My name is Bridie Kean. I was an Australian
wheelchair basketball player, and today I’m here with the Suncoast Spinners for our reverse
inclusion project. The Suncoast Spinners reverse inclusion project is an NDIA ILC funded project. Reverse inclusion in wheelchair basketball
is people with and without impairments both playing sport that was traditionally played
for people with impairments, and the idea behind it is that everyone can jump in a wheelchair
and play in an equal playing field. I actually think the main benefit of reverse
inclusion is that kids with impairments can play sport with their siblings and friends,
all in the one environment. When you think of basketball, in a wheelchair
it adds that other level that not all able-bodied athletes and participants are used
to and it’s definitely a fun experience. You get to meet new people and you get to
meet friends. Wheelchair basketball for me is fun, social
and competitive. And it’s really, really physical so you get to stay in shape and it’s
just a good lifestyle to have. As a mum, watching your daughter being so
happy is just the best thing in the world. When I was a kid, I was in a wheelchair and
didn’t have a lot of sport options. But last year I was in the junior world championships
in Canada. Can’t complain about that. Wheelchair basketball for me was the first
time that I felt that my ability was focussed on instead of what I couldn’t do. It’s
so exciting that we’re now creating that pathway for our future generation in Australia. Find a club, there are clubs all around Australia. Bring your friends and family, and get involved.

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