Player 1: We play in clay. It’s tougher to play on soft clay than hard clay. I’ve played some tournaments in South America on some pretty soft clay It’s pretty difficult to move around You lean forward and your front wheels kind of dig in and you come to a stop I’ve played in Australia, Europe, Canada, South America. NCPAD: Tell us again about the different surfaces that you’ve played in… Player 1: Hardcourts are the easiest for a wheelchair user. I’ve played on carpet – that’s not too bad. When you play against another wheelchair player, the surface isn’t that big of an issue because whatever you’re dealing with, so does the other player Sometimes, how well your chair adjusts to it… like small wheels aren’t very good in clay, but if you have bigger wheels, and you’re not so heavy on your front wheels – that helps. A lot of surfaces are kind of soft because it’s easier on people’s legs. Those make it tough for us to push. So when I play at this club, the courts are softer than the normal hardcourt. So when I’m playing against an able-bodied player, it doesn’t slow them down (but) it makes it a little tougher for me to push. So if you’re in a wheelchair and you want to play against an able-bodied person, it’s best to play in a hardcourt. It lets you use your speed as much as you can and makes it a little bit more even.

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Dennis Veasley

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