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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What’s inside ILLEGAL Golf Balls?”

  1. There are PVC pipe cutters in America. I asked a Home Depot employee and she said they had PVC pipe cutters.

  2. At like 5:57 the golf glove is really baggy and loose it should be really tight if not too tigh cuz it give u a better feel with out any creases getting in the way

  3. Comments about Lincolns voice | 60%

    Comments about the video | 23%

    Comments about other things | 27%


  4. This is possibly older than Lincoln” Rick 2019

    (Lincoln’s thoughts: that makes me sound old!!!)

    Lincoln’s speech: “Oh”

  5. Lincoln sometimes sounds like a girl to be honest…i dont know if thats because he's nazzle or just a 6 year old in a 12 year old body

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  7. Damn i watched this like where they cut macbooks up and stuff and lincoln was like idk a little kid hella excited now i watch it a few years later and lincoln is already voice cracking

  8. one time my grandma while tending to her farm, a golf ball from the sky landed to her farm and our island has no golf course

  9. it literally says DUNLOP on the ball, but yet you pronounce it DUNLAP and pronounce it DUNLAP. bro i literally can’t deal with how irritating that is

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