and
that’s another reason why he sits in this like giant floaty robot thing is cause he’s kind of
has a lot of dysphoria and uncomfortableness around his body and so he kind of hides in
this little punchy robot boy and part of the thing
is that he identifies with so many of these identities and like he’s growing
up in a newer generation that has more access to this terminology and so he’s been able to figure out who he is from a very young age and that is something that is very foreign to his dad Bowser and
so they’ve clashed a lot and his dad hasn’t fully understood it and it was very difficult
for Bowser Jr. To come out in the beginning but his dad
is like slowly getting there. It’s still tough. Bowser Jr.
Like really doesn’t like it a lot of the time and has to talk to his friends about
it and confide in them. But his dad is slowly coming around and he does wanna have a good
relationship with his dad so like he’s working with him on it even if it is painful for him which sucks and his friends have told
him that if he wants, if Bowser Jr. Wants to cut off Bowser that they’ll like totally
support him through that. But no, he’s adamant that he wants to have a relationship with his dad and he thinks they’re moving
in a positive direction. But yeah, Bowser Jr. Has just always known that he could crush on multiple people but just doesn’t really
feel sexual attraction. And a lot of folks have
tried to criticize him and say that he’s like
too young to know that but he’s like very confident that it’s been a consistent thing and he thinks he’s old enough by now that like, he would’ve felt some sort of sexual attraction to someone if he did. So, a lot of people doubt
Bowser Jr. A lot of the time but Bowser Jr. Is confident in who he is and so I think we should support that. Next up, is Boo who I’m
gonna say is a bi cis woman. I mean, just look at that tongue. You can’t have that tongue
and not be into women. And those eyebrows, you
see how she always looks kind of like worried?
That’s because she’s worried about biphobia and about people thinking that if she’s dating a man
that she’s straight now and if she’s dating a
woman that she’s gay now. But that’s not how it works and so she’s gotten this reputation for being kind of scary and spooky but really, she’s just
standing up for herself and being like, “No,
regardless of who I’m dating, I’m still bi” so that is
like boo’s eternal struggle. Next up, is Yoshi who I’m saying is saying is a non-binary lesbian. I mean, just look at this when
Yoshi does their final smash, they just fly up into the air
and rainbows come out of them. You don’t get gayer than that.
There’s nothing more queer than flying and rainbows
coming out of your butt. Yoshi just really likes gay
as like an umbrella term and like really identifies
with being non-binary and using they/them pronouns but also just has like that connection to femininity still there
and is very attracted to women and so identifies
as a lesbian as well. And they’re just like very out and proud and like in your face about it to the point where like
even some other people in the community get kind
of annoyed with Yoshi. But Yoshi doesn’t give a shit. Yoshi’s just out here being
queer, and gay, and loving it and Yoshi doesn’t think that they have to hide anything about themself to make themself more
acceptable to anyone. Plus, as the character
that gets ridden the most in these games, Yoshi’s a bottom. Next up, is Donkey Kong who
is definitely a gay trans man. I’m confident about this one. I just feel like Donkey Kong, he’s really got that, he’s got that like big, strong, tough guy
vibe nut just look at that face. You know that that is a
friendly, soft, teddy bear face. You know that he’s like
annoyed that he gives off this perception that he’s
like big and strong to people because on the inside he’s
just like a little plushie, he’s just a little teddy bear and so people are often
intimidated by Donkey Kong way more than he thinks they should be. And so as soon as anyone gets
to know him to any degree, he’s just like the
softest person and so kind and so compassionate and helpful and he is kind of like a gym head as well like he’s one of those people
who’s always posting selfies at the gym but at the same time
doesn’t like hate on anyone else for whether they’re
going to the gym or not. Donkey Kong is just pure and
kind and is always willing to stand up for his trans
siblings, and his gay siblings, and all of his queer siblings. And next up, we have Spike
who will probably look like a new face to many of you. I don’t think that they’re in a whole lot of these kind of sports
games like they’re not in Mario Kart or anything like that. But they’re here in tennis
and we’re proud to have them. They are gender fluid and their sexuality kind of changes with their gender. So when they’re feeling more masculine, they’re also feeling more
attracted to masculinity and when they’re feeling feminine, they feel more attracted to femininity. So, they find it kind
of hard to like label and explain to other people but to them, the changes in their gender
are pretty predictable and they’re pretty comfortable in that this is what their
gender and sexuality does. But, this realization
has come pretty recent and so they’re still kind of experimenting with their gender expression which is what the little
tuff of blue hair is. They recently just cut
their hair and dyed it and they’re really enjoying it. They feel like it helps them a lot with their gender dysphoria. So yeah, Spike’s just hopping
around, doing their best, whipping out that giant spiky
stick thing to smash gender. Next up, is Chain Chomp who is agender and is like mostly attracted to women. They don’t really know how to define their sexual orientation but in general they find themselves
more attracted to women. But yeah, there’s just no gender that can define Chain Chomp. Like, watch Chain Chomp’s entrance coming down in this cage
and then they just break out and I think that’s very indicative of their overall gender
because that cage is gender and Chain Chomp is just
smashing out of it, just cannot be contained by any gender. That broken chain that they
drag around when playing tennis, that used to be attached
to gender but no more because they are free and
they’re running around playing tennis with a tennis
racket in their mouth. It doesn’t get more talented than that. Koopa Troopa is the one of the group here who is questioning. Like, they’re pretty
certain that they identify as some sort of queer but
they’re not really sure what yet. They’re still in that questioning phase and that’s totally okay. And thankfully the whole
gang here is very supportive. And, so no one’s rushing
Koopa Troopa along. They’re just letting them
figure it out for themself. And, in the meantime the best
label that works for them, is just questioning. But they do spend a lot of
time like up in their shell, just kind of hiding from the world of hiding from having to choose a label. They just find it very
comfortable in their shell where everything is simple. But at the end of the day, they’re really lucky to have
such a good support system around them. Next up, is Blooper who I’m saying is biromantic demisexual trans woman. Again, I know that was a lot
of labels but it makes sense. So Blooper, she’s a trans woman but she’s always been
able to be romantically attracted to people
regardless of their gender which is why she really
likes the term biromantic. But also she realized pretty recently that she was more demisexual, that she didn’t really
feel sexual attraction until there was like a lot
more of a connection there because she always felt, even after coming out as a bi trans woman, she always felt like
there was another piece that wasn’t quite unlocked yet. And, so recently she’s come
to find the term demisexual really useful and I just
think that’s wonderful because it’s annoying
once you’ve figured out one or two of your identities to then not know what the others can be. It can be a difficult long
process for a lot of people. And just because you’ve come out once doesn’t mean that that’s
like the end of it you know? And also when you see
Blooper running around on the track and it looks like
there’s like water dripping off of her, which you would
expect because she’s a squid. It’s not actually water, it is sweat because she is worried
about being misgendered. It doesn’t happen a lot now but Blooper is just
still very self conscious about it and worried. And, finally is the most recent addition to the Mario tennis team
and that is Diddy Kong. But Diddy Kong is a bi enby. So they’re bisexual and non-binary. And, Diddy Kong kind of
had the counter experience to Bowser Jr. Where Bowser Jr. Is like still working to
get his dad to understand. Diddy Kong’s dad was
pretty quick to understand. Like Donkey Kong has been
much more understanding and accepting than Bowser ever was. Like Donkey Kong didn’t get it at first but he was really willing
to listen to his kid and now Donkey Kong is
using they/them pronouns all the time which makes
Diddy Kong so happy and there was like a very short period where Donkey Kong was questioning whether like being bi was actually a thing just because he doesn’t
experience attraction to like anyone but men, and so he didn’t really
understand how Diddy Kong could but regardless of that, he was supportive when Diddy Kong came out and then he went and he did some education on his own. He like read up about
it and then he came back to Diddy Kong and he was like,
“Great, I understand this now I accept you, I love you,” blah blah blah and it was just a very
sweet touching moment between father and child and
so Diddy Kong is very lucky to have such like a
supportive loving father and Diddy Kong and bowser
Jr. Have actually become really close friends during this time because Diddy Kong has always felt bad that their dad was so good to them when Bowser Jr’s dad wasn’t. So, they’ve bonded over a lot
of like the similar things especially being the two younger people in the Mario Universe. But yeah, at the end of the day, Diddy Kong knows that
they’re just really lucky and that not everyone has
that same kind of experience and so they try to be there for people who don’t have as supportive as parents. And yeah, that is all of the characters. Thank you for sticking around
through this whole thing. I know this is not like
the videos I normally do but do ya’ll like it? Should I do more kinds
of things like this? I’ve just been playing so many games on my switch now that I felt
like I had to do something related to it and this just felt like a really fun way to incorporate that. As I said in the beginning, all of these are just made up. Like I’m not trying to say
that these are real things. Like these are obviously
fictional characters but we’re just having
a good fun time here. Let me know in the
comments what headcanons you have for these characters
because I certainly don’t have a monopoly
on any of these things. You can think that these characters are whatever you want them to be. This is just what I’m personally thinking. So yeah, let me know in the comments if you like this kind of video and if I should do something similar. Also, if you did like this video and wanna support future videos like this. You can click over here
to support me on Patreon and that would be super helpful. I would really, really appreciate it. So yeah, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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