what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesdays since I was a little kid I loved Indiana Jones
he’s known for his hat and of course his iconic whip! what is everyone welcome back to the
channel today we are joined by April Jennifer Choi hello Josh
world record holder she has over a dozen Guinness World Records titles and good
is going to be tempting two more today but first we’re gonna learn how to crack
a whip and you also have a few other tricks to show us yes I do it’s gonna be
good we’ll make sure you watch the end make sure you subscribe you haven’t yet
let’s do it Cassie what have you signed up for one
of the classic tricks in whip cracking is being able to cut a newspaper
straight in half we actually have the world record for the most number of
newspapers cut in a minute Wow looks like this Cassie you ready so good that’s you’re not you’re not done so the
challenge here is see how it’s small you can get this newspaper this is cut
number two number three number four wow that is what’s left or any other
tricks that I’m particularly famous for is playing Jenga with a whip down probably somewhere in the middle of
the tower we’re gonna go three to touch that one
now it’s also kind of stood got it full house this is section of video called who
flinched more Cassie and I are both going to hold a rose in our mouth
April is going to knock it out of our mouth
leave a comment Josh or Cassie who you think flinched more and there’s Cassie’s
attempt yeah bit down on the like it’s scary leave a comment right now who who
flakes more it is time for the first world record
April is ready to go what is our first record
so the first flood record were gonna do today is the most number of balloons
popped in one minute with a whip the current record right now believes that
38 balloons popped and we’re gonna see if we can get at least like 60 or so in
the next minute three one skirt nice now it is time for us to learn how
to use the whips so I got a pair of six foot whips here for you Cassie oh we’re
going to you’re gonna take one and I’m gonna take one right
first thing I want to make sure is know how you grab a whip so these ones right
here you’re gonna take your thumb yeah drag it all the way down there and you
wrap your fingers out how to take your arm put it right inside your elbow like
this bring your up all the way back and make sure you can touch the palm your
hand each and every time and I’m gonna push straight for it I don’t want to
argue is that doesn’t do anything all over I want to bring it back through
here push straight forward there we go don’t worry I won’t put that in the
video yes you will there we go now remember you’re not trying to get it to
go over so many people want to do this where they go over we’re gonna make sure
that I knows the whip right here goes straight do a cast make a crack make me
Indiana Jones so first you don’t think you had a glittery pink world like
nobody else wants to buy a glittery he’s whipped like this make sure you can
actually hit the palm of your hand you don’t miss on the outside good great
line forward okay you were better at that than me just a little bit that’s satisfying guys we are now going
to attempt a second world record the they’re preparing right now Cassie’s
gonna actually gonna be the one helping with this one
it is most flowers split in half in 60 seconds the hard part is actually on
Cassie she needs to be able to put those roses up really quickly it’s gonna be
tough the record to beat is 50 it’s gonna be tough you get your good to it’s crazy like when you look like when
she that cuts it right at the bulb it like pulls out like oh wow and then like
the whole Rose is still there just sort yeah you guys almost had it
but pretty good for a first attempt kasi yeah you had never never done that
before I should have taken my ring off yeah a couple seconds where I came
through and I tangled on it good it was wrapped around it wedding ring just new
a smaller ring right thank you that just means we have something to
work toward that Court will try it again obviously this is a record
roses are kind of expensive about nothing you guys know this but we just
went through about I don’t think my husband knows this because he’s never
bought on me anyway let’s go to the outro of this video good work April and
Cassie thanks you did a wonderful job Cassie it was my first try
hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you to whistle Sports for making it
happen check out their videos on the end card after this thanks for joining us
April this is so much fun yeah check out April on Instagram we’ll put her handle
right here also link in description she post some crazy videos of other stuff
she doesn’t just do whipped she has lots of other skills so make sure you check that out we’ve
got videos coming every Monday Wednesday and Saturday so make sure that you
subscribe we do the Instagram shoutout so do you want to hold up on up sort of
straight right yep there’s one there’s two that’s all we got for you let’s go
to the beach we go pretty girl pretty girl pretty
girl pretty girl

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