– We’re live. Oh, hey. What’s up? Is anybody even here? What’s up? – Hello. – 821 likes right now. What? We just barely started this thing. You guys must have been waiting. You saw it on Twitter. So, yes. Welcome back to What’s Inside. This is Lincoln. I’m Dan. I’m the one that did the intro this time, because we’re trying something new today. We are gonna go live. We are in Singapore. We’ve been here for a few days. We’ve done some live streams
on our other channel, and we also are gonna
do some awesome videos today and tomorrow from the F1 race, so get ready to see that, because it’s gonna be video
overload for the next week. – I’m so excited to go to the F1 race. I think it’s gonna be amazing. – It is gonna be fun. So, you guys hear us okay on here? Yeah? All right. Okay, so here’s what we’re doing. Two different things. One, we have this giant tennis ball that we didn’t plan. It was literally in our
apartment here in Singapore, and we saw it, we did a
little research on it, we were like, yes, we’re
gonna do a video on this, and then, the other part of this video is, we’re gonna have a little challenge. Both of us are wearing long sleeves, which are super hot. We’re both wearing jeans. We’re both wearing shoes. I’ve got Yeezy’s on. Lincoln has Lebron’s on. So, we got Yeezy’s and Lebron’s, but here’s what we’re gonna do. We are going to cut this
tennis ball in half. Once we cut it in half, we’ll have basically a hat, two different hats, and we want you guys to choose who of the two of us has to go, and jump in the pool. Get ready for this. This is the pool over here. It’s huge. And we’re gonna jump in the
pool with our clothes on. Just one of us. – [Lincoln] And with the tennis ball hat. – And with the tennis ball hat on. So, here’s what we need to do. Did it stop? It says it stopped. Okay, oh well. I’ll stop walking around. Here’s the deal. So, you need to do a hashtag. We actually have a Youtube engineer that is currently
monitoring all the comments, so I need you to do either #link, L-I-N-K. – Yeah. – Or #dab because D-A-B. That’s not my name, but all of you guys in our live stream
yesterday said that my name was Dab instead of Dan. – Don’t do #link ’cause I kinda don’t want to go into the pool, and I’m
kind of nervous about that, so do #dab Much better. Yeah! Do that, guys. Oh yeah, nice job. – Oh man, that’s a ton. So yeah, if there’s more #dab’s I’ll jump in the pool. If there’s more #link’s then Lincoln will jump in the pool. Got that? Sound good? Okay? Well, let’s get to this. Step one. Let’s cut open the world’s
largest tennis ball, but let me tell you a little
bit about this thing first. This tennis ball, they sell these at tournaments in like tennis tournaments like the US Open, they
did it in Singapore, this tournament called Singapore Finals, it’s where girls come
and they play tennis, so they’re these jumbo tennis balls, and then people autograph them>- [Lincoln] You’re like
completely blocking my face right here. – Right there. Lincoln is now a tennis
ball, if you can see. And so, basically, that’s
where these things come from. That’s where we found it, so Lincoln, show us what it does. Show us how you can bounce it, just so you can get an idea of this thing. – [Lincoln] This is
like a real tennis ball. It feels super fuzzy and things. – [Dan] So, it’s kind
of like a basketball. Check that out. So, yeah, kinda like a basketball. But it’s a tennis ball. Nice. Okay. All right, so there you go. That’s what these things are. That’s what these tennis balls do. So, time to cut this thing
open first, and then, if you leave a comment, let us know. Again, #dab #link and we’ll add ’em up and
decide who’s gonna jump in the pool with this thing on. So, and if you guys have any questions, put ’em on here. I can totally see your comments. There’s a ton of #dab’s. – Yeah. Nice job, guys. Keep it going! – Come on, guys. – Keep it going! – Come on, guys. – Keep it going! – Does that mean if I jump in, does that mean I have to
dab while I go in the pool? – No. – Maybe. All right, Lincoln. You hold the camera. You got this. You got this? You got this, buddy? (laughing) – I just like shaking it. – Here we go, let’s do this. Turn it around. Let’s do it this way. Okay. – Don’t know how to film. – So, Lincoln, hold it close. All right, we’re gonna get some help. Could someone help us film? Lincoln’s not comfortable
holding the camera, ’cause he gets really
shaky, like that, so, we got some help. Some random passerby
here, is gonna hold it. So, Wilson, giant ball. Check out how sharp this knife is. See if you can watch this. Gonna drop it. I didn’t do a very good job. I’m doing it again. Dropping it. Still didn’t work. – Here, let me try it! I’ve got the magic! – All right, go for it, bud. – The magic. – Terrible. That’s why we don’t let
Lincoln have knives. (laughing) So, I was totally ready to just slam it. What if I would have just gone through? If I go through, and I
stab my hand on this, guys, it’s gonna be like the
biggest Internet fail video of like, guy from What’s
Inside chops his hand, sticks a knife through his hand. It’s possible. It could happen here, or if I miss, and just stab my leg. This thing’s no joke. It’s sharp. – I think I’m gonna back up for this part. – I figured that would happen. All right, I’m gonna hold it like this. – Gonna back up. – Are you ready? You don’t have to back up, cameraman. I’m not gonna get ya. – [Cameraman] I’m scared. – I’m not gonna get you. All right, let’s get a
good close up on this as I cut it open. Little, there we go. Right. Oh, right there. You ready for this? This is super dangerous. Which way does the knife go? That way. Oh, did you hear that air come out of it? Nice. Dude, we’re coming. This knife works. – [Lincoln] Yeah, it kinda looks like it. – [Dan] I was impressed. Don’t look inside of it, yet, Lincoln. We’re gonna let the Youtube world see the world’s largest
tennis ball inside first. – [Lincoln] Okay, I’ll
go hide in the back. – [Dan] Cameraman is still scared, I can feel it. – [Cameraman] I’m terrified. Let’s get this done. (laughing) – [Dan] Boom. Check out Lincoln over there. – [Cameraman] He’s got the right idea. – [Lincoln] All right, last one. Boom. You’re good, Lincoln. – [Cameraman] Nice. – Wilson is cut in half. All right, Lincoln. Come on over, Bud. What’s Inside the world’s
largest tennis ball? I don’t really know if this is the world’s largest, but
I know it’s ginormous, and big, but, world’s largest title sounded better than jumbo and huge. – It seems like it’s rubber and air. – So, it’s basically rubber on the inside, just like, it’s more like a basketball. This is not what a tennis
ball is usually like inside. It has the nozzle like a basketball, but then, the felt on the outside really is like a real tennis
ball, so that’s interesting. When you see these things, it doesn’t have the same makeup as what a
regular tennis ball has. It basically just has, it’s like a basketball with felt on it. So, there you go. That’s What’s Inside
of a giant tennis ball. I’m gonna take the camera back. – [Lincoln] I think that
most people are saying dab. – Most people are saying dab. I’m gonna ask. We actually have somebody
from Youtube that’s here, that’s been monitoring the comments, so it’s the moment of truth. I’m gonna give you guys one more minute to add either dab or link, and then we’re gonna go ask Youtube which one was the most, but first, let’s take a question. Give us a question. Somebody give us a question, and you could still use
the hashtags if you want. We’ll answer a question before
one of us jumps in the pool. Please have it be Lincoln, please. – It’s not gonna be me. Dab, dab, everyone loves saying dab. – Why do you guys keep
saying dab all the time? It should be Lincoln. – No, someone said link. No, two people.
– There’s link’s. – Three, no! – All right, somebody’s, where’s the questions? No questions. Where are you guys? We’re at our apartments. That’s pretty cool. Why do you have Yeezy’s on? Because we cut them open in a video, and they were super comfy, even though they’re not really my style, and so I bought these. How old are you? 36. Lincoln’s ten.
– [Lincoln] I’m 18. – Somebody just said,
“Lincoln, are you scared “of the pool?” – No, I’m gonna have so
much fun in the pool, but the thing is, I don’t
really want to get wet, ’cause I’m in like my clothes, my funny clothes. – That’s fair. – This is a favorite shirt! – That’s fair, that’s fair. All right, man, you guys
are commenting a lot. Okay. Here we go. What’s the verdict? – Link, I mean dab, dab, dab!
– Who is it? Dude, what’s wrong with you guys? It’s me. You guys said it’s me. I have to jump in the pool with my hat on. Come over here, guys. There’s so many people in here. Can you give me a shout out. Coolgirlgaming33 There’s your shout out, you got it. Joshdangle Thanks for saying dab. Not really. What’s wrong with you? (laughing) All right, we’re walking over. Need our Wi-fi. Okay. Check out this pool, guys. That’s a huge pool. That is big. This is it. – [Lincoln] Are you jumping in? – What’s wrong with you guys? Why did you have to say
that I have to jump in? Okay. All right, would you
mind holding that camera? – [Cameraman] Absolutely. – Let’s try something. Let’s try this. Can you guys see it,
if we do it like that? Can you still hear me? Can you guys hear me in the comments? Earlier you were saying no. There’s all these random people. You guys are so funny. All right. Yeezy’s are not coming off. True Religion jeans are not coming off. I have a Sharpie in my. I’m signing it. I signed it, dab. #dab because you guys all chose me. – [Lincoln] Yeah, nice job, guys. Thank you all. – Do I have anything else in my pocket? Just a razor blade. Probably don’t need that. – [Cameraman] Probably don’t. Let’s take that. (laughing) – Dude. All right, guys. Thanks for watching our first
ever cutting something open, What’s Inside video. Not thanks for choosing me to
jump in with my clothes on. – Yeah, nice job, guys. I’m so proud of you guys. Always choose him, not me. Always. – All right, What’s Inside, over and out. Go ahead and push finish on that. See you guys. – Bye-Bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

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