– Kevin Durant, what’s up big boy? – [Dan] Becoming the most custom KD 4s ever.
(saw buzzing) – Can’t dribble around the whole time. (cheering) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we have a
special, special project. – It’s so special that
we’re wearing blue gloves. – They’re so pretty, huh? – Kevin Durant, the basketball
player, the Finals MVP, this is every single one of his shoes. We called our friends at Nike. They did hook us up
and let us come in here and get these out of the Vault. This is probably the first
time that all of these have been out, like seriously, I don’t know that they’ve
ever had these all out for one person to see it at the same time. So, thank you Nike for letting
us come up here and see this. Super cool.
– Thank you. This is like my favorite. – [Dan] Those are beautiful. Are you wearing your gloves?
– Amazing. Yes, I am. – [Dan] Okay. These came out of the DNA Archive Vault, so we have to be very
very careful with them. Don’t put ’em too close to your mouth. You might spit on them. Okay, so here’s the 10s,
these are the ones right here. – This is the size 18, too. – [Dan] Is it 18? Is that what he wears?
– 18. This is what size this one is. – [Dan] Whoa, that is so big. (instrumental R & B music) Put that up next to your shoe. What size shoe do you wear? – [Lincoln] Um, eight and a half. – (laughs) Oh, look how
ridiculous that looks. If you are shoe fan or a sneakerhead, hopefully you can
appreciate how amazing it is that we were able to come here and see all these shoe in one place. We’re gonna cut open one of these shoes, an exclusive pair. After looking at them all, I
think it’s gonna be the KD 4s. They are the most exclusive. They’re the most desired. If we can get our hands
on the Nerf Edition of the KD 4s–
– Yeah. – We’re gonna totally do
it and cut those ones open and compare it to the KD 10s
and see what’s inside of it. This makes me extra excited. I feel like so much more
knowledgeable about the KD shoes. We got to touch them.
– Yes. – Did you hurt any of ’em? – I don’t didn’t. – If given a chance to be able
to shot against Kevin Durant, how well do you think you’d do? – He would make every single one. I would miss every single one. – Would you like to do that though? – Yeah.
– Okay. We’re gonna try to do that guys. So, this is one of the coolest
adventures we’ve been on. – The coolest! – It starts in Beaverton, Oregon and now we need to head to L.A. and check out, Kevin
Durant, the man himself. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) It’s a few days later. We are at the YouTube Space in L.A. This is pretty cool,
this Lincoln’s first time being here.
– Really cool. – I think this is like the London room. There’s like, London, London. – Kevin Durant is not here yet. He should be here in about 20 minutes. So, we are going to film a
livestream for his channel. When we are at Nike, we got
to see all of those shoes from every era of all
his 10 years of shoes. We went home. We did some more research. I found the perfect shoes. (laughs) we got these
things on the internet. They are the most exclusive of all the Kevin Durant shoes.
– This is just amazing. (upbeat music) Oh, this is metal! What? (clicking) – [Dan] That’s a cool little shoe thing.
– Whoo! – There are not that many pairs of these that have been made. And these are the most
exclusive KD shoes possible. So, we got ’em in size 9. Luckily we found some that we could buy. We are gonna have Lincoln
put on these shoes and wear them before we cut ’em open. So Lincoln and him can do, like maybe, a little one-on-one or something? And maybe ask him, are
these every coming back? These KD 4 Nerf Edition, (ethereal music)
I know Lincoln’s putting them on right now. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings. – Wait why would that hurt their feelings? They’re shoes. – Oh man, I can’t believe
you’re wearing those! You shouldn’t be wearing them. They’re collector’s editions. You know what? They’re shoes. If you’re gonna wear exclusive shoes, you might as well wear ’em the one time you’re with Kevin Durant. – I tie my shoes very very good. Oh yeah.
– Yes! (basketball dribbling) – I might block you hard. – [Dan] That would be sweet. [Lincoln] No, I’m pretty
sure you are going to. – Y’all play much? – Yeah.
– Uh, yeah. I play a bit. – Let me see what your shot looks like. – [Lincoln] I shoot with two hands. (background chatter) – [Kevin] I use two. (basketball dribbling) Oh, yeah. You know who else uses
two hands like that? There’s a lot of players
who shoot different. – [Lincoln] I am a left-hand. – We got some VR situations going on, so if you guys have the
VR headsets stuff at home, feel free to throw them on. You’re here to see this guy, Kevin Durant. What’s up big boy? – What’s up brother, how ya doin’? – We have a few YouTubers in the house. We’re gonna throw you into the frying pan. First up on deck, we’re
gonna take you over to Lincoln and Dan from What’s Inside? What’s up guys? – [Kevin] Hi fellas? What’s going on? – I’m Lincoln. This is my Dad, Dan. – [Kevin] Hi fellas. – [Dan] Thank you. – [Lincoln] And we cut stuff
open for our YouTube channel. – [Kevin] Oh yes, I already know. – I love your KD 10 shoes. So today we’re gonna cut those open, but we’d like to have a little fun first. So, I was thinking maybe, a little challenge?
– Cool, really? – Lincoln versus the Finals MVP. – [Kevin] Alright. – How does that sound?
– Okay. – Take it to him, don’t let– – [Kevin] Oh, you want me to guard you? – Uh, I don’t know about that. You know how to keep your hands in your pocket the whole time? (basketball dribbling) Oh, boy.
– You gotta shoot it, brother. You can’t dribble around the whole time. (cheering) – [Dan] Oh, what was that. – First time somebody’s
ever scored on me, bro? (everyone laughing)
Good job, man. – Okay, so, we’re gonna
cut open the KD 10s. Hope you don’t mind, that we’re gonna destroy your shoes.
– No, let’s do it. – We gotta see what’s inside of it and learn a little bit about it. So we also brought an
expert in shoe design. This is Leo Chang, for those
of you that are watching. He’s designed every
single Kevin Durant shoe from one to 10 and all of the little in betweens too, right?
– Yes. – Would you mind taking off your shoe? Can we use your actual shoe? – You’re gonna cut–
– Mine? – His actual shoe? – (laughs) Yeah.
– These? – Those ones right there.
– These are fresh, bro. Right out of the box. (laughing) – Even better. – [Kevin] C’mon man. – Okay.
– Wow. – [Kevin] Just one? – [Dan] Just one is good. Just one.
– Just one. – Alright, let me sign it, too.
– Alright, here you go. Got a little sharpie here. – Right there, cut open the signed– (pen scribbles) – [Dan] I love it. – [Lincoln] Oh yeah. – Okay, so these are the KD 10s. These are a little bit
bigger than the ones I wear. I’m 11 and these are like 18. – Yeah. – [Kevin] (laughs) I
was like, “You’re 18?” – [Lincoln] I’m even smaller, I’m 9. – Tell us a little bit about the shoe, like from the outside of it? What is unique about the KD 10 versus– I’m sure the shoe has evolved over the years, right?
– Yeah. Um, it’s amazing man, like,
it’s really just trying to evolve with Kevin
and his game, you know? And so we started out with a leather shoe. Basically on the One, right?
– Yeah. – And we had like a forefoot Zoom bag. That’s it. And now we’re at this point on a 10, where it’s his championship level shoe. We had just a small little
airbag in the front, but now this is full length.
– It’s giant. – Yeah.
– The whole thing is there. – That’s what I wanna cut
into, see if it makes a pop when I cut into the Zoom Air. You ready to cut this open, Lincoln?
– I am. – Do you wanna do the honors? – [Lincoln] No. – No, okay, why don’t you go over here. (everyone laughing)
– I just need some glasses. And then– – Alright. Put these on guys. – I’m just gonna walk over
a bit and now I’ll be safe. – Today, safety is first. – [Leo] Safety first. – Alright, guys. Here we go, this is live,
so, if I lose a finger, you’re watching it live and this is really real.
– Oh wow. – [Man Off-Camera] Step back. (motor rumbling)
– EMTs are standing by. – [Leo] You cut through the signature and everything? – [Dan] We’re cutting right
through the signature. I did not anticipate he was
gonna sign it right there, but it’s live, here we go. (saw buzzing) Alright, blade. Oh, yeah, now we’re going through. – [Kevin] Oh, sick, oh! (fabric tearing) – [ Lincoln] Oh ho ho! – [Dan] Getting close to the fingers. (popping) – Whoa!
– Oh yeah. – [Lincoln] It’s ripped. – [Dan] Very close. A little bit further. (saw screeching)
– There you go. – [Dan] This (Lincoln laughs) a little too tall for it. Oh yeah!
(Lincoln cheers) We got ’em.
– Oh wow. – [Dan] The thing that I
think is crazy about this is, if you feel it, the stuff you see inside the air pocket is not rubber. This feels like it’s thin, thin
silk or something, so what? – [Lincoln] That’s what I thought it was. – So, you guys, I saw your guys’ video. You guys had the VaporMax and you cut right through it. Right?
– Mhmm. The most air ever in a Nike Air shoe. Yeah, so this really is just air pockets. – And there was basically just hollow, it was like a hollow chamber. – Right.
– Well, Zoom Air’s a little different. Zoom Air actually has these
tinsel fibers on the inside that actually for the
first time ever on the KD, we actually had it vary from
really thick in the heel to a little bit thinner in the front. So this fiber actually allows
the bag to keep it’s shape and also gives it this amazing bouncy kind of feel.
– Okay. – [Leo] Have you ever seen
your shoe cut up like that? – Never, that’s why I’m just
like staring at it, man. It’s uh– – [Dan] Have you ever felt
the actual tinsel in it? – No, it’s the first time. And you know, these
really, really do a lot for me out on the court, so yeah. It’s cool to see it broken down like this. – Alright, we got the
KD 4s, the Nerf Edition. These are the most exclusive pair of Nike KDs that they have. Do you think they’ll ever
come back in a retro edition? Leo? – Maybe?
– Maybe! All these maybes, all these maybes! Some collectors are gonna say, “Don’t destroy an exclusive shoe “that’s like totally rare!”
– Yeah. I’m saying the same thing but– – The way I look at it, like, we’re gonna have these on our wall at our house.
– Exactly. – Lincoln scored a basket. – Different way to keep them.
– Against KD. And it’s signed.
– Oh yeah, it was great. – That means a lot to us. KD 4s, Nerf Edition. Becoming the most custom KD 4s, ever. (saw buzzing) (ethereal music) (saw screeching) – Yeah!
– Alright. They don’t have the filament stuff. – No.
– Oh, it does in the front, a little bit. It has a little bit of that pocket, in the front.
– Oh, yeah yeah yeah. – Where it has that little air. I mean you can’t see it from
the outside, like the 10s, but you can definitely see it. – Down there, there.
– Oh yeah, just a little. – So you can take a look
at the 4s versus the tens. Look at all the different filament. Look how long this line
is, of the air pocket. This one has the air
pocket just right there. This is the FlyKnit technology. Even though this shoe is
double the size of this one, they feel about the same size. One of the things that Nike’s
been trying to do is try to increase the technology, so he can be quicker, jump higher. Hey, it was a pleasure. – Yeah man, lotta fun.
– Thank you. – Thanks for letting Lincoln shoot on you. – Oh, yep, next time I’m blocking that shot.
– So much fun. – Be sharp. (laughing) – Alright, the madness is over and there’s like fifty people in here that livestreamed this feed. If you haven’t watched it go watch it on KD’s channel right now. – I scored on him.
– It was pretty sweet. – I mean, you probably already saw that, but he was trying. He was pushing on me so hard! That in the last seven years
at like basketball camp, this kid has never scored on him. – What?
– He swatted at him, every single time. – Every time?
– Every single time. – I did not hear that. That is cool. That was pretty sweet. We’re heading out. I hope you enjoyed this video. Go check out KD’s video right now. It’s down below.
– How are we gonna get like the shoes and the box home? – I don’t know how we’re
gonna get these home but we’re doing it. (Dan laughs)
– We are. (silence) He would make every single one, I would miss every single one. (cheering) – Next time I’m blocking that shot.
– That was fun. – Be sharp. (laughing) – [Director] That’s a wrap
everyone, good job to everyone. (clapping)

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  3. I'm Rowan and I think that is a big wast of shoes im a pretty poor kid and I have really old bad convers and it is so old and if I was doing that I wood die I am really mad looking at this it makes me sick

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