– [Announcer] Welcome to the NatWest What’s Your Wicket championship. You submitted your unusual
wickets on Facebook and today we’ve put the
challenge to the pro’s. Our teams are Monty Panesar
and Ebony Rainford-Brent versus Freddie Flintoff
and Charlotte Edwards. – [Charlotte] Are you ready for this yeah? Monty and Ebony have a fist-bump You like to see that at
the start of the game. Will they be doing that
at the end of the game? Flintoff with that tin-foil ball. Beautiful cover drive by Ebony. Lovely middle. – [Player] Is that middle please? – [Announcer] Monty with the ukulele. Can he play it? No he can’t. – [Spectator] Ah Monty ! Come on! – [Announcer] Just watch Monty here. The foot movement, the head position, the hands towards the ball and the ukulele misses it. No surprise Monty. Now Charlotte with this beetroot. Dangerous ball. Ooh, it smashes Ebony right in the face. – Got a computer keyboard. – Monty’s chained to the keyboard. Oh that’s nice. Lovely Monty, nice timing. Copy and paste that one. – [Freddie] Rolled up, elastic band. – Freddie now with that rubber-band ball, bit of extra bounce. Oh, he’s bowled Ebony. On yer bike! It’s an absolute jaffa. Monty back with that ukulele. Caught and bowled. Monty and and Ebony out 26 for 2. Charlotte and Freddie need 27 to win. Ebony with the dog toy, shock! – [Spectator] Well played love! – [Freddie] Have we got a cagool? – [Announcer] Lovely weather for ducks. Ooh it nearly hits Flintoff in the chops. – [ Fielders] Six, six! – [Announcer] Here’s
Monty bowling at Charlotte with a frying pan. – [Monty] What a shot that is! Monty’s getting a pasting here. Freddie, just six required. Big swing. Huge six, he’s done it. – [Monty] What a shot that is. – What a performance, a great chase by Charlotte and Freddie
who win by two wickets. (upbeat music)

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Dennis Veasley

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