Throw it at me buddy, I’m just going to hit it with this hatchet just don’t want to hit Welcome back to What’s Inside I’m Lincon and this is Dan and today we have a cube It’s a basketball trainer, this is our weirdest basketball video that we’ve ever done, its weird. It’s like a basketball, but it’s a cube, and we’ve got a hatchet and this cube but You know we’re gonna destroy you guys remember our video that we did with the Wilson X basketball we got our friends B and J here have you ever seen one of these I’ve never seen a cube before but It’s a cube with the Q not a C. Lincoln shoots with two hands when he shoots he’s a good shooter. Like that But if he wants to become a better basketball player and a more long-term be a better basketball player Shooting with one hand now that he’s getting strong enough is essential and maybe there’s a lot of you kids that are like that too Where you shoot with two hands or a lot of parents that your kids are like? Eli right now is shooting around 90% free-throw range with eighty nine point five eighty nine point five most I was rounding But he is in the top 30 of free-throw percentage Shooters in the entire, NC double-a right now and it’s more than halfway through the season so those numbers are legit This isn’t like Game one Lincoln is a pretty good ballplayer been playing since first grade. He’s no Elijah Bryant, but We’re gonna do a couple things We just filmed a video on their channel Where we went through and Elijah just taught Lincoln a ton of stuff, and I can feel Lincoln’s mindset. It’s getting bigger already. Yeah Learning how to shoot with one hand so the cube shoots straight shoot proper That’s the claim we’re gonna test this that thing out and see if it really works And then we’re gonna cut it open and see like what is in there does it have anything else other than just Styrofoam So let’s go check it out on the basketball court and try it and see how it works you missed what the heck That was supposed to be a really cool transition We’re thinkin hits it, but obviously we need to go practice with the cube And then he’ll hit it every time so the idea behind this which I think is pretty smart And we’ll link a video that I originally saw that has like 800,000 views of a girl that never played basketball before Within a few minutes learning how to shoot properly early seventies went from 25% to 75% totally scientific Astounding. Yes astounding is the word they used So it is an astounding turnaround, but basically what you do is down here there is this little dot you put your hand on that side and You put it up on your arm And it helps you you got to think okay get your elbow straight if Eli told us that you need to keep the you want To shoot from your ear your thumb by your ear with thumb by the eye so you want to go right here And get it by the eye witch helps you follow through And with this you’re not really gonna go and shoot with two hands, but you’re gonna want to put your hand on the side Which with the basketball I know it’s round, but that’s what you want to do This is your guide hand to make sure it doesn’t get all over the place we are going to get Lincoln and Janelle right here we’ve got two of these let’s do a couple, make sure that you’ve got your weight that’s so weird, when you pass it like it’s weird All right now stay where you are, stay right here take an actual basket ball put you hand the way you had it so there’s the idea, you put one hand on it that way and you put the exact same on the side and then you are going to do the same thing just flick it up there easy, don’t break the backboard alright What is the benefit of shooting with one hand versus you it’s like because Lincoln is a good shot he can make a shot considering I shot with two hands before i think the benefit is Your consistency and the shot time it takes to get off so if you’re shooting with two hands It kind of launch and load, but if you’re hands are already ready like this Go like that and with shooting with two hands You don’t know maybe one hand might go this way this time it would want that but if you’re shooting with one hand like this This hands always gonna be up like this as shown on this block, and this one’s always gonna be down, right You know the same motion I like to think about people like Dirk Nowitzki like his shots unguardable almost like he’s way up here and he releases up there You’re shooting at two hands. There’s only so high you can go and you’re out in front It’s easier to block when we did the video with Kevin Durant Lincoln was warming up like before we actually filmed it and he’s like I Shoot with two hands. He’s like that’s okay. I know lots of guys who shoot with two hands So it’s not necessarily the worst thing if you shot it to him Shawn Marion violating every guy to proper jump shooting balance ball position arm extension Shawn Marion shot with two hands he shot like this But you saw how long it took get shot off. He had to launch and load so it’s easy to block It’s better to shoot with one hand already when I like get in the motion of like two hands my hand just feels like it wants to go to the other place And just from the practical yeah, so I’m not gonna I’m not ready to crown this the champion of teaching you how to shoot with one hand This guy is a pretty good teacher And he taught Lincoln a ton so go over to their channel to EB and J subscribe if you haven’t already and leave a comment About what thing with basketball you are having issues with that you’d like EB and J to make a video about exact Would you like this to do a review on the LeBron shoes or do you want to see how to make three or do you? or do you want to see Lincoln dunk? so come over to us thumbs up for Lincoln dunking. Maybe a bit later… Alright the last thing that we need to do is of course We need to see what’s inside of this thing in destroy it. is it really just a foam block We gotta hatchet We’ve got a hatchet. We’ve got the cube. We’re looking for a place to destroy this thing I don’t want to do on the wood floor look at this Jimmer shot This guy was the national basketball caller College Player of the Year Lincoln met him a few times It’s kind of legend if you want to know Lincoln’s password for anything is 32 because of Jimmer Okay, so here’s my idea all right. There’s the cube Eli you like throw it at me, buddy. I’m just gonna hit it with this hatchet Do you have like baseball stuff There’s a dent in it. Did it do anything?
Little bit. Alright I got to try a little harder, Gotta hold on to that hatchet this is ridiculous. this this thing is thick Did I get the same spot twice what what the chance is that Oh? Oh no I did’t Last attempt at this. Lincoln you are like right in the space. Like if I miss with this hatchet it is coming right down look out come over this way Okay this is a little much. What has this video come to? Right there is the target zone What is in there Maybe looks like it’s just compressed Maybe Styrofoam is nothing I’d be here with the hatchet. I brought the wrong tool. It’s the only thing I brought. the struggle in here guys Lincoln retired from shooting tired from hatchet We’ve got pieces of styrofoam Oh Looks a little different the middle there’s some glue look There’s some sort of glue inside it Maybe it’s not all styrofoam or maybe there’s a different type in there. It feels like styrofoam past the blue though Still going though the counter is not over look how much progress you’ve made. I don’t know use Your big muscles oh don’t hurt yourself oh look at that oh Wow Okay great styrofoam with a little bit of I guess Why did it do that? Maybe it’s like two layers of styrofoam. Oh like there? Maybe there’s a line right there? Just multiple layers I can confirm. It looks like Little Rock’s yeah, that’s Styrofoam the inside of the cube is Styrofoam, and I don’t know how many hits it took, but it only took one rip with Eli’s bare hands Astounding. Probably should have been the tool we went with at the beginning Okay, a basketball training, cube. We did it we saw it. We learned basketball tips. We saw what’s inside of this thing. Styrofoam! If you want a Styrofoam thing we’ll put a link in the description. Maybe it’s called, cube. I like it I think it serves a purpose even though it is just styrofoam It’s good to practice if it if it helps somebody to practice harder at shooting with one shot And it helps them be more diligent. It’s a good thing and so yeah Let’s get Elijah to 90% free-throw shooting by the end of the season I think it’s possible he’s not going into March Madness and Go check out the channel if you haven’t already and let us know what other basketball type training things should we do? now lets clean this up. good luck buddy. No! Don’t throw it everywhere. Realy though We should probably pick it up because this Eli’s home base while you’re deciding which video to click on tell me really quick What’s your guess? How many times? Did I use the hatchet they hit that thing go? 40 no 50, 43:54 I’m gonna say 73 there you go. Thanks for watching guys go check out their video right now

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