– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. And today we’re gonna cut
open a levitating light. – The whole theme of this
video’s going to be around light. So a few week’s ago we
told you that we were going to go to Iceland. And the cool thing about Iceland is that I have a great, great
grandfather that actually was one of the first
16 people to come from Iceland and become permanent
settlers in America and the place where they
were permanent settlers is right here in Spanish Fork, Utah and that’s what this memorial is. That our video starts at a lighthouse. We’re gonna watch an awesome performance by LGTV on about the northern lights. And then we’re gonna cut
open this levitating light and see how it works
because it looks awesome. – I am so excited to go to Iceland. I think it’ll be awesome. – So here goes the adventure. Let’s get to Iceland. – Okay, let’s go. (dramatic music) – We made it to Iceland. It’s been a fun day, we
flew the entire night and then we rented a
car, we went to the hotel and then we couldn’t get in yet, it was gonna be five hours til we could get into the hotel so we went on a drive. We drove three hours out
here to this waterfall and Lincoln is still asleep. Poor little guy, he’s just exhausted. (dramatic music) There’s so much beauty
here and it’s so amazing it’s almost like a different planet. – I love it, it is. On some of the drive it looked
like you were on the moon. – We’re actually on the top of our hotel. LG though it’d be a cool
idea to use their 4K OLED tvs to show the northern lights. And so they filmed it this last winter. Now they’re gonna show it
tonight with a concert. What did you think Lincoln? How was that? – That was so cool. Those TVs, there were so many of them It was crazy. – Okay you’ve learned
enough about Iceland. I think it’s about time
that we get into this light. – And what you came for. – Wo, – Okay – Here is the set up. I have this cord that goes
all the way over to here. I have all these different
European adapters and US adapters and I have it plugged in and then it fits perfectly to here on the edge of the building. We could probably do this
at home a lot easier, but – A lot easier – [Voiceover] We’re in
Iceland, let’s do this. We got mosquitoes coming to find us. – [Voiceover] I got it first try. – [Voiceover] First try. Look at that, oh man that’s cool. A beautiful view of Iceland. Beautiful view of the levitating light. Oh yeah, how do you turn the light on? Do you touch the thing? I took the sticker off. I think you touch it
somewhere, aahh, wooohoooo That was so close. There’s no people down there. Ahhhh, that’s the light. – [Voiceover] What – [Voiceover] You touch it, hahah Good to know you have to
touch it in that spot. That random spot right over there. – First that it levitates,
that’s an amazing thing. Second you touch part of the wood and the light turns on and off. That’s insane. – [Voiceover] How does that even work? Alright buddy I’m thinking
that we just cut it like right along there, woo what was that. (drilling noise) – What just happened? – The power here is way too much. I need like a converter. – We might be going back home. – Ahhh I might have broke this. So razor blade it is. Not my best tool option
but I’m goin for it. I’m gonna cut this wood,
oop, look cuz it’s metal. Waaaa, hahah, I don’t
know why that’s so funny. Such a little kid some times. We’re making progress Lincoln,
we’re making progress. Yes, look at that, we’re in. I see the magnet part. – [Lincoln] There’s where
you turn the light on. – [Dan] Oh, boom, we are in
to the magnet powerhouse. Look at this thing, it is intense. We’ve gotta try it and
see if it still works. Success – [Lincoln] See if we can
turn the light on from this. – [Dan] Oooooo, light still works. How does the power go from down in here up into there to turn that on? What trips it to make it know Lincoln? – Uh, that’s complicated science. – [Dan] Yeah it is, okay (laughing) aaaaaahhh, well it still turns on. Oooww, hey we’ve got a
problem, we can’t really get in to this guy without, I don’t even know how to get into it. We should just probably, I’m gonna let Lincoln destroy it. (crash) holy moly, it went over there. It’s stuck on the wall. Okay so what did it do, how’s the damage? – It just bent this metal. – [Dan] We needed more force. Lincoln’s not strong enough. Have you ever seen those videos where people like take Iphones
and do 100 foot drop tests off buildings? – Yeah – [Dan] Yep, well this
looks like about 100 feet off the ground, all
right 100 foot drop test to see if we can get inside of this thing, off the building. – Three, two, one (crash) We got into it. – [Dan] We got into it, I see it. I can see the inside of it. (laughing) – How did that work? – [Dan] Okay Lincoln, run down there and get it and come back. Hurry, hurry Lincoln. – How do you get down there? – [Dan] Just go down to the bottom and run around the building. Go, run, you’re not running. (upbeat music) Run! I don’t know why he chose that way, but I see him. Go Lincoln, run. – I got it. – [Dan] You got it. Bring it all up. – Okay – [Dan] There’s a door
right there to get in. Alright Lincoln you made
it, what do you got. – Good size magnet and then
little chip that must be how to turn the light on. – [Dan] So this coil,
the power must conduct through the air into that coil and into that chip. I’ve gotta say I think
that’s pretty amazing. – Yeah – [Dan] Yes – [Lincoln] Well I love
levitating things for some reason. It just looks so cool. – [Dan] It just, it just feels like magic. Even though it’s just magnets, I know people are gonna be
like it’s just magnets, it’s magic, it’s cool and how creative of these people that get a light to have these coils to
find a way to turn on. Amazing scientists out there, I love this. This is very similar to our
levitating speaker videos. If you haven’t seen that we’ll put a link in the description. We have a second channel
where we’re going to do some behind the scenes, Q and A’s. – Some random and very funny things. – We do some goofy
things when we travel so we’d love to share that with you guys. You guys have really asked for it. What we’d like to do
first is have a Q and A. So if you can go in the comments below, if you have some
questions that you’ve been wandering for the last year about us, about our channel, about
how it got started, whatever questions it is
leave it in the comments below and we will do a Q and A very soon on the other channel and answer some of your questions that you leave. So thanks so much for watching
and I’ll talk to you soon.

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Dennis Veasley

74 thoughts on “What’s inside a Levitating Light?”

  1. I'm going to go on a plane I'm excited because it's my first time on a plane and I'm also kind of scared so it's kind of like the emotion that you get on the first day of school you know you're excited that you're going to meet new friends and you're going to want new things but at the same time you're kind of nervous because you have a history of really not doing well in school or something and once you get through your first week or two of school it kind of works out ☺️

  2. actually the magnets make the light light..because the wires are attach to the magnets and the magnetism has the electricity to light up the bulb when a wire is attached to a magnet

  3. The magnet is for the levitation and the coil is for the electromagnetic inductive coupling to power the LEDs in the bulb part.

  4. With materials I found at home I made a device that does not levitate but if you hold the parts about 1 inch apart a surprising amount of power does get across

  5. Dan did you see that when you move the lightbulb that levitate light turn little bit low because of the voltage the flow runs up and down How far it is the les powers it is

  6. electro magnetic energy on one of the tv series on yt they had a light bulb and i think it was a pencil sharpener and they put it on a electro magnet and they worked.

  7. 1:19 i thought Lincoln was always awake but now i saw him asleep in the car wait Dan why did you leave your son inside the car he might suffocate

  8. I know why its floating because the magnet was on south pole and the magnet on the other side was south pole too so it is reverse it goes away but i dont know what makes it do that but i know what the magnetic field looks like

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