Wow! (Rooms 315, 316, 415, and 416) (Making dolphin squeaks as they enter) I love it. I love it. (Pupils dilated) (Gasping whenever they enter a room) (Jumping over) (Two steps of pleasure) (Extremely satisfied) (The players can’t hide their joy) (Their dorms during training) (Spacious living room where they can watch TV) (6 people can sleep in each room) (Cozy bed area) Look at this. See what’s in here. The shower. Whoa! (Hand covering mouth) (It must be good if they’re freaking out) Oh my. (Bigger and nicer than my room) (There are three private showers) (While everyone is satisfied and looking around) (Loud noises) (The others suddenly appear) (How did you get there?) We’re connected! We’re connected like this! (The secret behind these hidden rooms) (Is that there’s a terrace between them) (With a magic door connecting them) (Another place to get some rest) (A place to meet the players next door) (Another advantage of the terrace is…) (Sniffing) Smells so good. I can’t wait to eat. Can you smell that? It smells good. LA beef. (LA and beef?) Is that fish? No, it’s them barbecuing and grilling. (Drooling) (They excitedly explore the rooms) (John goes next door) Are you wearing your shoes? Shoes off! Shoes off? (They don’t know Korean culture) (They all entered wearing their shoes) It’s kind of a traditional thing. Sorry. Yeah, of course. (Let’s change into slippers) (Learning about Korean culture while training) (Day 1 of off-season training / 4 p.m.) (First thing on the schedule is a fitness test) (Go as fast as you can) (First is a running test) (Jump as high as you can) (2nd jump test) (Don’t waver) (3rd test is an athletic ability test) (Show us your hidden strength) (4th test is a muscle strength test) (Doing the same fitness tests as pro athletes) (How fit are the Chelsea Rovers?) (Taking body measurements 1 hour before the tests) (Blood pressure) (Height) (Weight) (And BMI checks are complete) Measuring. (Running test location) Measuring. (Warming up a bit before the test) First, you’ll turn right and then make a loop left. Once each. (First up is Chris) (Go, Chris!) Ready! (Go!) (Dashing with all his might) 8.57 seconds. (You’re slow, Chris) (Confident) (Juan, the ace of the Rovers) Ready. (Let’s see how good he is!) (Juan departs) (Please fall over) (What time did the ace Juan get?) (Nervous) 8.85 seconds. (What? You’re slower than me) (Sigh) (Here’s the evidence) (Thumping sounds) (Who’s shaking the gym with his steps?) (Ripped) (Rovers’ iron wall defender, Ilija) (He starts dashing!) (He’s terrifying) (Bulldozer Ilija) (Power brakes) (His time is) 9.02 seconds. (He was only showy) (The running tests continue without a break) Write down your measurements. 8.43. 8.97. 8.99. 8.71. 8.25. Nobody got under 8 seconds. The average is about 8 seconds. That’s a medium level. High level is 7.3. But nobody got 7 seconds. (Worse times than expected) (I want to try getting under 8 seconds) (One person is trying to break the 8-second wall) (Rovers’ captain, Jie) Ready! (Can he protect the Rovers’ pride?) Ready! (Start!) He’s fast. (Woosh) (Dashing towards the goal) (Please) (What is Jie’s record?) 7.96 seconds. (See? I’m the fastest!) (He saved the team’s pride)

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Who has the best athletic ability? [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.09.23]”

  1. I loved how Jie didn't give up and manage to have his running speed under 8 seconds for the team. It actually made me proud. 😊

  2. Dejándose de cuentos, está bien rico Ilja, hasta se me olvidó que veo el programa por Baekho 😅 y Juan tampoco está mal.

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