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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Whats inside a Metal Core Golf Ball?”

  1. Metal Golf ball, Farting ball, Exploding ball, topGolf ball, 2016 top balls…We have cut open A LOT of balls. Which one is your favorite?

  2. What's Inside,
    Do a videoreview on your Tesla Model X. Compare the things that you like between your Model X and Models S. Anyone 2nd the motion?

  3. I threw a golf ball up at night, and I looked up, and boom!,, popes me in my tooth. my front one. had a root canal, and stuff. grow up tooth. it sucks

  4. pls guys.. take care while creating ur videos. don't drive while making videos. it may cause u some serious damage. it's a request from ur fan…

  5. I love that they come from the same state as me.

    I recognized where they were driving just from that mountain and the fact I travel that way frequently.

  6. I was thinking a metalcore golf ball would have a bit of an emo-style to it, some dude screaming, one guy singing in a feminine manner about his feelings, and some rather mediocre fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk.

    But you disappointed me once again.

  7. Whats inside please cut open a pair of ALTEC LANSING bluetooth and water proof earbuds. I got a pair for my birthday on February 12 and i got the flu 4 days until my birthday and my grandma got me a pair thay work amazing and thay sound like im right thar with you and Lincoln so please cut open the ALTEC LANSING bluetooth waterproof earbuds and give me a shout out please for my birthday i sad the aame thing on your family chanel.

  8. The ball is the straightest ball I have ever played.  The trade off is distance, although not bad, and high accuracy.  The key is to hit the fairway,.

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