I’m sitting here at the foul line, like if
I’d been in a game and I got fouled and I was shooting, I’d get to shoot some free throws
or some foul shots. I have a lot of my friends and people, they’ve sat in wheelchairs and
tried to do this. They’re amazed, as I was the first time I sat in a wheelchair. It’s
a lot higher when you’re sitting down. And, you don’t have the use of your legs. So, most
of the time, people take their first shot, and it falls about five feet short of the
basket. But we use our arms a lot, like, and we need the momentum. So, like somebody on
their feet, they might have a nice perfect shot. It would just go, right like this. When
you’re in a wheelchair, sometimes, depending on your disability and your strength, sometimes
you kind of have to get more momentum, you know. So like, I’m shooting a free throw,
it’s fifteen feet. I might have to, and I’ll go ahead and take a shot here. You’ll see
how I have to get some momentum and flip my wrist. So, this is the lay up, you might be
coming down the floor, full speed, someone’s chasing you, they, you don’t want them to
block your shot, so, you shoot a scoop shot, like that. You know, if I’m going to take
a shot, in fact I’ll square up like I was going to take a shot. So, if I’m here in the
wing, and I get a pass, and I, I go to take a shot, of course, if somebody bumps my chair,
that’s a foul, maybe. In, if you go watch an MBA team and somebody goes to take a shot,
there’s a lot of body contact. The wheelchair’s kind of like the body. If you go take a shot
and somebody’s at your arm, of course, that’s a foul. But, so it’s really the same game.
We do a lot of pick and roll, where, you know we get the wheelchairs in the way of each
other, but, you know, it’s just the same game. You still got to be able to shoot the ball
and make the basket.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Thanks man this helped alot i have a basketball game in school tomorrow im agains people that walk thanks again man god bless u

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