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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Swingless Golf Club?”

  1. Who else remember when they cut open a rattlesnake!!! I miss the old Lincoln 😂 but the be lincoln ain’t to bad 😮

  2. Saws right next to his foot without any protection….seems totally safe. Maybe he wanted to reveal whats inside his foot?

  3. not that i can do anything about it but you completely leaked that home adress i found that thing on google earth in 2 seconds. dont know whose house it is but completely exposed

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  6. Really was interesting until you went with all the crazy crap. Too bad, as those that can't swing a club would have benefited from seeing at least a few holes played.

  7. Why did Jerryrigeverything pop up in the corner of my screen, is he watching me, I’m scared send help, he’s putting me in his bas-

  8. Nice video but i think you could spend some time at harbor freight and get a few tools. You could have easily opened the club head with a few basic tools. Just a thought.

  9. Where can I get this cause my dad hurt his back and his knee doing golf with me and I have wanted to play golf with him ever since

  10. I'm not much for golf, but I could see this changing my opinion. I'm disabled and use a wheelchair which makes gold kind of difficult sometimes but this could completely change that.

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