– Inside of this Nike bag
are a pair of shoes from 2009 that are super rare and so unique, the NBA has banned them from
players being able to use them. They are supposed to give you
such a competitive advantage that the NBA said, “absolutely not.” Lincoln is going to try ’em out. He’s coming to basketball practice today. So, these are the shoes by
Athletic Propulsion Labs. They are from 2009. These are the Concept
1’s, size 10 for Lincoln. They are green on green. Open ’em up, let’s see these bad boys. We’ve got this nice bag. – Whoa, very green! Oh, very, very, very green! (laughs loudly) – The greenest shoes you’ve ever seen. Here’s the story behind these. The Boston Celtics wanted to wear these in the 2009 playoffs, and in order to get a shoe approved, you have to go to the NBA. The NBA took two weeks and
they came back and said, “No, this gives them a
competitive advantage.” When they tested these on average people, the basketball players on
average were able to increase their vertical by three inches. These are men that are not
in the greatest of shape. Three inches of increase
in their vertical. We’re gonna see what it’s like on Lincoln. Let us know in the comments if
you’ve heard of these things: shoes that are banned by the NBA. (electronic dance music) You better be dunking today. That’s all I’m gonna say. Okay, go get it. Go get it, little guy. (electronic dance music) (bouncing springs) Can’t really tell that
he’s jumping any higher. I dunno how good of a test
this is with his vertical. He’s only 12 years old, but I will say, out of all of the 50 kids
that are here right now, I can spot him quicker than any other kid. (electronic dance music) Thoughts on the shoes? – They just feel like
normal, uncomfortable, 20-dollar basketball shoes. – 20-dollar! Let me just say they were not $20. So, these are your shoes, and if you look on the
bottom of them, they say, “Load ‘N Launch”. So, this is the section right here where all of the technology is that makes you jump higher. It’s been like eight years since the Celtics wanted to use these, and I haven’t seen anybody else come out with shoes like this. They used the ban by
the NBA to drive sales and to make these a hot
commodity on the market. So, this is the shirt that
comes with it in the box. Puttin’ this on right now. – Bam!
– Banned by the NBA. We are banned, that’s
how cool these shoes are. – So, I’m doing a school
project on these shoes and when I was Googling
for some more information, today I saw all of the information
for the Kanye West shoes. I was like, “did that just happen?” – Kanye West has some Yeezy’s that he made for basketball season and they haven’t had it
reviewed by the NBA yet, but the word is that an
NBA official has said if they come up for review,
it’s going to be rejected, and the reason why is
because right along this area there’s a really shiny part,
that if light shines on it, it could get in people’s eyes and could be really distracting. (screaming) – Are you okay? – No looking, keep your eyes shut! – Because of that, they’re banning it. Where with this one, I
think what happened is the NBA only had a few
weeks to make a decision. The Celtics came to them
near the end of the season before the playoffs, and it
was just kind of too late. Athletic Propulsions Lab just was like, “Boom, banned by the NBA,
press, everything is great.” So… (retracts knife) Should we start here? – No. – Should we just cut out the circle?
– Just cut around the circle. – We’ll cut around it. Watch it like, explode with air. Launch ‘n Load, baby. Okay, that shoe’s gone. (upbeat swing music) Here we go, here we go. (blade snaps) – Seems like we’re so close! It wants to come out,
it’s kind of pushing. (blade snaps) – We might need to go in
from a different direction. – Like what? – From right here. (fabric scraping) – You know, you could’ve
just taken the shoe lace out like, nice and carefully. – What? Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe I didn’t do that. Here’s the inside of the shoe. Wrah, here’s the sole of it. – Pew! – So, here’s the top,
completely opened up. Here’s the actual sole and then it’s pink.
– Oh, it’s pink! – That’s cool. – This is the brightest
colored shoe you will ever see. – Green and pink. How can I get into here? Let me in, Let me in, APL, Apple. I definitely feel something underneath. Just need to be able to get this foam off. – Oh, I might be able to pull that out. (shoe smacks blades) Nice. – We are in. We are in the section where
the thing is: it’s a square. I could tell when I’m just
cutting around that circle. I could tell that it was
like, a square type thing, and that’s why I kinda
gave up on the bottom, cuz I’m like, “I think there’s more than just a circle.” What’s that? A square. So, there’s the soft plastic. This is like the foam
that goes throughout it. This is much harder plastic right here. This is where the Launch
‘n Load technology is. This is quite the process. If you look from this side, you can see it looks like
there are eight holes. – Oh. You made it through
the cable, I think. (tears off plastic) – Oh, look at the circle!
– Yes! It’s out of the shoe! What is it? What is the technology that makes you jump higher? It’s this, has this hard plastic. Okay, so… interesting. So, it sits in your shoe and then right here,
it’s really interesting, it’s like a hinge on a door. See that? – Whoa, it’s like a nail. – Now let’s see if I
can cut open the plastic just through the foam, just a little bit. (swing music into orchestral chord) Oh! Are you kidding me? – Springs, springs, springs. – There are real, actual springs in here. (laughs) Wow, whoa, wow! Look at that! We confirmed springs in your shoes. (applause) Oh, man. – Springs inside of these shoes that I wore playing basket ball. – That is pretty dang funny. They don’t go very far. It’s hard to believe that this would provide you with enough lift. Let me open up the rest of
it here and I’ll show you. Look at all those you have, the six, big springs, and then you have the two mini springs. The foam in there that’s like a… way softer foam, like a bouncier foam. This is the contraption that they put a lot of thought into this. Whether it works or not,
you gotta applaud them for trying to think
outside the box and say, “How can we improve the
performance of shoes?” Also, from a weight perspective, shoes are getting much lighter these days. – This one, when I was playing basketball, it felt pretty heavy.
– Yeah. – Felt a lot heavier
than like, these Curry’s. They’re super light.
– And it makes sense, because you’ve got this
plastic hinge in here, and you’ve got a bunch of metal inside of the sole of your shoe. So, would you wear shoes that
have springs inside of them and do you agree that NBA
should ban something like this? – I think that they should. – There are many reasons
why the NBA would ban shoes. Performance is one of them, or with the Kanye West
Yeezy’s for this year, it’s the aesthetics. It’s a distraction from the court, so… – I wanna go see those Yeezy’s. – I know, we’re gonna go
take a look at those Yeezy’s and see what they look like, and maybe if they actually make them and we can get our hands on some, let us know if you want us to cut ’em open and see
what’s inside of them. Send this video to somebody
that loves basketball and if you haven’t,
subscribe to our channel for more awesome What’s Inside content. See ya. – Bye! (electronic dance music) I’ve got the magic. Rise! (shoe falls) (smacks paper) – Way to go. Good job, Lincoln. – Do it!

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