today we’re going to play and have some
fun. I got this basketball, and this tennis ball, and a leaf; because i couldn’t find a
father. so there’s no need for any safety wear
for this experiment. If I drop these two balls, which do you think will hit the ground first? maybe. what about the leaf? what will
happen? and what does it have to do with science or God? let’s find out. so you would think that since the basketball weighs more, that the gravity will pull down on it harder and the basketball will fall first. and technically you’re right. but what you’re missing is inertia. inertia is the tendency to do nothing. an object in motion will stay in motion
an object at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it. Do you know who said? Isaac Newton.
Two balls are at rest and they’re trying to stay at rest and gravity is the force
that’s acting upon it and trying to pull it down. so as gravity is pulling harder
on the basketball because of its weight, the basketball also has a higher inertia, meaning it’s a lot harder to get moving.
try moving a wagon, it’s pretty easy. now try moving a car,
it’s a lot harder to move because of its weight. so now that we have the scientific
explanation, what does this have to do with God? well,
god is like the gravity. he’s trying to pull you towards him, to
keep you safe and grounded. ok now that you’ve seen the two balls
drop at the same time. what about the leaf? Do you think will
fall at the same speed, faster, or slower? well let’s find out. as you can see, the basketball did drop
faster. what about the tennis ball? let’s find
out. tennis ball job faster too. but why so? two balls drop at the same time because
of inertia, but what happened with the leaf? well, there’s something called air
resistance. it didn’t bother the balls because they’re rounded and they’re
quite heavy. but the leaf since, it’s flat and
lightweight, the air resists its flow towards the ground. so as inertia is trying to keep it at
rest, and gravity is trying to pull it down, air is resisting its movement. so what does this have to do with God?
let’s say that the air resistance is all the bad and evil in the world. and as God
is trying to pull you towards him and keep you safe, the evil in the world, or the air
resistance, is keeping you away from that. so let God pull you in and keep safe and
until next time… byeeee

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Dennis Veasley

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