A backhand, like your forehand, you could
either hit a top spin, now in wheelchair tennis, I’ve never seen a two-handed backhand, because
on your feet you can hit a two handed backhand and your feet are still moving. If you did
this in wheelchair tennis you wouldn’t be able to get where you are going but either
have a top spin, which you would hit the ball like that and create top spin, or if the ball
is lower more often, or into you, we hit a slice. But this is the backhand when you reach
over your body and hit the ball with, you know, your elbow and your wrist and you, like
this. Occasionally, in wheel chair tennis, a normal stroke will come up here. So, we
use that to create a lot of top spin. You just go like this, boom. So, you just bring
your racket over like this and you go, boom. And, that’s a real popular shot in wheelchair
tennis that I don’t think they use in able-bodied tennis as much, because you are like this
and you literally bring it over here, the ball is above your head, and you go like that.
So, that’s the backhand. But sometimes, you know, you don’t have time to set up the perfect
stroke. But, we hit a lot of balls at our feet in wheelchair tennis. But usually what
we do, maybe you could hit a ball right at me, usually what I do is I pull backwards.
So I pull backwards and just slap the ball like that because you don’t want it to get
into your feet. I’d prefer to move. So, this one’s coming at me. And, just kind of stay,
see, I didn’t have the chance to really completely back up and hit a; so it’s a lot of just,
you know, right here, this compact stroke. And I’m sure they have some of that in able
bodied tennis but it’s different.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Wheel Chair Tennis Tips : Wheelchair Tennis Back Hand Tips”

  1. the topspin backhand with the forehand side, is a mystry to me….
    I'm playing wheelchair tennis for 5 years now, competing also in international tournaments, but I just can not play this topspin, usually I like the slice more, but my topspin backhand (play it like federer ;-)) is also very nice…

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